Persistence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Persistence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also knows how to be persistently persistent and herd everyone to closing.
The thing that impresses me the most about him is his persistence.
He is dedicated in whatever he is doing and very persistent.
He is very persistent and he does not take no for an answer.
He was persistent and made sure things got done right away.
I found him to be persistent and thorough in his approach.
He is meticulous, thorough and most of all persistent.
And always very persistent in getting what he wanted.
Many deals made possible because of his persistence.
He has got the persistence that will make it happen.
He is an example of persistence that is unsurpassed.
John was very hardworking, thorough and persistent.
John's also known for his patience and persistence.
He has taught me to persist, persist, persist until I succeed.
He is very persistent - he thoroughly follows through on all his efforts and gets results.
And he's one of the best by tactfully following up, being persistent, without alienating.
John is being courteous and persistent and never seems to back down from any challenge.
John is persistent in knowing what he wants, and how to go about getting it.
He is persistent with his following through and does what he says he will do.
Once he has committed to getting something done, he persists until it is.
He is very persistent when he believes in something and is usually right.
Crazy because he is so persistent when it comes to being a perfectionist.
His persistence and hard work will very soon get him where he wants to be.
I wish him all the best, persistence and luck for him and his company.
He is persistent and never gives up even if the odds are against him.
He has always taken on new challenges with persistence and tenacity.
He is persistent in following through with my issues and concerns.
John is persistent when trying to get to the bottom of an issue.
He is persistent and thorough in whatever endeavors, he undertakes.
John is to most commended for his persistence and kindness.
There is nothing that can stop him persistence and dedication.
He is tenacious and persistent but with just the right touch.
John has impressive persistence and is so very methodical.
He is the definition of persistence - and gets things done.
With persistence and dedication he will surely become an icon.
He is persistent, determined and will always get the results.
John's follow up and persistence has been very impressive.
He is straight forward, always kind and always persistent.
I had offers from other companies, but he was persistent.
He is very thorough, persistent and fair in his dealing.
I have been impressed with him tenacity and persistence.
He accomplishes this by being persuasive and persistent.
John is persistent and passionate but not overbearing.
John's dedication and persistence are unparallelled.
His persistence to challenge me was always rewarding.
He is also persistent, which has always impressed me.
He is gifted at being persistent without being pushy.
But he is also persistent and even-tempered and kind.
His persistence and determination are truly admirable.
He was insistent and persistent in all the best ways.
I'm very grateful for his persistence and expertise.
He is persistent, tenacious and very well organised.
In fact, he was much more persistent than my parents.
He believes in persistence under any circumstances.
Him consistency and persistence were truly amazing.
Still, he persisted and came out with flying colors.
I can't say enough about John's persistence and his overall character.
He is one of the best sales people I've seen, and is always persistent.
Thank you again John for your persistence and encouragement.
The best way for me to describe John is persistent.