Personal Appearance Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Appearance Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is personable, both professionally and personally.

Great person to know professionally and personally.

Hardworking person with intelligent people.

He may be a very busy person, he is still a very person's person.

Now all these were personal, and about his work, there are many things to say about this person.

John is the best person or the best person to work with, very talented and cheering person.

John is the person you want on your team both professionally and personally.

This first is his personal discipline and the second is his personal integrity.

John is one of the best people I have known personally as well professionally.

Really an all-around, outstanding person, professionally, and personally.

John was always personable and upbeat both personally and about business.

He is very much cooperative people professionally as well as personally.

John is an above-and-beyond the person in his professional and personal life.

John is truly an exceptional person, both personally and professionally.

He's an awesome person to be around both personally and professionally.

John also has an excellent personality both professional and personal.

He is professional and personable and most of all an amazing person.

John is one very exceptional person - professionally and personally.

The best person I had ever seen both personally and professionally.

John is an amazing person both in business and personally.

John is an extremely personable and professional person.

He's professional, personable and an overall great person.

He is amazing person personally as well as professionally.

He is a very helpful person and very professional person.

He is creative, personable, and a get-it-done person.

John is a very professional and personable person.

Motivator, hard person with calm personality.

He is truly an expert in the field of personal appearance.

John appears to be the quiet person in the background.

John is a fantastic person to know personally and as a business person.

I personally could not think of any other person who would be better suited for this task.

John is always the first person in and the last person to leave work.

John has always gone out of his way to help me both professionally and personally.

John goes out of his way to help others - personally and professionally.

I truly appreciate what he has done for me personally and professionally.

They go above and beyond to help you personally and professionally.

John's value is both in his professionalism and his personality.

I wish him all the very best both professionally and personally.

John is very professional and, most of all, very personable.

Aside from the business end of things, there's the personal.

I wish him all the best both personally and professionally.

Not only was he professional, but he was very personable.

John is always professional, yet always very personable.

I have found him to be very personable, yet professional.

He is not only personable, but also very professional.

He has always been professional as well as personable.

John has always been most professional and personable.

John is both very personable as well as professional.

John is your go-to person for all things business.

John is very professional while also being personable.

I personally believe there is nothing he can't sell.

He is well liked both personally and professionally.

Knows what he does best and very responsible person.

I will miss him both, professionally and personally.

John is personable, yet thorough and responsible.

John is always very personable and professional.

John was thorough, personable, and professional.

John is resourceful and is the go-to person.

Excellent value for both personal and business.