Performance Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Performance Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

All of his team performs and want to perform even better under his management.
I would go as far as say that they perform better because they are managed by him.
His performance was every manager's dream.
He can perform just about anything you need inside your leadership or management team.
Feedback on his performance from executive management was always very positive.
His management and leadership performance has always been outstanding.
He managed several hotels for us and they all performed very well.
John performed all the coordination and management of this agency.
All people he would have to manage would be happy and performing.
He is an excellent manager and his performance was outstanding.
However, even with this tough ask he managed to perform well.
John performed his management duties enthusiastically.
John has extensive performance management expertise.
John is an astute and high performance manager.
He does an excellent job managing performance.
His management style is performance-driven.
I believe he is truly one of the most outstanding performers I have ever managed.
A strong performance manager as well as leader.
John was an outstanding manager and performed very well for me at our company.
John is excellent at international change management and corporate performance management.
John can help you with performance reviews and performance management and any other HR related issues that you may have managing your staff.
He will go above and beyond to get the best performance out of himself and his people.
John, thank you for all you have done to take us to the next level of performance.
We all took away more than we expected and have already seen a better performance.
John is who you need if you want to take your performance to the next level.
John has always performed when he said he was going to get something done.
No one has ever been less than enthusiastic about his performance.
I can't say enough positive things about him and his performance.
He never settles for less than the best in his performance.
John has always performed above and beyond expectations.
I am sure he will always be performed wherever he may be.
John is all about performance and doing the right thing.
Needless to say, he performed very well in the course.
I have found him performing to the best of his abilities.
You will not be disappointed with his performance.
I have never been disappointed by his performance.
I have always known him as an excellent performer.
Looking forward to seeing him perform again soon.
He has always outperformed others in his group.
I have also seen him perform in several teams.
His performance here has truly been unmatched.
He performed well in each of his assignments.
I could not be happier with his performance.
John has always been one of my top performers.
He will perform two or beyond expectations.
His performance in my course was very good.
He is definitely one of the top performers.
John's performance throughout the process.
Everybody is raving about his performance.
I found his performance to be outstanding.
John was the consummate over-performer.
John is an all around high performer.
John's performance is always exceptional.
I was very pleased with his performance.
He performed far beyond my expectations.
John found the right balance between managing the performance of the team and being their friend.
He gets really pushy and demanding with his team when it comes to performance management.
Many can be managers, not all can be leaders that employees want to perform for.
John is very knowledgeable in performance management and operations metrics.
John was our manager responsible for our performance, our goals and actions.
He has high standards for his own performance and the performance of the people he manages.
Thanks to his management, we were among the best performing subsidiary of the company.
John does not over manage his employees when they perform satisfactorily.
John is the type of manager for whom you really want to perform your best.
He managed him directly and his performance improved under his guidance
He not only managed but also exceeded on the performance parameters.
He knows how to manage his workload and performs under pressure.
He could manage your venue and perform in it at the same time.
It is every manager's nightmare when our company performer is promoted to a management role.
He thinks management, the act's management, and is a strong performer.
Excelling at man management he gives you the desire to perform beyond your own capabilities.
He takes management seriously and it shows in the performance of his people/organization.
He managed, however, to do everything in time without losing an inch of his performance.
John allows everyone to perform the duties they were hired to do without micro-managing.
John performed his own tasks and came up with his own ideas instead of managing vendors.
His performance is assurance that he was the right choice for the management position.
Teach him, guide him and let him perform, as a manager what else can you ask for.
He took over management of existing ones, with resulting improved performance.
Instrumental in helping him with performance management issues and resolutions.
He does not micro manage and gives his subordinates the latitude to perform.
A fact which is borne out by the continued performance of those he managed.
John is the kind of manager that raises the performance of those around him.
Yet, he managed to always rise up and perform to his utmost capabilities.
In fact, his best performance was during the times when he was managing him.
He performs all his tasks with perfection and is every manager's delight.
