Patient Care Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Care Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He truly cares for his fellow associates, and always put others' needs before his own.
He is patient, driven and really cares and wants to see the best in his team.
He clearly cares very much for all his patients and has created an inviting environment for healing.
He had interesting stories to share and inspired us to take care of ourselves and our patients.
He's bold, visionary, and brilliant - yet also caring, compassionate and patient.
He is very patient and understanding both as a fellow associate and friend.
I know the respect and care with which he deals with family and associates.
John cares more about his clients and associates than many people care about their own family members.
John is a superlative dentist who provides excellent patient care in a warm and caring environment.
He is always willing and patient to help others when required.
More importantly, he takes care of and makes time for associates within and outside of his area.
He is dedicated in providing the best patient care possible in the different positions he has held.
John is a very focused, caring provider that looks to the patients needs first.
John is also an excellent clinician and always put patient care first.
He demonstrates insight and good judgement in the care of his patients.
He is outstanding as a clinician, very focused on patient care.
It doesn't matter because he simply cares for each associate and their situations, but will not make excuses for them either.
He was driven to results, very open to new ideas and suggestions and truly cared about the well being of his associates.
He has consistently shown care and concern as to helping associates be the best they can be.
John is a fantastic leader who truly cares about his associates.
He's incredibly kind, patient, caring, genuine, and is always looking out for him candidate's best interest.
But more importantly, he is very kind, caring, helpful, understanding, patient, and calm.
John gives great advice, patient and does genuinely cares about your success before his.
I can highly recommend him and his associate for any of your animal care needs.
John cares about the people he works and whom he associates with.
He is very professional and takes care of those he knows and associates with.
John is a giver, sincere and caring for his clients and associates.
John is a trusted associate and cares deeply about his clients.
He is friendly, professional, and truly cares about his patients, many of which are his friends.
John showed me the 'ropes', he was professional and also very caring and patient.
He inspires loyalty among his subordinates with his patient and caring, yet firm, guidance.
John is a bright, ethical and conscientious doctor who cares for his patients.
John is extremely encouraging and patient when it comes to training new associates or teaching old associates new strategies.
He is one of those unique individuals who is genuinely caring about the people he associates with.
Him genuine caring for the well being of his members and associates makes him interactions authentic and meaningful.
He is very patient and friendly and explains different exercises/self care and stretches to help me throughout the day.
He is always looking for ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations to advance the cause of patient advocacy and improve patient care.
I have found him to be always willing to hear you out patiently and help accordingly.
He is also that rare colleague who believes that collaboration ultimately results in better patient care.
John is clear and crisp in his expectations and highly dedicated to excellent patient care.
On top of that, he is caring, patient, and has a great sense of humor and perspective.
He patiently worked through changes and association decision making procedures.
I am conveying this because he is ice cool and caring in nature, each associate in our team loves to associate with him always for seeking suggestions.
He has a knack of getting the best out of his associates, and genuinely cares about his group members.
He cares about his clients and associates and shows great passion in all that he does.
John is key and he wants to make sure he is available to his patients needs.
John is an amazing individual who cares about his family, business, associates and he cares about his friends.
John is a caring and dedicated professional who has nothing but the best intention for his patients.
John is patient, caring, reliable, honest, confident, brilliant, driven, and jaunty.
John is a highly motivated, patient-focused dietitian who goes over and above to help his patients.
Last but not the least he was a great person as he genuinely cared about his associates.
He is extremely patient with the needs and requirements of his patients/clients.
He was attentive, patient, and cared about my business more than he had to.
He kept the companies strategies and goals in his core responsibilities, but also took care of his associates.
He is brilliant, patient, and has good manners and a deep care of his team.
He is caring, patient, and understanding, but he is also proactive, willing to make tough decisions, and expects the best from his employees.
He is patient and deliberate in his analysis and never seems rushed.
John was very patient and methodical during crisis situations.
He is very approachable and patiently listened to the staff and made sure their issues are taken care of.
He is a patient and caring leader who encourages you to strive to be your best in all that you do.