Patient Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Patient Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is patient and is careful to make sure he addresses all of the needs of his patients.
His primary concern is him patient and that patient's eye care
He represented our company well and proved to be very patient with our clients.
Last but not the least, he was very patient and willing to help others whenever he saw they were in trouble.
He truly wants to help and his patients can see that from the beginning.
He is patient with us and let us know he was there when we were ready.
He is very patient with everyone & is willing to help anyone.
He is always willing to get involved and ensures that the customer is well represented throughout the company he is representing.
John truly cares for his patients and treats each one as if he/he is the only patient.
John always puts the patient first and will defend what is best for a patient fiercely.
He treats his patients with the up most respect & takes his time with each patient.
John patiently explained his rationale after patiently listening to ours.
We have many needs and made many changes and he has been patient and responsive to all of his requests.
John is very thorough in what he does and yet is very patient and receptive to criticism.
John is patient, understanding, and always went above and beyond to help however he could.
John never tried to push us into anything we did not like and he was very patient with us.
He is very patient, but also knows exactly how far he needs to push you to get results.
He makes himself readily available and was very patient with all our idiosyncrasies.
John is always patient, even when we didn't make the deadline, he came through.
John always listens and wants to do what is in the best interest of his patient.
When he taught him something new, he was also always patient and understanding.
He is exceptional at what he does with the patient being his first concern.
He is patient and very articulate and will go out of his way to help others.
He finally found what we were looking for and was always honest and patient.
John knows what he's doing, was responsive, and patient with his questions.
What that won't tell you is that he is also articulate, gentle and patient.
John truly puts forth all of his best efforts for each and every patient.
He's always willing to pitch in when things go crazy and he's very patient.
He will persist, and patient, out-think you - and your competitors.
Always willing to help, he is both patient and diplomatic in his approach.
Not only was he great at what he does, he's also very patient and helpful.
And, he is willing to patiently explain what and why something is needed.
Selling, he is patient and will make sure you get the best deal you can.
He will patiently walk you through the anything that you have in doubts.
Unfailingly pleasant and patient, always willing to help where he could.
He knows how to use the right words to make patients more comfortable.
He's very calm but determined, and willing to help while being patient.
John's patients rely on him to be there for them, and he always is.
And he was patient and did not give up until we found what we wanted.
He's determined and can be very patient to get where he wants to get.
Not only is he effective, but he is enthusiastic and very patient.
John very patiently went through each and every defect and issue.
John is reliable, trustworthy and he is very thorough and patient.
John is not only friendly, he's also patient and accommodating.
John took it in his stride and was patient throughout all of this.
He's very patient and tolerant yet gets the best out of everyone.
His explanations were thorough and clear and he was very patient.
He allows you to make up your own mind, is patient and pleasant.
He's as sharp as they come and only what's best for his patients.
John is patient with them and helped them get what they needed.
He provided guidance and most importantly, he was very patient.
All he said to be trusting him and be patient and he came through.
He is diligent and also very patient with with his colleagues.
In all his dealings with him, he was always helpful and patient.
They were very patient with him until we got the perfect shot.
John has seen and treated many of his patients over the years.
John always puts patients first-and besides-he's really smart.
John is also very patient regarding his individual situation.
Knowledgeable, patient, kept track of the details, and represented him well.
In our interactions, he was always patient, thorough and prompt.
John not only provides great patient care, he truly cares for his patients.
He is the only representative with whom actually seemed to care about the employees with whom he represented, while at the same time representing our company in a professional manner.
John is patient and took the time to really understand what our needs were and how best he could help with what we were trying to achieve.
Echoing what others have said, he is very patient and his attitude is just right for bringing out the best in those around him.
John is approachable and patient and does everything he can to ensure that you get the most from the course and qualify.
John is someone who is patient and follows up very closely on his opportunity, even though he was away on holidays.
He's very helpful, willing to do something beyond his scope/responsibility, very patient, and cooperative.
He is truly sincere when he tells you that he's available to help, and he's always patient and kind.
John is very patient doesn't give up on him, he will always want you to win and go to the next level.
He is patient and understanding and expects as much-if not more- from himself as he does for others.
He gets down to their level and empathises with them, and patiently tries to get out the best in them.
He's extremely patient and makes sure you understand when you ask him for help or how to do something.
John really knows what he is talking about when he says that he offers relief to his patients.
He always made himself available for questions and thoroughly and patiently explained the answers.
Besides the attributes described, he is very patient and always has your best interest at heart.
