Patience Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patience Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Best of all, thank you for your patience.
If you have the patience and believe in him - he will not let you down.
John different with the others is his patience and gentility.
He has so much patience and would do anything for his students.
Thank you so much for all your help, patience and support.
He has always been understood and patience.
John does this with patience and respect.
I thank him for his endeavours and patience.
Impressed with his patience and knowledge.
I appreciate his expertise and patience.
Thanks John for your help and your patience.
I truly appreciate his patience and expertise and will definitely be asking him to help me in the future.
His patience and understanding when things have not always gone right has really been appreciated.
Thank you for being so supportive and especially for the patience that you have shown.
He has patience, he listens well, and he goes out of his way to make things happen.
He always followed through and had patience with my indecision concerning my site.
I have learned so much from him and appreciate his knowledge and patience.
The best thing about him is the consistency and patience that he possesses.
The patience with which he does this is both notable and exceptional.
He really has the passion, patience, and will to make things happen.
I am sorry to see him go, his patience and guidance will be missed.
His patience and willingness to do this was very much appreciated.
I am forever grateful to them for their patience and persistence.
His patience never flagged, even though mine did, more than once.
When it comes to mentoring, he has all the patience in the world.
He is patient and willing to do more than is expected of him.
I especially appreciated your patience with my many questions.
He has the patience and the sincerity to help along the way.
I appreciate his patience and his dedication to his clients.
Thank you for your time and patience with my many questions.
Thank you, once again, for your time, support and patience.
His methods are thorough and methodical and with patience.
I appreciate his expertise as well as his patience to me.
He does so with patience, dedication and professionalism.
What is most memorable is his patience and his demeanor.
He makes it seem easy and he has so much patience too.
He lifts and mentors everyone around him with patience.
I truly appreciate his patience and continued support.
I have never seen him losing his patience nor temper.
He did so with patience, commitment and timeliness.
Your knowledge and patience is really appreciable.
He has the patience to think and then act swiftly.
I certainly appreciated his patience and guidance.
Their patience and respect were most appreciated.
I am impressed with his persistence and patience.
I appreciated your patience and all of your help.
Thank you for all your assistance (and patience).
His strength's are his patience and perseverance.
He has given me invaluable support and patience.
Persistence and patience are the keys to his success.
His patience and understanding is his strength.
His patience and support have been invaluable.
He does it all with good cheer and patience.
His patience and understanding is remarkable.
His knowledge was as endless as his patience.
He is cool going and has tons of patience.
His instruction and patience was remarkable.
John has amazing experience and patience.
I'm so thankful for his time and patience.
He has patience which really is a virtue.