Personal Care Attendant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Care Attendant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Additionally, he has always been very caring and interested in not only me, but others as well, on a personal level.
I believe he cared about what would be best for me and my personal situation - not about just making money from me.
He genuinely cares about you as a person, about your needs and your success; this is why he is always at the top.
John is personable and cares about your interests and helping both sides get to the best possible result.
But he also makes sure you don't go past those limits, because he cares about you at a personal level.
Moreover, he has this humorous and caring personality and is respected and loved by his colleagues.
From a personal perspective, he is warm and caring, and is someone you know you can always trust.
He did not have to do this, but it shows that he is a very genuine person who cares about others.
Also, he is just a very friendly, caring person who actually listens to you very carefully.
He has a great personality and took care of any question/concerns during our transition.
John is an extraordinary person who is conscientious, committed and care all in one.
John is a great all-around person, and obviously provides stellar chiropractic care.
You know he cares about you as a person and wanting to help you achieve success.
John's leadership ability is second to his kind heart and caring personality.
John is intellectually perceptive and an excellent, caring personal guide.
On a personal level, he goes above and beyond to help and care for others.
He is very results oriented, but with a caring and personable approach.
He is helpful, knowledgeable and caring person, who is results orientated.
His level of personal care comes from his passion for what he does.
He is a very caring person and is thrilled to see success in others.
But also a kind and sincere person that cares about his surrounding.
John is a smart, articulate, visionary, and above all caring people.
He is a driven and action oriented person who is also very caring.
John is a person who exemplifies the words, "giving and caring".
On the personal level, he is very pleasant, positive and caring.
John is a very thoughtful, kind, caring and approachable person.
As a person, he is caring, ambitious, durable and responsible.
He also really cares on a personal level about your concerns.
John is a wonderfully friendly, caring, and thoughtful person.
John cares about others and his personality always lights up the room.
He is sincere in all his efforts to help you and made an outstanding effort of just that, to each and every person in attendance.
I attended one myself, he delivered the course very personable and it was well crafted for the diverse audience.
His positive and enthusiastic personality makes the courses besides very pleased to attend.
John has attended to several sessions and become a great person to know.
He not only attends luncheons, dinners and awards events, but he seems to know and truly care about most of the people in attendance.
Him independent thoughts and caring personality indeed made an impression.
He attends to both tasks and people with care and intentionality.
John is an excellent person all-around with his caring attitude toward others and his job.
John is truly an amazing person that cares about what we intake into our bodies.
He is a nice person at the same time, and he cares about your life.
Every person who attends his seminar benefits from this philosophy.
We never had to worry whether things would be taken care of because he attends to every detail and is always ahead of deadlines.
John can see the forest through the trees while attending to each and every detail with care.
He's a great go-to person who knows so much about what he does and cares about it being done well.
On a personal note, him warm and caring personality make him a delightful partner in every collaboration.
John is a very caring person, great at helping people and a good person to know.
John is personable, organized, warm hearted, and a great person to have as part of your care.
He very much cares for his subordinates both personally and professionally.
He was professional and personable as well as efficient and caring.
Every client becomes very personal to him and the results reflect that in so much as he takes care of you the way he would take care of family.
A person to whom once the task is given never had to look back as he takes care of the successful execution/closure.
What sets him apart is that he genuinely cares about the person, regardless of position or influence.
He takes the time to get to know each individual and truly cares about each person as an individual.
He is passionate and driven and cares deeply about each and every person with whom he interacts.
John's approach is an honest and no-nonsense one, and at the same time very personal and caring.
John cares about every single person he interacts with and wants the best for his/him falter.
He is at the same time very personable, caring and enthusiastic about the success of others.
He also takes time to remember personal things and make you feel like he really cares.
John is always caring, thoughtful, a really nice person to be with all the time.
He is the most down-to-earth, insightful, caring and engaging person on the planet.