He tried to help every patient with answering their questions, even when it is out of our scope.
He always went above and beyond expectations to be responsive, helpful and most of all patient.
He answered his many questions thoroughly and patiently, and he always got back to him promptly.
He is beyond patient, incredibly hardworking, and you know he will always have your back.
If we were off the mark, he was there to correct us - patiently and without condescension.
He handled everything very calmly and patiently, exactly the way it should have been done.
John's commitment to do what is right for the patient is reflected throughout his company.
John is so patient, taking numerous shots until he was sure we had something we liked.
He is thorough and patient with every explanation, and he allayed many of our worries.
John, very kindly and patiently explained what was available and the possible outcomes.
He is always patient to listen to your requests and tried to help as much as he could.
He's always so helpful and patient with us who are not well-versed in these subjects.
Albro, or be a patient of his, don't think twice, you will not regret the opportunity.
He knew how he could get things done, and was patient with the tasks he was assigned.
Gilmore has been unavailable, and as his other patients will attest, he is fantastic.
He is patient and thorough, and always took the time to answer every last question.
Every decision that he makes is made with the best interests of the patient in mind.
He made everything so clear and understandable while being approachable and patient.
He is helpful and patient, and has always been available for advice whenever needed.
He is so patient with novices like him, and he makes it simple and understandable.
He made sure everyone had time to ask questions, and he was patient with answering.
He's patient, kind and willing to take the time to make sure things are done right.
Not only is he well qualified, he is very patient and empathetic with his mentors
He could not have been more patient in explaining the various options that we had.
He listened to what we wanted and was very patient with us throughout our search.
Through him patient leadership he has helped him see more in others and in himself.
The incredible thing is, while he is doing this his demeanor is calm and patient.
John did this with the greatest of ease, and he was always so patient with us.
He provided him with advice and guidance and he was always patient and helpful.
He's tough when he needs to be and at the same time patient and understanding.
While he pushes himself to accomplish all that he can, he is patient with others.
It's refreshing to have someone always so patient and unselfish in his approach.
The best thing is - he never gets perturbed and tackles all problems patiently.
John is thorough and compassionate in the care he provides to his patients.
He is always patient, considerate and more than willing to share what he knew.
John got him there by being patient, articulate and concise with his notes.
He also was extremely thorough, patient with questions, and always available.
This, he did patiently, without ever losing the momentum of these discussions.
John is someone who is an excellent trainer/mentor, he is kind and patient.
He always has a way out of every problem and keeps his cool, is very patient.
We had to make more than a few tweaks and he was very patient and responsive.
He knows how to broadly and empathetically look into his patients' problems.
He always went the extra mile in trying to understand and help his patients.
He always tried to get consensus and is willing to be patient to achieve it.
Moreover, he offered him help cheerfully, patiently, and without complaint.
He has been patient and understanding throughout some unusual circumstances.
He always had the interests of patients at the heart of everything he did.
He taught him well, and he was patient and kind, even at two in the morning.
He is absolutely superb at what he does and what he offers to his patients.
He is approachable and patient and brings out the best in all he touches.
John understood how sensitive it was for us and was extremely patient.
He is so patient and it was obvious that he had his best interest at heart.
His attention to him patients and their needs and questions is unsurpassed.
He is always willing to provide patient and thoughtful help and guidance.
Friendly, yes, but sensitive to the needs of every patient under his care.
John is always thoroughly prepared and he has a passion for patients.
All of which endears him to colleagues and patients, especially children.
He is methodical, patient and always keeps his composure under pressure.
John is always patient and had this ease to explain things very clearly.
He is patient and helpful, always willing to pitch in any way possible.
The thing that stood out about him was that he was a patient revisionist.
John is very patient as he explains whatever topic you wish to discuss.
He can be patient when necessary, but his default is to attack problems.
But most importantly, he is patient and persistent, and gets things done.
He is always patient, no matter how much pressure he had with targets.
He will not only listen, but also answer all your questions patiently.
He is always helpful, patient, and his expertise was never in doubt.
And despite all his accomplishments, he's remained humble and patient.
John comes across as someone who is very patient, and a good listener.
His faith for the healing he does is what makes many patients succeed.
John is very helpful and patient and addressed each of his questions.
Irrespective of his daily pressure, he's always been patient with him.
John is extremely patient and knows exactly what he is talking about.
He is patient as he expressed his opinion as to how it should look.
John is, he is also quite patient with website novices like himself.