Personal Accountability Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Accountability Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is responsive, professional and delivers his commitments on time.
John has a great attitude towards his life, career and success.He takes personal accountability for everything he says and does, and that is a fantastic trait to have.
John's expertise in accounting and his ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in individuals and companies as a whole are truly amazing.
John fosters an atmosphere of spirited, open discussion, but also decisiveness and accountability.
John helped me set clear short and long-term goals and has been my accountability partner to ensure my goals come to fruition.
John is an excellent accountability partner.
John's external accountability means I have been able to stay motivated and focussed, even while doing all my regular stuff.
John is a great leader who earned the respect of his subordinates and peers and created a working environment of results, accountability, and fun.
John acted as an accountability partner to help me instill new positive habits to reach goals I had set.
John is careful, intentional, and able to identify the things necessary to incorporate smooth workflow and accountability.
He has a selfless and inspirational personality.
He personally inspired me to think bigger and bolder.
John is an inspirational, fun speaker who has inspired me to change my personal branding for the better.
He has been an inspiration.
He is certainly an inspiration.
He is an asset to any person.
He has boss personality.
He really knows his material and is very personable.
He's the go-to person when you want to get something done or know who you should know.
He is personable and helpful.
He is a wonderful person who always inspires me with his posts.
He has such an infectious personality and is a very passionate, genuine person.
He has been inspirational to me.
He's inspiring just to be around with.
He inspires me in every session.
He is truly an inspiration to others.
He is an inspiring leader.
He is very personable, easy to get along with and has high integrity.
He is very helpful and trustworthy person.
He is an optimistic and energetic person.
He is the person you can rely on.
He is the right person to have on your network.
He is very senior and experienced person.
He only recommends what he personally does.
He is also personally willing to jump into any new situation.
He is an energetic, dynamic person.
He's just the person to help make that happen.
He is the go to person for reassurance and feedback.
John is a person I knew as a very inspiring person.
He is a very personable person and is liked by all who come into contact with him.
He is the type of person that is willing to help anyone without any hope of personal gain.
He is such an encouraging and inspiring person.
He was personable, proactive and supportive.
He is truly an inspiration.
He is an outstanding person and teammate.
He inspires me everyday and makes me feel like a winner.
He is an amazing person.
He is recommended person.
He's witty and personable.
He's very personable and always reachable.
He is articulate and very personable.
He is very personable, approachable, intelligent and warm person.
He has really "inspired" me to continue down the path of personal transformation.
He gives inspiration for the challenges.
He has always been an inspiration to me.
He's inspiring and very funny.
He is always in pursuit, which is inspiring.
He inspires all of us to be the best we can be in everything we do.
He is inspirational to be with.
He is a passionate leader who inspires those around him to be the best person that you can be.
We've worked together for many years on various accounts and he is his go to person.
John as an account person is very deeply related to the topic.
For him personally, it was scheduling issues and accountability.
John takes pride in being his personal best and holds himself accountable to achieving both his personal and company goals.
John placed great emphasis on personal development as well as personal accountability.
It is important to him to have an accountant that is ethical, attentive, and personable.
Though he pushes for accountability, he is still emphatic of our personal goals.
He is a go-to person for strategy on even the biggest accounts.
He treats each person as an individual and has a holistic approach in that he takes account of each person need/lifestyle in his advice.
He has a high level of personal accountability, articulate, personable and highly capable individual.
He made getting into different accounts easier, because he already had the contacts, and knew the right person to call.
John has always been available to answer questions regarding the account and he is extremely personable and gracious.
In addition, he is an honest person, accountable to his promises and is always looking for self-improvement.
His personality is easy to approach and he always takes on accountability when something needs to be done.
John is a person who always does what he says he will do, and he earned respect in every account we had.
His personable approach and his accountability and follow-through are the ones that come to mind first.
Always was open and frank he is someone trustworthy and accountable to the core of his personality.
He also became the go to person for helping out with retention of fairly large existing accounts.
He knows his stuff and takes pride in being personally accountable to him brief and beyond that.
He takes each person's individual characteristics into account and makes them look fabulous.
He is an accountable person and follows up on our request promptly and straight to the point.
John ran our account for several years and was always extremely helpful and personable.
Simply put, he's an accountant person's dream and would be an asset to any workplace.
In his opinion, his strengths are teamwork, partnership and personal accountability.
He took personal accountability for his performance and focussed on success.
