People Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

People Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent manager - both in business management and people management.
John is a people manager, he knows how to manage people well and get the most out of them.
As a manager, he does very well with project management, timelines, and people management.
He knows how to manage projects, and he knows how to manage people.
Many can manage people, but too few who manage are leaders.
This manager is now truly leading, people, and his people managers under him are starting to do the same.
He is an exceptional people manager, having the ability to manage people at all levels.
He is extremely good in people management, change management and strategic management.
He has not only taught me how to manage the people around me but how to manage myself.
He is a manager that gets to know his people, and manages to their strengths.
John is an excellent manager of people and the projects we must manage.
John is an incredible sales manager and an even better people manager.
John was a great manager, he does more than just manage people.
He was very strong in both people management & project management.
John is an effective manager - managing both people and projects.
He is quite effective at project management and people management.
He also very good at managing people, and change management.
John has provided me help in people management.
He always manages to get the best out of people.
John is one of the best people managers.
He has taught me many things about managing a business and managing people.
John understands that being a higher up in management is more than managing process, but he managed people as individuals.
He manages people very effectively and knows how to get the best out of technical people.
Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.
Only a few people can effectively manage people.
John is an excellent manager who was always very accessible and approachable to the people he managed.
John has been always respected both by people he managed and by the highest management team.
John is a fine manager and knows how to manage and motivate to get the best from his people.
He is a very good people manager that knows how to bring the best out in those he manages.
I have found him exceptionally good in project management and people management.
He is a people orientated manager that manages to get the best out of his team.
As a manager, he allows you to do your job and does not micro-manage people.
He is detailed and manages projects as successful as he manages people.
I would recommend him for any sales management or people management role.
From people management to project management, he excels in what he does.
Without exception, good management is about leading and managing people.
John can manage budgets and really excels at managing people as well.
John was an effective manager and knew how to manage people very well.
John is a manager who genuinely cares about the people he manages.
John is an excellent people manager, mentor, and project manager.
He is also a very capable people manager and program manager.
He is a person's manager and can manage change effectively.
He is as good a people manager as he manages projects.
He is one of the better projects and people managers I have had the pleasure to manage.
As a manager, John was very invested in the people he managed.
John is the ideal manager who well manages both people and technology.
John is a formidable digital product manager, operations manager and people manager.
He was always able to get the most and best out of each of the people he managed.
He made me think in different directions when it comes to managing people.
John is one of those people that everyone wishes were their manager.
John is a manager who knows how to get the best out of his people.
John is the type of manager that gets the best out of his people.
John is also one of the best people managers in the department.
He gives all he can to the people he is charged with managing.
Knows how to manage his people well and get best out of them.
John is probably the best people managers you will ever meet.
Moreover, he is very supportive with the people he manages.
John does it all, he manages the process and the people.
John strives to get the best out of the people he manages.
He had been very professional in managing people.
John makes sure people get things done, but also gets on with people.
John is methodical, disciplined and progressive in the way he manages himself, but not how he manages people.
He has successfully managed the balance between the task and people management.
John is a good manager because he listens to what people say not "just" manages.
Not only a manager, he is also a friend to many people he has managed.
His excellence in managing people and managing money is unparalleled.
He can manage multiple things at one and is a great people manager.
John is for him the example of a good manager; a people-manager.
He always goes out of way to make sure the people he manages can be successful.
He is certainly different from the league when it comes to people management.
You would find very few like him when it comes to managing people.
He actually knows how to manage people and knows what he is doing.
Great with people and always on top of his area and people management.
John is a great manager who excels at people people management because he understands that each individual needs a different type of management.
He manages people who are hard to manage, but somehow he does this without losing their enthusiasm.
He's given great advice around change management and managing people.
John not only managed the area, but also did what was best for his people.
John not only manages people, but more importantly, he inspires people around him.
His approach to people is outstanding, including the way he manages his people.
He manages to connect people and clearly enjoys helping other people.
He makes people want to do better not because he said so, but because people believe in him.
