Personal Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I know that each person that comes into contact with him, personally and professionally, is a better person for knowing him.
John has been a very competent person always willing to assist his colleagues.
He is the kind of person who makes everyone around him better, not just professionally but personally.
That should tell you right there the kind of person he is, both professionally and personally.
John is one such person and has been an inspiration both professionally and personally.
John is professional and very personable with each and every person he encounters.
Working for him has made me a better person both personally and professionally.
He always tries to get the best of every person in a personal and professional way.
When things like work stress or pressure from personal life makes a person lose focus, he is the best person to assist.
He is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the whole company, yet has the most modest personality.
John's personality makes him the kind of person you want to work with or for.
John's personality is great to work with, he's very friendly and personable.
He's passionate, personable, knowledgeable and an all-around great person.
John is a person of excellent character; he is a person you can trust personally and professionally.
I later found out he was equal in status to the person assisting me, but with more experience.
John is very personable and professional in his presentation and personality.
John is a great person who assisted me in filling critical positions and always found the "hard to find" person.
He's personally committed to both personal and organizational improvement.
If anyone knows what kind of person he is, both personally and professionally, it's me.
John is a professional and personable person who always follows through as promised.
John is just an outstanding person in every respect, personally and professionally.
As a person he is always ready to help others professionally as well as personally.
He is a person you can count on, whether it be personal or professional.
He provides very personal value to though who seek his networking assistance.
He is that one person in the organization you can talk about anything, if help is needed, be it personal or professional he will try his best to help the person approaches him.
He is really personable and even assisted me with my job search after our division was closed.
John has gone out of his way to assist me personally and professionally as he does with everyone he meets.
He has assisted me both personally and professionally throughout that time.
John is an inspirational person - not only in his work ethic, but also in his personal endeavors.
His warmth and personality make him an easy person to work with, regardless of the setting.
I know him personally and haven't come across a most helpful and resourceful person.
John is a very knowledgeable person and has a personality that everyone enjoys.
I have personally found him friendly and very comfortable person to work with.
He is responsible, personable and an excellent person to work with, and for.
He was such an easy person to work with, both in-person and on the phone.
John is an exceptionally personable and dedicated, hard working person.
He is a very knowledgeable and personable person whom strives to succeed.
Singh is great personality and inspiring person & dedicated to his work.
To me personally, he is always at the end of a phone with appropriate answers and or assistance to any of my questions.
He has been an extremely responsive and personable colleague to whom we can turn for assistance with any matter.
He is friendly, personable and without him assistance would greatly reduce the success of our company.
John is very personable and always ready to assist you in whatever your banking needs may be.
John provided excellent tools and personal examples that assisted me beyond my expectations.
I highly recommend him to any person that should need legal assistance.
He's a very personable person who enjoys assisting others and helping them grow their business.
John is one of the persons who is combining good businessship and personal relations.
He has a dynamic personality and he knows how to relate to each person individually.
John is a dynamic person who gets results from the staff and from you personally.
I found him to be very knowledgeable of what he does and also very personable.
Definitely this has to do with his knowledge, but also with his personality.
He is the type of person and personality anyone would want to work with and/or have as an employee.
He is personable, approachable, and is the best person to have worked with potential employees.
I personally miss working with him as he was also a very personable and energetic employee.
His engaging personality makes him an excellent and enjoyable person with whom to work.
He is not only an innovative person, but also an inspiring person to work with.
He would be an assist to any company and is a very professional person.
I personally appreciate his continual assistance on opening escalations for his group.
I asked him to assist with our recruiting efforts because he was so personable.
His personality is very uplifting and encouraging, and he is definitely someone we could all count on to be there for us, both professionally and personally.
He has always been one willing to go above and beyond for anyone he establishes a personal connection with both personally and professionally.
As a person, he came across a very friendly person who was always ready to offer him assistance when needed.
John could always be relied upon for assistance and was always the one person you could rely on to tell you exactly how it was.
John is an individual that you want to get to know - he can assist you in many ways with his experience and personality.
His lighthearted personality makes him very approachable as well as very willing to assist you however he can.
He definitely understands the value of teamwork, and was always the first person to volunteer his assistance.
Dinehart had been always on top of his needs as a student/student assistant and was very personable in doing so.
He goes out of his way on to assist others, paying it forward without regard for personal gain.
Learning how to become a distributor, he's the best person to notify if you need assistance.
He is a take-charge person who is always available to help and assist with every situation.
If you need assistance, he's happy to help you to be your best as an employee and a person.
He excels at anything he does and is the first person to provide assistance when needed.
If you need someone to assist you with your chimney needs he is the person to call on.
Personally, he is also a great person, always there whenever assistance is needed.
John is devoted to helping any persons that may have a need for his assistance.
Whilst not having hired him personally, he has assisted him on numerous occasions
Also, he's a very approachable person and provided every assistance possible.
We have always appreciated his assistance both in person and over the phone.
