Perseverance Performance Review Phrases Examples

Perseverance Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

One of the things about him that always made him stand out is his perseverance.
He keeps his perseverance while others might already give up.
John has always been willing to go above and beyond what was expected of him and this was done with integrity and perseverance.
If you are looking for someone with perseverance and who will not take no for an answer, he's the one.
His perseverance has been at the apex and that probably makes him better and different than others.
The thing that sets him apart from others is him perseverance in getting you the right role.
He never gives up, he is perseverance, but without being annoying at the same our company.
With his perseverance he is able to get the most out of his program/transition.
John is one of those rare people who never gives up and always perseveres.
He gets things done with perseverance and in challenging environments.
He perseveres when most others have given up, always delivers results.
He is very perseverant and believe that the easy has never been an option.
John and perseverance are two qualities which cannot go unnoticed.
He knows how to get things done and perseveres in spite of all odds.
John is willing to persevere in even the most difficult assignments.
His perseverance to see, things to completion is also very impressive.
John is also excellent after sales and he is known for his perseverance.
Determination and perseverance are among his strongest qualities.
John's charisma and perseverance always come through in his our company.
Professionalism & perseverance are some of the qualities he has.
John brings the passion, and follows through with perseverance.
Apart from other qualities what stands out is his perseverance.
His perseverance towards learning new things is commendable.
He perseveres through trials, and never gets down on himself.
His our company is entrepreneurial and he knows how to persevere.