Keep on doing whatever it is because people like him need people like you.
He also surrounds himself with people who can help other people.
He gets the best out of people because he understands people.
People can learn so much from him on how to manage other people.
His ability to manage people fairly and effectively and bring out the best in them made him one of the most well-liked managers at the company.
John is the manager that some people could shy away from, because he is an insightful manager with high expectations.
Shariq has proven to be a strong "people manager" and at the same time he makes his own managers look good.
Instead of the typical top down approach to management, he was now an enabler for the people he managed.
John is not only an exceptional manager of projects/programs, he is also deft at managing people too.
He is the rare breed that brings value to the people he manages and also to those who manage him.
He also managed people with fairness and objectivity and always managed to do so with a smile.
It was our company that management quickly saw his potential to manage people effectively.
The people he has managed have all commented on his positive inclusive management style.
He is a task manager, but at the same time has the best people management ability.
He managed to make the task of managing difficult people effortless at times.
Our company, John has been an excellent manager and has managed people of diverse backgrounds.
In one way or another he always manages to get things going while improving his people and himself at the same time.
Nevertheless, he manages to see who you really are very quickly and he acknowledges just that in people.
But one of the things that makes him so very special is that he is really good at managing people.
John has always been conscientious and dedicated to the people he looks after and manages.
Last but not the least, he was an outstanding manager who always looked out for his people.
Technically brilliant, of course, and despite what he says, an excellent manager of people.
John managed several people within the inside organization and was well respected.
John can be best anywhere with his people management and leadership abilities.
And he was still effective to manage even when the people had different ideas.
He also recognized that there are different ways to manage different people.
John knows how to manage his people so they have fun while being successful.
He's definitely an excellent manager and knows how to nurture his people.
John manages individuals rather than people to get the best out of you.
It goes without saying that he is an extremely effective people manager.
He knows how to manage people not only by experience but by his nature.
The people he supervised definitely looked up to him as their manager.
Perhaps most importantly, he manages people fairly and with kindness.
He has high expectations of himself as well as the people he manages.
Detailed and thorough in his management, able to get people on task.
And yet, amazingly, he manages to do this without upsetting people.
His ability to manage several things and people at once is amazing.
John's management approach is one that really focuses on people.
But, more importantly, he understood him and how to manage people.
The people he manages to respect him and he gets the best from them.
One of his major strengths is probably the way he manages people.
He always manages people to do that little extra for the company.
He's managed to get him several opportunities with great people.
Only luckiest people will get a manager like him in their corner
He manages to place people where they can use their expertise.
He is the people's manager and everyone identifies with him.
His approach to him was what people management is all about.
He's one of those people that has the balance of people manager and experienced practitioner.
Him ability to manage people and interact with people is excellent.
He is very well liked by the people he managed as well as his customers.
John knows exactly what to say and when to say it, to get the very best from people.
He also knows that if something can be done, it's done by the people.
He is an approachable manager that is passionate about being the best people manager, he can be whilst driving for results.
He not only manages people, he makes managers by delegating, motivating and challenging them.
He is amazing at people management and is the best of all his reporting managers till date.
John is also his hiring manager and people manager for the first two years of his career.
He took his people management role seriously and it showed (he's been managing people for a long time).
One of his strengths is people management, that's why he was and will always be one of his mentors.
He relates well to people and knows exactly what to say to get those he manages to make our company.
Because of all this, he was well respected as much by his peers as by the people he managed.
He knows how to manage and motivate people to do things that they would not normally do.
He goes along very well with the people and is recognized by his peers and management.
He manages to motivate the people around him and makes them believe in themselves.
John interacted well with both people he managed and others within the firm.
When it comes to managing people he is very hands on and approachable.
John can manage people well, with both empathy and direction.
His overall attitude and awareness for people and people management gives him great credit
His people management ability is excellent and he is well liked by people he deals with.
As a people manager, he is awesome, down to earth & mixes with people from all hierarchies.