Personal Accountability Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Accountability Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is responsive, professional and delivers his commitments on time.

John has a great attitude towards his life, career and success.He takes personal accountability for everything he says and does, and that is a fantastic trait to have.

John's expertise in accounting and his ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in individuals and companies as a whole are truly amazing.

John fosters an atmosphere of spirited, open discussion, but also decisiveness and accountability.

John helped me set clear short and long-term goals and has been my accountability partner to ensure my goals come to fruition.

John is an excellent accountability partner.

John's external accountability means I have been able to stay motivated and focussed, even while doing all my regular stuff.

John is a great leader who earned the respect of his subordinates and peers and created a working environment of results, accountability, and fun.

John acted as an accountability partner to help me instill new positive habits to reach goals I had set.

John is careful, intentional, and able to identify the things necessary to incorporate smooth workflow and accountability.

He has a selfless and inspirational personality.

He personally inspired me to think bigger and bolder.

John is an inspirational, fun speaker who has inspired me to change my personal branding for the better.

He has been an inspiration.

He is certainly an inspiration.

He is an asset to any person.

He has boss personality.

He really knows his material and is very personable.

He's the go-to person when you want to get something done or know who you should know.

He is personable and helpful.

He is a wonderful person who always inspires me with his posts.

He has such an infectious personality and is a very passionate, genuine person.

He has been inspirational to me.

He's inspiring just to be around with.

He inspires me in every session.

He is truly an inspiration to others.

He is an inspiring leader.

He is very personable, easy to get along with and has high integrity.

He is very helpful and trustworthy person.

He is an optimistic and energetic person.

He is the person you can rely on.

He is the right person to have on your network.

He is very senior and experienced person.

He only recommends what he personally does.

He is also personally willing to jump into any new situation.

He is an energetic, dynamic person.

He's just the person to help make that happen.

He is the go to person for reassurance and feedback.

John is a person I knew as a very inspiring person.

He is a very personable person and is liked by all who come into contact with him.

He is the type of person that is willing to help anyone without any hope of personal gain.

He is such an encouraging and inspiring person.

He was personable, proactive and supportive.

He is truly an inspiration.

He is an outstanding person and teammate.

He inspires me everyday and makes me feel like a winner.

He is an amazing person.

He is recommended person.

He's witty and personable.

He's very personable and always reachable.

He is articulate and very personable.

He is very personable, approachable, intelligent and warm person.

He has really "inspired" me to continue down the path of personal transformation.

He gives inspiration for the challenges.

He has always been an inspiration to me.

He's inspiring and very funny.

He is always in pursuit, which is inspiring.

He inspires all of us to be the best we can be in everything we do.

He is inspirational to be with.

He is a passionate leader who inspires those around him to be the best person that you can be.