Personal Care Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Care Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John not only excels professionally, but personally is someone that stands out with his caring nature and crafty personality.
He's also a compassionate, caring person who is dedicated to doing the right things in the right way.
He's also an all-around good, caring person any any company would be lucky to have him on board.
He is competitive, but also a person who is caring very much for colleagues and friends.
His personal integrity, his caring, honesty and his intellect are beyond the charts.
He is a very dedicated and caring person who sees everything he does in the end.
John is the most versatile and caring type of person that is so rare in this world.
What's more, he is a lovely person who cares about his colleagues and workplace.
John is an extremely caring person who shares his heart with his clients.
I soon discovered that he is a person who is caring, compassionate, dedicated.
John is extremely personable and treats others with great respect and care.
John is a very caring person and makes every effort to exceed expectations.
John has a delightful, caring personality and maturity beyond his years.
His charisma, honesty and caring personality, made him an instant friend.
He cares for every person in the group, always makes you feel welcome.
He is caring person who displays this through his wonderful follow-up.
John is a person who really cares and pays attention to others.
John is a caring person and an outstanding friend and colleague.
He is a good orator, caring colleague and well mannered person.
He is very personable, reliable and always willing to provide assistance.
He is also caring about ourselves as persons, showing appreciation, taking care that we stay healthy and happy in our work.
He does this by personally demonstrating techniques and walking by each table to personally assist his students.
John has a magnetic personality, is extremely authentic, and cares about each person he is working with.
He is also strongly driven person and yet such a fun and caring person to work and be around with.
On a personal note, he is someone who cares and a wonderful person to work for.
John has assisted me over and over through out the years, many times without any personal gain.
Not only is he the best at what he does, but he is an amazing, caring, thoughtful person as well.
His secret was truly caring about each of his employees and treating them as individuals with different needs and personalities.
John is a person who genuinely cares about others and does everything in his power to help them succeed.
The passion and care that he puts into everything he does and every person he meets goes unmatched.
Plus, as a bonus, he's funny, personable and truly cares about the well-being of all his employees.
He is very focused and results-oriented; but at the same time is very personable and caring.
He really has an infectious personality and clearly cares about the success of his clients.
He gets to know the clients and truly cares about their success and personal well being.
John is the type of person who truly, deeply cares about his employees and coworkers.
A person who takes care of his employees and wants them to grow in their expertise.
John is the nicest guy you'll meet and really cares about each person he helps.
John has an amazing trait—he truly cares about every single person he meets.
John is a caring person that has him employees' best interests in mind.
Sincere attitude and kind, caring is another his personal strong point.
John is a great person, who cares greatly for everyone he meets.
He is bottom line oriented, but with an overall caring personality.
John is a very open and caring person - always careful to use the best set of words & actions to carry your message across.
John is not only a very genuine person, and he gets along with all types of personalities in the organization.
At his core he is simply a very caring and personable individual with a dynamic personality who wants to inspire the best in others.
On a personal note, he is a very kind and caring person, always thinking about others before satisfying his own needs.
He is a soft spoken person with a subtle sense of humour and a caring personality.
He is very personable and goes out of his way to make sure that everyone working for him is comfortable and well taken care of.
John is a careful person when it comes to his work and he does it impeccably.
He is also a very caring person, and very loyal to those with whom he works.
He cares, and that's what makes him such an amazing person to work with.
He truly cares about each person in the company he is working with.
He is also personable, tactful, and cares about the work he does.
John's personal care for the work delivered is second to none.
His caring personality shines through in the work that he does.
John is a wonderful, caring person with the unique quality of caring more for others than he does for himself.
He is also a very reliable person; when you need assistance or help he is on hand.
John is personable and willing to offer his own time to assist at any time.
John is a caring and passionate person, committed to serving his clients and assisting them to be the best they can be.
He also cared about the personal side of his people in making sure all was as well as it could be.