Patient Account Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Account Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very patient and fun, but he expects your best and will challenge you and hold you accountable.
He was always very sincere and patient as he went step by step through the entire account.
He is accountable and patient, even in times of constant change.
John is patient and an expert at his job who handles our account flawlessly.
He goes above and beyond to make sure the patients and account are well cared for.
He is kind and patient, and will hold you accountable for your “homework” but it's ultimately up to you to make the changes you need.
John is patient, smart, and has a solid understanding of accounting concepts.
He is committed to those whom he represents and is very dedicated.
He consistently remained one of the top account representatives in the new account generation and placements within the company.
John is one of these great account representatives who really understands the clients needs and end up representing the companies they work for in the best possible way.
John is a very dedicated and hard working account representative.
John is professional, patient, and can be held accountable to get things done.
John is patient and can provide guidance when necessary to explain accounting methods for those who need to interact with any accounting group.
John was very helpful and extremely patient in working with me to get our new account up and running.
He is a also a taskmaster that believes in holding those around him accountable and driving accountability throughout the organization while being fair and patient.
Customers who have him assigned to their account will quickly realize they have a champion representing their needs.
He would be an asset to any company that decides to employ him or have him serve as their account representative.
In our interactions, he was always patient, thorough and prompt.
He provided guidance and most importantly, he was very patient.
He created a simple path for our accounts to follow to help get their patients approved.
John is also a great representative by stay in communication with us on the accounts.
He is patient, kind and loyal - but not without toughness and accountability for performance against targets.
John is a very patient and calculated individually, always taking into account the outcome of his decisions as he made them.
He has been always very patient with me and willing to explain things in details.
Furthermore, he is also very patient as well as detail minded.
He is patient and always willing to help other coders, whenever they experienced difficulties.
He is very patient and interacts effectively with everyone regardless of their status.
He provided me with advice and guidance and he was always patient and helpful.
John has provided honest guidance and been extraordinarily patient.
He was patient and calm when being asked for help or guidance.
He is organized and efficient and patient, especially with me.
He is focused, challenging when needed, empathetic, patient and knows how to hold people accountable.
He is patient, insightful and motivating while maintaining a no-nonsense, be accountable to yourself attitude.
John embodies what you look for in a leader: he's accountable, patient, driven, and approachable.
I am confident that this will follow him wherever he goes and will be an excellent representative of his organisation.
John represents someone who is confident, determine and a go-getter.
Him representatives and colleagues respected and appreciated him.
He quickly earns the respect and trust of these representatives.
He understood our policies and clearly explained them to our patients.
He is very patient and understanding and will go above and beyond to help anyone, regardless of whether of not they are on his team.
He is very patient and understanding and wants what's best for you and the team.
He has taught me quite a bit about hotel accounting and he has always done so in a patient manner.
John is very patient doesn't give up on me, he will always want you to win and go to the next level.
He gets down to their level and empathises with them, and patiently tries to get out the best in them.
When relaying requirements to us, he was always realistic and patient with our limitations.
He was always patient with us while we were deciding and changing our mind.
He has been unfailingly patient with me as my circumstances have changed.
John explores all the details in every patient complaint and compassionately responds to all patient concerns.