Peer Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Peer Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This alone makes him somewhat different to many of his peers.
He gets along with almost everyone and he was well liked among his peers and lecturers.
John seems very connected with everyone around him and is every well liked by his peers.
We all look up to him and are humbled to have him consider us as his peers.
Furthermore, he is diligent and always willing to help out his peers.
He took it upon himself to seek him out, as well as some of his peers.
When we needed something he tried his best to get it from his peers.
He gets along well with his peers and is always ever-encouraging.
These are the things that truly differentiate him from his peers.
He knows how to get things done and is respected by his peers.
John is and is still very much respected by his former peers.
This is why he is well-liked and well-respected by his peers.
John's also a valued counselor by many of his peers because he offers genuine insight.
He goes above and beyond to help both his peers and those who are coming up through the ranks.
John is always willing to help and just wants to see his peers succeed in their endeavors.
Solid because he always seems to be sure of his progress and is able to help his peers.
He's not going to make at least some of your employees - peers and others - happy.
These attributes have made him become very well liked by his colleagues and peers.
He has never asked him or any of his peers to do anything, he would not do himself.
He always looks for new opportunities and will always look to empower his peers.
He's always willing to help his peers and raise them up when given the chance.
John's peers and whenever his name comes up, it is in the tone of "respect".
His willingness to help him peers also makes him well-liked among his friends.
Because of his enthusiasm, he is very well liked and popular among his peers.
All of his peers liked him and he helped them wherever and whenever possible.
He continually goes above and beyond to make sure his peers are successful.
John is also very friendly and available to help his peers when needed.
Ready to make those connections and truly wants to see his peers successful.
It is the combination of the following that sets him apart from his peers.
Always look after those under his wing and help out his friends and peers.
He stands out from him as one of the best if not the best in his peer group.
He never forgets to appreciate the peers whenever there is an opportunity.
Consequently, he was very well respected and liked within his peer group.
John always makes himself available to his peers and coworkers regardless.
Always doing his homework and always one step or more ahead of his peers.
John understands that, and it's what has separated him from his peers.
Not only is he well connected, but he is also respected by his peers.
An example to many of his peers, he has the gift of all-round ability.
But he does it in such a way that makes him stand out among his peers.
Modest and unassuming, he is also well-liked by his peers and friends.
John also stands out amongst his peers as one of the best teambuilders.
He is an asset to his peers and to those with whom he collaborates.
He is proactive, energetic and gets along well with and by his peers.
It was wonderful to see how well respected he is amongst his peers.
Plus, when it comes to decisions around keywords he is without peer.
But then again, these are attributes possessed by many of his peers.
It's no wonder that he's well respected by his peers and followers.
John has shown that he can help his peers and is always available.
Despite being successful, he's humble and well-liked by his peers.
He accepts nothing less than excellence from himself and his peers.
He is very trustworthy to his peers, but also to his subordinates.
He strives for excellence and is always an example for his peers.
He's always been forthright and very conscientious to his peers.
This is inspirational both for his peers as well as subordinates.
John's impact on him, as well as his peers, has been significant.
He's respected by his peers, and liked by everyone he encounters.
John is an outspoken individual that is well-liked by his peers.
It was amazing how much more he could accomplish than him peers.
He is well known and respected in his group and with his peers.
This really sets him apart from many of his peers in his opinion.
He goes above and beyond and has the greatest respect of his peers.
Besides, his diligence has always been appreciated by his peers.
His leadership and example have been contagious among his peers.
John immediately stood out to him as different from his peers.
John has been his peer for several years and then he became his boss.
Furthermore, he is always encouraging his peers to do the same.
He always looks to the success of his peers and sub-ordinates.
He will always be respected within and beyond his peer group.
Combined, these traits always distinguished him from his peers.
It should come as no surprise that he is admired by his peers.
He got it right first time and was streets ahead of his peers.
Moreover, he demands the same from his subordinates and peers.
He's very capable and more responsible than most of his peers.
Friendly, humorous and matured, he is well-liked by his peers.
John gives advices and follows up effectively with his peers.
Not only he is an asset, but brings the best out in his peers.
His value extends far beyond what is recognized by his peers.
Great with helping not only his reps, but also him as his peer.
The way he encourages his peers is very much appreciate-able.
John definitely had the respect of his peers in the newsroom.