Patient Care Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Care Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is great to work with - always willing to assist, always patient.
He deeply cares for his patients and their families and is happy to spend as much time as necessary to make sure they are well taken care of.
I was also impressed that he cared about new hires and followed up with them to assist in their transition to the company.
John genuinely cares about those around him and makes it a point to try and assist whenever someone needs his help.
I have seen him assist his colleagues with the same respect and care, regardless of the difficulty of the issue.
He was very considerate and caring in his assistance and extremely helpful with my situation.
He was always there when you needed assistance and took care of situations quickly and fairly.
John assisted us from the beginning with a very reasoned, caring, and thorough approach.
John is patient and assisted me along the way to get me off to a great start in my venture.
He's very caring and patient and took the time to really understand me and the needs of my family.
John is hardworking, polite, caring, knowledgeable as well as being patient.
He is extremely patient, articulate, and goes well out of his way to assist us in areas he has the expertise.
John will always take the time to patiently assist when it is needed and roll up his sleeves.
John has patiently and attentively assisted me with my career transition.
Further, he is intuitive to the needs of those around him, he is helpful, and would welcome and assist colleagues with the utmost care and concern.
John always makes himself available to assist and sees that a website problem is taken care of immediately.
John is a top notch individual who is very caring and goes out of his way to assist others.
He works hard to bring the best of care to every patient that he will encounter.
John has great vision and enthusiasm for the improvement of patient care.
He is patient, willing to share, quick to offer assistance and result oriented.
John genuinely cares about making the world and the organizations he assists, better.
He gives support to others in a very patient and caring manner.
John to be able to implement the best possible care to his future and present patients.
He truly cares about his candidates and does his utmost to assist them in obtaining their dream job.
John is really cooperative, helpful, and really so much patience.
He is very patient and willing to help people in the company.
He was also very patient when things did not go according to plan.
Perhaps one of his best strengths is that he can, and will, roll up his sleeves and hop into the trenches to assist while being careful to do so only when needed/asked.
His presence is one of genuine caring and articulated interest in understanding how he can best be of assistance for the individual.
John is dedicated, positive, and caring, always ready to assist others with an honest and truly spirit of helping.
His caring nature assisted the teens in onboarding successfully into the our company culture.
He was extremely patient and assisted me to overcome the complex immigration obstacles.
He is extremely dedicated, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure every patient he works with is getting the best possible care.
He has excellent work ethics and showed compassion for patient care.
John is patient, bright, creative, kind and caring - the salt of the earth.
John is always willing to lend a patient hearing and offer any assistance that he can.
John cares about and enjoy assisting people in the direction of success.
He is approachable and receptive to questions or requests for assistance, and always provides patient and helpful responses.
At the same time he is very patient when assisting, sharing or instructing others.
John takes care of his clients to the best level possible, if you have concerns go to him he will assist.
He was patient and took the time to make sure we were thoroughly conversant with its features.
In addition, he has also been very patient and respectful of my time.
He was always patient and friendly, even in stressful situations.
John is friendly and patient when he deals with our employees.
One of his best attribute is his patients and sense of timing.
He is excellent, timely and extremely caring of the patients that he works with.
He is dedicated, responsive to people's concerns and cares about the people he is assisting.
He has always stood patiently by to assist with a mortgage need should it arise.
He truly cares about each and every patient that is fortunate enough to receive his assistance, and won't stop his tireless efforts on their behalf - even after hours - until he gets results.
John is patient and flexible, willing to try new things when something isn't working.
He is always responsive, always patient and very thorough and knowledgeable.
John is patient and thorough with him work, which is indeed his passion.
John is one of the most patient individuals with whom to work.
John went above and beyond the brief in being patient, caring and supportive as well as applying his deep expertise.
After careful consideration, he forwarded my information to someone who could assist me.
John's flexible, patient assistance and guidance as we pulled together a new website was crucial.
In all he is very talented, patient, humble and always ready to inspire and assist others.
He is always there if you need help, he is very patient when it comes to listening to other peoples' concerns.
He's patient and committed and ensures he gets the best out of his people.
I know him to be thoughtful, respectful and patient when teaching.