John is a very hardworking person with ability to tap into any account.
If you need a merchant account (for anything) he is your go to person.
Simply put, he's everything you look for in an account service person.
Above all, he is personable, professional, accountable, and reliable.
John is a very energetic, enthusiastic and highly accountable person.
He is efficient, strategic, personable, ethical, and accountable.
His personal style is transparent, accountable and matter-of-fact.
He's possessed of all his requirements for a good account person.
Overall, he was one of the most respected agency personal during his time on the our company account.
In fact, he was the person that sets up his our company account in the first place.
A very personable our company he is down to earth, practical and accountable.
John is an excellent person to have on the team - he is always taking the accountability and getting things done.
Him personal accountability is inspirational for the rest of the team.
From a person who had restricted accounting background, he got into day to day accounting and could put a few of so called domain experts on accounting to shame.
John is a great person to work with, he is a proactive, responsible, and an accountable person.
Not only was he very personable when meeting with us, but also attentive to our needs and helpful when any changes needed to be made to our account.
It's truly overwhelming for him to write about such an astounding personality, on account of two reasons.
The accounts he worked with were very fortunate to have someone with his personality and abilities.
He holds people accountable, but also gets personally involved to make sure the best is delivered.
John works together with others and takes into account what each person has to offer.
His pleasant personality is still remembered by the hotel's key accounts.
Perfect person to have as such a key partner on his client accounts.
He's the type of person that would go out of his way to help you without being asked and always holds everyone around him accountable to their goals.
He has personal accountability and knows how to get a job done beyond any average expectations.
His personal commitment to our account and our goals was very obvious and assuring.
John's knowledge of accounting and accounting principles became evident after the first conversation with him as he is able to break down complex accounting matters so the average person can understand.
He considered not only what this person could bring to the table via their experience, but also took into account the character of the person and if he would contribute to our positive culture.
He is always an honest person who says what he thinks in a clear and straightforward way, but also taking into account the personal circumstances.
Also, he is a very amicable person and easy to get access to and always made himself available, responded, and made everyone accountable.
He takes into account all possible variables and addresses each individual according to each different personality when taking decisions.
Most importantly though, he took personal accountability for re-winning confidence and delivering his on commitments.
John would be an asset to any organization where innovation, collaboration, and personal accountability are valued.
His personable, trusting approach influences others to be and want to be accountable for their performance.
He also happens to be an amazing person all round - he's dedicated, accountable and loads of fun too.
His standards and values are beyond reproach and he takes personal accountability for his results.
His personality is empathetic and encouraging while requiring accountability and performance.
John's also extremely reliable and accountable, a man of action as well as very personable.
John is adaptable, accountable, and his gregarious personality is a treasure for everyone.
Through his sheer personal abilities, he was able to help him turn around this key account.
He is trustworthy, accountable, efficient and above all, a nice and wonderful person.
His understanding of accounting and personal dynamics is a very valuable combination.
John quickly rose to the top and became the key point person for these accounts.
Not only is he an extremely sharp and brilliant accountant, he is a good person.
He's personable, yet stern, and demands accountability in a most positive manner.
His leadership style was trusting, fair, and required personal accountability.
He is very personable and provided outstanding account service at all times.
As every good account person must be, he was incredibly attentive to detail.
John is a born account person, the true conductor of the orchestra.
He is, for lack of a better term, a boss of an account person.
He has high standards a high level of personal accountability.
Our company personality and accountability are two other factors that made John successful in his role today.
Our company, though we were not a huge account, John would always make sure to give us personalized attention.
John has proven an outstanding accountant, serving his business and personal accounting needs very well for many years now.
He knows each person at his accounts on a personal level and craft solutions to meet their specific needs.
He prided himself with his personal accountability and stewardship for the clients' success.
He provides the customer with updates and strives to personally connect on accounts.
He treats the client's account as own and gives personal attention to grow.
All accounts are up to date, including his personal finance and most accounts related queries do not even come to him.
Not only is he very knowledgeable about accounting and bookkeeping, he is also extremely personable.
He even helped him promote his new student group on his personal accounts.
John gets things done, and does so by personally accepting accountability and leading by example.
Not to mention his philosophy of accountability, both as a team and personally.
He trusts his team and holds each person accountable without being overbearing.
He's also his personal and business accountant, and he's never steered him wrong.
John is trustworthy and accountable in his business and personal life.