Pcb Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pcb Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His designs are very efficient, simple and are based on most appropriate design patterns.
He takes design direction well and adapted well to our design challenges.
He will push for a better design and provide guidance towards realizing that design.
And he's awesome on the design-side at collaborating with designers and giving direction.
When it comes to design the direction he provides are second to none.
He collaborated with the designers very well and was never shy from providing design recommendations based on his observations.
Attention to tiny details is the hallmark of his design and his designs are deceptively simple.
His attention to detail and eye for design were inspiring for him to be around as a designer.
This helped him get past designing for looks instead of by look and function.
Not only are his designs attractive, but also very functional.
John went above and beyond expectations with design and details.
John is his first design hire at our company and he's been the anchor of the design team ever since.
His attention to detail and drive to make everything he designs perfectly, shows through in his designs.
With a smile he just got everyone back in the direction he designed.
He's an extremely talented yet humble designer and design leader.
John's attention to detail as well as a passion for design allows him to have a fresh perspective towards design.
John also has a background in website designing and made several recommendations to him about our website design to make it more user friendly.
He also has paid attention to small details in his design and is always looking out for the latest design trend.
His design frameworks extend into the physical world and taught him how to design outside the pixels.
He never stops from coming out with innovative design and has a great eye for details while designing.
After we saw his design, we actually increased our budget to make it happen.
John is passionate about design, aesthetics, and functionality.
And he can make it function without sacrificing sleek design.
He always comes through with great designs on time and budget.
He keeps an eye on the budget while creating the best design.
John has designed some top notch flyers for him in the past, even with little design input or direction from his behalf, he always delivered a top class design.
John has many qualities that make him an outstanding designer.
He also knows how to navigate an organization so that those great designs actually get made.
He does what he says he will and can be trusted with the elegant details of design.
He designs beautiful books and handles any brief given to him with toughness
John isn't just an ideas guy, he can paint and design with the best of the best.
He focused in on every detail, and he was crazy thorough in his designs.
John is an excellent designer with an eye for both overall look and details.
His designs are concise and end user evaluations are always positive.
And his attention to detail was more than any designer could ask for.
His craft and details can be seen from the design that he delivered.
He looks at the finer details which makes his designs "likable".
John went from design patterns to hibernate to spring with aplomb.
His ideas and design patterns were intuitive and far-sighted.
He's a great asset to any design team or as an independent designer.
His enthusiasm, direction, design aesthetic and respect for craft is a designer's dream.
And also, he's always keeping updated about what's going on about design, art and culture.
His designs are an art and his adeptness can not be measured.
John is instrumental in the design and usability of the site.