Perfectionistic Performance Review Phrases Examples

Perfectionistic Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John gives his best in whatever he does and was known as a perfectionist
He always strives to go above and beyond and is quite the perfectionist.
John is definitely someone who could be described as a perfectionist.
John is perfect, knows well to get things done flawlessly.
John is probably one of the best for our company with and one of the smartest perfectionists.
A perfectionist in everything he does and will never miss on even the minutest details.
He is also very passionate about getting things right and somewhat of a perfectionist.
He will go out of his way to help you in any way he can and is a true perfectionist.
He has always been a perfectionist to take things forward with the best way possible.
He is definitely a perfectionist and will be sure you get nothing but the best.
He is a perfectionist and provides only the best for himself and his clients.
He is a perfectionist at what he does and he does it without fault.
He is also very perfectionist, which helps everyone for the better
John is a hard worker, thorough, methodical and perfectionist.
John is one of those perfectionist that you might hear about.
John is perfect at his our company and this makes him different.
He follows through with every project and is a perfectionist.
He is a perfectionist, will do anything to back what's right.
Ownie is his colleague that works very well and a perfectionist
He is very methodological and perfect in his our company.