Personal Branding Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Branding Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has some of the most enviable qualities I have ever seen in another person.

He was well organized, very personable and direct in his approach.

One of your best qualities is your personality.

If he could not personally assist, than he would direct you to the best person to do so.

A person with great character, attitude and personality.

He's also personable and clearly a person of character and integrity.

A very personable character who is direct and straight, but also fun.

There are personalities and then there are leaders with character.

John himself is personable, direct, and professional.

To everything he does, he brings his personality and character.

Over and above that he is a quality person.

He is very direct, intuitive and personable.

These two qualities are rarely found in one person.

John is quality personified in every manner.

John was easy going personality with direction.

Great person and even greater character.

He is an excellent person with many qualities.

I have never seen so direct and opened person.

These are rare qualities when found in one person.

John is the best person to have especially if you're looking for some direction in your career.

One of John's best qualities is his personality.

He is very personable and his character is superb.

John is willing to help everyone, if he does not have the answer, he will direct you to the right person.

John is an exceptional person of character.

John has many qualities that make him a person that I want to have around me personally and professionally.

If you are looking to be your own boss, he is the one person that I personally know will help direct you on that path.

On a more personal level, he has an enthusiastic and outgoing personality, and is always a person you can go to for advice or direction.

John is my go to for all things marketing and personal branding.

John is the guru when it comes to personal branding.

It's really useful, especially for those who want to build their own personal branding.

John is truly an expert in personal branding.

Despite that, he also taught about personal branding.

John brings quality to whatever he does whether it be professionally or personally.

John is a person that has the qualities to better himself in whatever he would take on to do.

He provided direction when direction was needed.

I am complimented very often about the character and quality of my branding, and it is all thanks to him.

I know this from direct personal experience.

Him professionalism carries through from his business character with him personal character.

He is a quality product and a quality person.

I've personally been impressed about his character and inner drive.

I truly believe the quality of a product is in direct proportion to the quality of the person itself.

He is personable, direct and knowledgeable.

He is honest, direct, personable and someone you can trust.

John however is one with both the qualities.

Well-done and keep going in the same direction.

Pointing everyone in the right direction.

I think that says everything about his character.

I really appreciate him for all these qualities.

Punctuality is one of his many qualities.

This is because of two of his best qualities.

You tell him what you are looking for and he will take you in that direction.

John is a direct, personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy person.

If you are looking for quality, John is the ideal person.

To me, it is exemplary of John's character and personality.

John is the best person to set your business in the right direction.

John's a quality person, through and through.

Jon is a quality person all the way around.

Among the list of his qualities, he is also an all around great person.

His personality and character deserves the best.

I would very much recommend him as a person with great character.