His desire and personal assistance to his success was truly genuine.
He supervised one individual and assisted in that person's growth.
They also assisted him in his pursuit of ongoing personal growth.
He often assists him personally with the unique needs of our clients.
He's the first person we call when we need contract assistance.
As his personal assistant over several years he was always efficient, personable and had excellent work ethics.
He assists others to make the most of their own careers in each person's own context.
Due to this influence he has changed him, assisted him and made him a better person.
He is personable, genuine and very inventive when assisting him with his meetings.
John a personal level, he is a person you can count on and he is always taking care of the persons around him.
A very personable, caring person - he touches all with whom he comes in contact.
And outside of all of that he is a personable, likeable and caring person.
Especially, in person he is a very caring person to talk with.
He always assists should anyone have any urgent case during his personal time.
John has been a hugely useful person to have on his network and always a great person to go to for assistance.
Wonderful person and he provided great help, support and assistance.
He is always willing to assist you in finding the right person at our company and he is willing to help facilitate an introduction.
It is never too much to ask for his assistance and he is respected by many for his immediate and personable 'can do' attitude.
If he knew someone who could also assist us, that person would appear ready and willing almost immediately on our doorstep.
He is quick to provide his insight and is almost always the first person to ask if there is some way that he can assist.
John is also very personable and enthusiastic and will do everything he can to assist you achieve the results required.
Rarely does one come across a person that is so approachable and ever willing to render assistance to his teammates.
John is the kind of person who will give you help and assistance if he is able to and will ask nothing in return.
He even assisted fellow classmates out with personal troubles, going above and beyond in every way possible.
If he wasn't able to help him directly, he quickly got the person involved that could provide his assistance.
He is pleasant and capable person and if he can't help you he will always find someone who can assist you.
Ability to make you feel comfortable with him open personality and always willing to offer his assistance.
His advice was insightful for him personally and subsequently it has been useful to him in assisting others.
Dev is also very personable, which endears those he relies upon to provide the assistance that he needs.
He's very personable, quick to respond and is ready to assist however, he can, all without being pushy.
A very enthusiastic person, was very helpful and has always guided and assisted him whenever required.
Furthermore, he is always willing to assist friends and colleagues and is a truly authentic person.
He is very personable and will take the time needed with you to assist you in any deal you have.
You won't find a better person to assist you to get where you want to go if he believes in you.
Within less than two days he responded with the appropriate person who was able to assist him.
He is always the first person to step up to the plate and offer to assist any way he can.
His willingness to assist, advise, and contribute are the cornerstones of his personality.
He excelled at getting the best out of a person and assisted others who required help.
Most importantly, if a teammate needed help, he was the first person there to assist.
His personality and genuine approach made that assistance rewarding and enjoyable.
If he wasn't the right person, he gladly assisted in locating the correct contact.
He is flexible, dependable and approachable person for any guidance or assistance.
John is very details-oriented person and would assist anyone who needs his help.
He comes across as a person who is always ready to assist, guide and facilitate.
He's the first person to offer assistance if you've got a question or problem.
In fact, he went above and beyond his role to assist during a personal issue.
You can feel his sincere desire to assist each person on their path.
He helped him greatly in his recent search for a personal assistant.
As a his boss while been his personal assistant and as a friend.
Our company to this John provided personal assistance to him above and beyond expectations during his study commitments.
In personal life and business, the man is personable and he has a magnetic personality.
He personally assisted in several situations to bring them to a successful conclusion after he stepped in to assist another employee.
He is very personable and makes honest attempts to connect professionally and personally with the students he assists.
You only need to see him personal presentation to know he knows what he is doing and can give you expert advice and assistance.
Notably, he was the first person to volunteer to assist someone else in the department when the workload got heavy.
John has been just that kind of person to assist you in need or just because he has the knowledge to share.
He is very amenable and go-to person for any assistance and he makes you feel you are in safe hands.
He also had no qualms about assisting if a student came to him with personal problems.
Having reported straight to him, he is that go-to-person for any assistance needed.
In addition, he was an excellent mentor and assisted him in his own personal growth.
He directed and assisted in the apprehension of persons stealing from the company.
Rather, he is a person focussed on assisting people to succeed.
John worked as an assistant for another person in our company.
He is professional, personable and has always provided him with the right person for the job.
He also assisted many of us with personal computer issues on his own time.
Not only does he truly care about you as a person, but he is the type of person that would really go out of his way to help you out if you're ever in need of him.
A thoroughly caring and warm person who has just the right personality for the role he is in.
He is personable, caring and a great person to be around and associated with.
His caring and warm personality made him a very likeable person.
Our company top of this John is such a personable person - he cares.
His personal interest in several team members assisted them achieve personal growth objectives.
He goes out of his way to provide personalized one on one counseling and assistance to anyone that seeks his help.
John is always quick to provide any assistance he can find the right person for the right job.