Patient Care Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Care Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is patient and thorough and as a manager takes great care of his team.
He knows what needs to be handled and what is being taken care of, which makes him invaluable as a manager.
He manages to take care of all the little things and still keep the big picture in mind.
He truly cared about the individuals he managed and had their best interests in mind.
He was always honest and deeply caring about how the organisation was managed.
John is approachable and caring - a very good and well-liked manager.
He is an effective and caring manager that truly loves what he does.
John was a very involved, energetic, thorough, and caring manager.
John was a great manager for us and really cares about our company.
John is very caring, endearing and perfect manager one can have.
His caring spirit comes through both as a friend and manager.
His management style is that of a concerned and caring manager who encourages everyone under him to succeed.
He collaborated enthusiastically and effectively with my care managers and coordinators, especially for our patients in post-acute care.
He cares about the employees that he manages and will pitch in to help whenever needed.
John is a warm and caring manager who is always available to him the charges.
Through all of this, he is a great manager who cares about his employees.
What stands out is that he's not only dedicated but he cares about the people that he manages.
He cared about the people he managed, and was liked and respected by them.
John is patient manager who cares about his people and cultivates them to perform at their very best level.
John is the type of manager who takes care of his team and manages with confidence.
John is an accomplished managed care executive with extensive experience in all facets of managed care.
He is a very warm-hearted and caring manager who cares deeply for his company and its clients.
John is very understanding, caring and approachable manager who will help you in the situations where you need him.
I find him to be passionate in his pursuit of excellence and caring about those with whom he managed.
But don't even think to micro manage him, just mark the target and he will take care of the rest.
John is a very dedicated manager who always makes sure that his guests are well taken care of.
As my former manager, he always went the extra mile and showed that he cared about me.
He's the kind of manager who doesn't care who comes up with an idea if the idea is good.
John has a management style that is not only effective, but shows that he truly cares.
Him caring and thoughtful approach to management allows him to be extremely effective.
As a manager, he is focused, caring, inspirational & above all passionate.
He has strong management ideas and genuinely cares about what he's doing.
John strongest recommendation for any management position he cares to take.
As a manager, he was approachable, caring and most importantly fair.
John is a caring and fair manager who expects and gets the best.
What separates him apart from many other managers is that he genuinely cares about people and makes sure that his team is taken care of.
He is very patient and knows how to manage, motivate and guide his employees.
He is friendly, patient and thoughtful, and clearly cares about the work he does.
He truly cares about the work he does and the people he manages.
He is a caring manager who knows how to get the best out of employees in the most challenging situations.
He is a manager that you would run through walls for and truly cares about his employees.
John has proven himself as a very careful, diligent and well-organized manager.
John has an air about him that truly sets him apart from most managers, he cares about those he manages and coaches them to be the best they can be.
John takes care not only of the company's goals, but at the same time, he does take care of its people, which many managers can't and will never understand.
He really cared about each person under his management and it showed.
Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional, he truly cares about his patients.
He's also very patient with clients, helping to manage their expectations.
Lots of managers say that they care, but he really demonstrated that to me in big ways and small.
As a manager, he showed that he really cared about both people and results.
John shows a level of care, towards the people he manages, that few managers can match.
He always managed team and took care of my responsibilities in my absence.
He is patient, analytical and overall hands off in his management style.
He is tactful, prompt, and bold, but he's also sweet, caring, and empathetic with those he manages.
He stays out of your way when the things are being taken care of without issue and avoids micro-management like the plague.
He manages stakeholders with grace and care always finding the right way to bring them along.
Rus is a great encourager and manages everything under him with great care and expertise.
There are a very limited number of managers who truly care and he is one of them.
He is also a good manager that constantly cares for his subordinates' welfare.
He is also a caring and compassionate manager, which makes him a rare breed.
He cares about his candidates and hiring managers, ensuring solid hires.