Patient Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is always willing to go above and beyond, for his patients and for his colleagues.
John is so patient and always willing to help anyone and everyone that comes to him.
He is also very patient, although it must have been trying for him sometimes.
He is always trying to do what is best for the department and the patient.
He truly wants to help and his patients can see that from the beginning.
He is patient and willing to do whatever he can to help others succeed.
He is patient with us and let us know he was there when we were ready.
John is always patient and thorough to help him to help his customer.
He is patient and makes sure everything we go over is understood.
He is also very patient when we made changes at the our company minute.
He knows what he's doing, knows how things our company and is patient.
He is patient and thorough and goes above and beyond in his role.
He is very patient and allows follows through with our requests.
He is always willing to help and patient with all the questions.
He provided training to him and was always thorough and patient.
Kelleher and many of these patients over the our company several years.
Additionally, he was very patient with his needs and objectives.
He is very patient with everyone & is willing to help anyone.
He is patient and is careful to make sure he addresses all of the needs of his patients.
He is patient and compassionate, and truly cares about what is best for his patients.
He is very patient and understanding and will go above and beyond to help anyone, regardless of whether of not they are on his team.
He has never ending patients with all clients, especially the ones that didn't know the first thing about computers.
He is patient and made sure that he understood what we were asking for and what we were trying to accomplish.
And most of all he is very patient with those like himself that need to be guided through the process.
John didn't try to fix him up with the first thing available, but was patient and found the right fit.
Also, he was always there for us when we needed his help, and was always patient and understanding.
He is also understood, patient and wants everyone around him to be the best they can be.
Although he is very demanding on himself, he can also be very patient towards his students.
John has always taken the our company to help him and train him and has been nothing but patient.
John never tried to push us into anything we did not like and he was very patient with us.
He is patient when teaching others and tries his very best to allow others to understand.
He is patient and goes out of his way to make sure that his clients' needs are being met.
He worked well with others and was always patient and willing to help out where needed.
He is the first to volunteer and always willing to do more to help staff and patients.
He is very well liked, and is very patient with even the most difficult circumstances.
He is very patient, but also knows exactly how far he needs to push you to get results.
He makes himself readily available and was very patient with all our idiosyncrasies.
Also, he was always very patient to help him students to see the best in ourselves.
John has been really patient with him and we have worked through things at his our company.
He is patient and was always looking for the best approach rather than the easiest.
He is patient through all the little changes and it was done & delivered on our company.
Most importantly, he is very patient and really wants what's best for his clients.
John is always patient, even when we didn't make the deadline, he came through.
He is very knowledgeable and always makes you feel as if you are his only patient.
He is patient and willing to explain all those things that you do not understand.
John is always available to help the users very rapidly and he is very patient.
He is very personable with his patients and wants what is best for them as well.
John is key and he wants to make sure he is available to his patients needs.
He is really patient and is always smiling, which is one of his best qualities.
He has been very patient with him through all of the stress of being unemployed.
Luckily he was patient with him and it worked out well in the end for both of us.
He patiently follows up with all his clients while never becoming an intrusion.
He is thorough and patient in his explanation of these and other applications.
John is very patient with us and information on what we should be looking for.
John has always been very patient and tuned in with the needs of his clients.
Not only is he very knowledgeable, but he is also patient and understanding.
He is patient with his clients and always goes out of his way to over deliver.
He is always very patient and goes out of his way to help solve any problems.
When he taught him something new, he was also always patient and understanding.
John is very patient and will always put himself out to help us when needed.