Quantitative and qualitative results confirm his management performance.
He provided guidance without micro-managing, and pushed him to perform.
He managed well under his, at times, demanding level of performance.
He went on to be a top performer there and moved into management.
He is a consistent performer and made him proud to be his manager.
He is quick to highlight exceptional performance and he effectively manages poor performers.
He performed well by managing various customers concurrently.
John is one of those exemplary managers who dives in and helps perform the same work as those he manages.
Working with him demonstrated to him how to be an effective and high performing manager.
He challenged him within his ability and well monitored and managed his performance.
John will improve any manager and their department's performance significantly.
He has been his manager and mentor and he has performed both roles ably.
He manages to bring people together and let them perform at our company.
John is an incredible manager and mentor, truly a go-to performer.
Tough when he needed to be but always managed with the end goal of improving his performance.
He then went on to manage him own franchise and was again a top performer.
His abilities in the area of performance management are well demonstrated.
Of course, as a manager, he was concerned, but he really took the time to help him perform better and not be discouraged.
John has been an excellent manager, and he was able to help him perform to the best of his abilities at the organization.
His manager was full of praise for him, and he performed very well in all assignments that were given to him.
John is a manager who makes subordinates want to perform at our company and will be an asset wherever he lands.
He manages himself and others with high standards for performance, dedication, and self improvement.
John is a well organized manager who inspires everyone around him to perform above expectations.
He performs very well in environments with multiple requesters, managing accordingly the priorities.
He also has the ability to manage others while at the same time performing excellently on his own.
His approach to how he has managed himself has resulted in him performing to his absolute maximum.
Best of all, his management style encourages those around him to perform at the highest level.
His management style brought the best in him and encouraged him to perform better at each task.
As his former manager, he knew when to just let him create and perform for maximum results.
Our group continued to perform at the top of the rankings while he was managing.
Despite his quirks, he still manages to perform at an acceptably adequate level.
He is very detailed and through, and he managed his group with peak performance.
His performance as a manager in the toughest of times has been very impressive.
He has clear requirements for performance and he manages his channels carefully.
As a manager, he is able to get you to perform to the maximum of your abilities.
With the passage of time he always managed to display performance improvement.
John shows the perfect synergy between knowledge, performance and management.
His approach to management helped him to trust his own voice and performance.
He proactively manages performance with positive and negative consequences.
He performs his assigned tasks dedicatedly and manages them efficiently.
This resulted in helping him improve his time management and performance.
John always led key performance indicators with any group he managed.
His outstanding performance away impress his manager and colleagues.
He is a high performance individual and an experienced manager.
His outstanding performance has been recognized among the top management of our company.
He understood how to maintain a balance between managing the over performers while still focusing on improving the under performers.
As a manager, he inspired everyone to perform his or his best and always did the right thing for the customer.
He performs all responsibilities as if he has been doing it all his life.
He gives you all of this from inception to the performance on the day.
Compliments on his performance and dedication would often follow.
However, he also knows how to demand performance where required.
He really cares for each and every one of them and performs his inspections for them as if he was performing it on his own home.
John is also well-versed in application performance monitoring and management.
He managed to reach a management position in less age than his peers, and well performed in that challenge.
He managed to shield his reports from randomization while exposing our performance to upper management.
John is a great manager to work with and he is a real example as a manager how anyone can perform.
He took on management duties in his absence and performed them very well.
He understands key performance indicators and can manage the team to peak performance.
Not many performers write, perform and manage their own original shows, and his show is so original.
It would be an understatement to state that he did well as him performance has impressed many of his peers and the management.
He really knows how to manage people and bring out our company performance, whether in front of or behind the camera.
He showed that not only can competently manage, but perform any tasks as well, if necessary.
He successfully managed and motivated each of as individuals to perform at our very best.
Him recognition for performance as a manager has been very encouraging and motivating.
He spoke about the challenges in managing risk and getting rewarding performance.