Peer Support Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Peer Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was one of the few who took the time to not only support his subordinates, but also his peers.
He is well respected by his peers and the employees he supports.
He is supportive of those around him, his team and his peers.
John is always right there for you in every situation and is always willing to support his peers in any way he possibly can.
Additionally, he takes the initiative and supports his peers, often going out of his way to get things done if required.
He is extremely flexible and is always available to support his peers and subordinates.
He is responsible and always gives great support and encouragement to his peers.
He is constantly determined as well as energetic and supportive of his peers.
He is always supportive to his peers and considerate with company priorities.
John's willingness to help and support his peers and colleagues is well known.
John takes on his role with passion and is very supportive of all his peers.
John was extremely supportive as a peer and always made everyone smile.
He has been a great colleague always willing to help and support his peers.
His ability to gather support amongst his peers is also notable.
He acts selflessly in his support of our company and his peers.
His unfailing support of his friends and peers is impressive.
Not only was he a great support to me, but he was someone his peers often sought support and knowledge from also.
He is incredibly organized, goes above and beyond to support others, and an excellent pair.
John is supportive to both his employees and peers, and sensitive to the needs of others.
He truly believes in collaboration, and always makes time to support his peers.
John never once hesitated to offer him support or guidance to his peers.
He is thorough in everything he does and is well liked by all his peers.
This alone makes him somewhat different to many of his peers.
He was also very supportive towards him peers and sharing his knowledge.
Additionally, he supports his colleagues and peers achieve their goals.
John is a very dedicated immigration specialist, very supportive and helpful.
He knows how to bring out the best in an individual and fully supported the actions of others peers.
John's strengths included supporting and empowering those around him, both peers and subordinates.
John has always been very supporting and has always shown a great empathy for his peers.
He consistently supports his peers and subordinates while stretching them to be stronger.
His consistent support has always shown a path not only to me, but also to other peers.
He was an active participant in our discussions, and he always supported his peers.
Always with a smile on his face, he was supportive and thoughtful towards his peers.
All my peers that needed help could always find supportive advice from him.
He supports and strengthens his peers through pure kindness of his heart.
John was a peer that could be counted on for solid advice and support.
He is a great beer, very supportive and great at what he does.
John is definitely a peer evangelist always willing to support his peer to grow every single day.
He is also well known among his peer and partners and you can depend on his support indefinitely.
John was always supportive and encouraging of his peers and serves as a great motivator and support during difficult tasks.
John also supported his peers through peer tutoring and learning opportunities.
John is a peer you can always count on for help, support, and guidance, he will never let you down.
I often found his peers coming to him for guidance and support when they were unsure of their next move.
John goes above and beyond to support and coach him peers whenever they need him.
I found him to be open minded, task oriented and supportive of his peers.
His peers appreciated his collaboration, innovative ideas and support.
He can always be relied on to help out, and for this he is well liked amongst his peers.
He is well liked by all his peers and we certainly could not do without him.
He goes along very well with his peers and is always willing to help others.
I look forward to seeing what else he, and his peers, can create.
These are the things that truly differentiate him from his peers.
He has always been there for me and for other peers and friends.
He got along well with everyone and was respected by his peers.
I would definitely use him again and recommend him to my peers.
John is one of those who really stands out amongst his peers.
He is quick to support peers and provides an intelligent challenge.
He works well with his peers being supportive but challenging.
He is supportive and has also lead his peers well to deliver.
John was well respected by his peers providing both support and challenge as appropriate.
He always provided support for his team and was widely respected by his peers.