Peer Mentor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Peer Mentor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was an invaluable mentor to me and is always willing to help out his peers.

John has also been an amazing mentor to myself and several of my peers.

Once you get to know him, he will become one of your most trustworthy friends, peer or mentor.

He is an individual that many of his peers turned to for help and mentoring.

John is always eager to mentor his peers and to help others wherever he can.

He is highly respected by his peers and those that he mentors.

He took the initiative to connect for peer-to-peer mentoring and we both truly gained from this connection.

John is a peer mentor to anyone and everyone who has suffered peer abuse.

He was always available to mentor his peers, or his own team.

John was responsible and very well liked by all of his peers.

John is respected by his peers and is an excellent mentor and an example to all around him.

He was an effective mentor and was well respected by the leadership and peers.

He serves as an ongoing mentor to many of his peers who greatly value him.

He will do his best to mentor and grow his subordinates and peers alike.

His ability to mentor his peers to bring out the best in themselves.

He mentored me as his subordinate, but always treated me as a peer.

As a colleague, peer and mentor, he has always been outstanding.

I have the utmost respect for him, both as a peer and mentor.

He is driven, motivated, and an excellent mentor to his peers.

He is always willing to mentor or share his knowledge with his peers.

I've seen his mentor and groom others to take on more responsibilities.

He was like my mentor, never patronising though, always respectful.

John has inadvertently become one of my well respected mentors.

He is very well respected, and couldn't ask for a better mentor.

A mentor fully dedicated to his mentoring responsibility, always and more.

Leadership comes naturally to him and he never turned down a chance to mentor and help out his peers.

He is an excellent mentor and really pushes him peers to think differently and collaboratively.

John has naturally taken the role of mentor to many of his peers including myself.

Teams thrive under his watch and peers turn to him for mentoring and advice.

He was always very helpful as a mentor and encouraging as a peer.

Through the years, he has been a wonderful peer and mentor to me.

John has not only been a peer, but also a mentor and a friend.

This is in addition to the training and mentoring that he provides to his peers.

He has mentored and motivated myself as well as his division.

He has the rare ability to naturally mentor everyone he's around without appearing to mentor.

John was both a mentor and peer and someone that is dynamic and innovative in all that he does.

His willingness to spend time mentoring me and my peers is truly appreciated.

His peers loved him because he was always willing to coach and mentor.

John, as a peer at the time, helped to mentor me into my new role.

It was a pleasure working with him as both my peer and my mentor.

He does everything he can to help his peers and mentor the younger generations.

His leadership and mentoring is appreciated among peers and interns.