Persistent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Persistent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is known for getting along with everyone, along with being persistent in his our company.
And all deliver more than what they probably need to - because of his persistence.
When he says he'll do something he does and he persists until it's done.
He always persisted in what he does, and made sure that it happened.
He is persistent and always does the right things to be successful.
He's persistent and knows who to go to and how to get what he needs.
If not that, it's persistence beyond what you've seen in some our company.
The thing that impresses him the most about him is his persistence.
He is always known for his persistence throughout the our company.
Knowing that he would always be persistent, till he got results.
He is thorough in his follow up without being too persistent.
John has always been very persistent in all his undertakings.
He is persistent and knows what he wants out of his our company.
John gets it done - whatever it is, and he is persistent with others to ensure they get it done, as well.
His persistence to be the best in all he does is something that should be admired and mimicked
He is persistent without being over-bearing and above all else he always got the best results.
John is also very tenacious and persistent - he never, never gives up on any of his projects.
He is very persistent - he thoroughly follows through on all his efforts and gets results.
And he's one of the best by tactfully following up, being persistent, without alienating.
John has a way of getting what he needs of his clients without being too persistent.
He would always fight for the right things and be persistent in getting the right things done.
He is knowledgeable, persistent, and is always looking forward to the next challenge.
That makes him think that he has enough persistence to accomplish anything he wants.
Without his help and persistence we would not be in the home that we are in today.
Without his persistence, these programs would not have been nearly as successful.
John's persistence to do the right thing for the customer was always evident.
He is knowledgeable, thorough, and persistent towards everything that he does.
He is persistent about his thinking and he knows exactly what he is doing.
John is the one to get things done and persistence is one of his strongest traits.
He is very persistent about getting things right and doing first-rate our company.
He is very persistent when he believes in something and is usually right.
His persistence is one of his best assets when it comes to troubleshooting.
He is persistent with everything he does and carries it through to the end.
He will persist, and patient, out-think you - and your competitors.
John is and always will be one of the most persistent people in his career.
He always makes himself available and is persistent when solving problems.
He knows what he wants to achieve and is very persistent in getting there.
He is particular about his commitment and persistent with his activities.
His persistence and follow up is second to none, and always considerate.
John doesn't take no for an answer - he's persistent and gets results.
His persistence to become better has excelled him through the program.
He knows how to be persistent without getting on the customers' nerves.
John he is also persistent and focused when it comes to his projects.
John is persistent in his endeavors and gets along well with people.
He is persistent and never gives up even if the odds are against him.
He is persistent and will not back down to any challenging searches.
John made an impact, then because he was persistent in what he did.
John has the character and persistence that are truly motivated
Attention to detail and persistence are among many of his attributes.
He is persistent when he is positive that he got the right match.
He has always taken on new challenges with persistence and tenacity.
John is one of those students who will persist despite difficulties.
John is persistent with his efforts, yet knows when to back off.
He has been persistent, and very personal throughout the process.
Lelaine has been able to do so through his passion and persistence.
He is persistent and thorough in whatever endeavor, he undertakes.
His persistence in anything that he approaches has been inspiring.
He is persistent and does what is necessary to achieve the goals.
Most of all, his persistence and determination are extraordinary.
He is very persistent with him assignments and never complains.