Personal Financial Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Financial Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is kind and thoughtful person and he is willing to help you wherever your financial situation is at the moment.
His financial capability is second to none and he is a very focused and driven person.
John has advised me on personal financial matters for the last year or so.
He has a great financial acumen whilst also being extremely personable.
He is a very bright person and is well versed in the financial world.
John excels in financial expertise and has a winning personality.
John is the person to contact if you have hiring needs in the financial arena.
John has become a trusted advisor as well, and is the kind of person that will go out of his way to help others.
John has been an inspiration for me personally and has become a trusted advisor over this past year.
Since then, he's not only been an advisor and investor, but above all, a personal mentor.
Customers are naturally drawn to his personality and treat him as their trusted advisor.
John is thoroughly delightful person and has become a good friend and advisor.
John is a diligent person and always acts as an advisor in his role.
John is exactly the sort of person any organization would want in their finance department.
His experience and willingness to help me was what made me switch to him as my financial advisor.
John is a very experienced and at the same time very personable expert in all things financial.
He quickly established himself as a go-to person for financial analysis.
He was always personable to work with, and always had my best financial interests in mind.
He continues to be one of my most trusted advisors as well as a personal friend.
John is a very knowledgeable and down to earth financial advisor.
John is able to provide personalised financial advice and guidance to achieve personal financial targets.
John is very personable, willing and able to find what my particular financial goals and needs are.
John has helped me considerably with my personal financial planning.
He is personable, straightforward, honest and self-sacrificing when it comes to getting you the best options for financial stability.
I am impressed with his financial acumen and professionalism as well as his personal approach to all undertakings.
We have remained in contact - he is very astute, on the money when it came to personal financial advice.
A person who is aware, financially and theoretically pertaining to all odds in his profession.
He is also adept and giving advice ranging from the financial through to the highly personal.
John's personable style and expertise makes understanding his financial advice very simple.
John is making my path to success, both financial and more importantly personal, clear.
I highly recommend him and his company for any financial needs that a person may have.
John is a rare combination of financial wizard / dynamo personality.
Beyond financial expertise, he touches on a very personal level.
He should be a tool in the toolbox for every financial advisor out there.
He is articulate and personable, and quickly establishes himself as a trusted advisor.
He also has a personality that makes it trustworthy to have him as a private advisor.
He's a trusted advisor and overall just a good person to be associated with.
For me personally, he has been an invaluable advisor, leader and friend.
John was a phenomenal mentor, advisor, and overall great person.
John wants nothing more than to see his clients reach their personal and financial goals.
John has a genuine interest in the well-being of others not only personally but financially as well.
John is an exceptionally detail-oriented yet very personable financial expert.
John's humor and upbeat personality always make people feel at ease and confident, especially when having to overcome personal and financial obstacles.
John is an attentive and personable advisor who took the time to get to know my interests and goals.
John's two most obvious personal attributes are his moral compass and financial competence.
John helped me on many occasions as a manger of certain personal financial decisions.
John friends and family are amazed at my personal and financial growth.
He has a bubbly personality, but is also a very dependable person, too.
He works very hard to come up with the best recommendations for your personal and financial situation.
John is a very personable and an honest advisor who is extremely reliable and trustworthy.
John's friendly, transparent and honest approach is a breath of fresh air in the world of personal financial advisors.
John is excellent, very creative, organised, financially astute and personable.
John also took time out of his personal life to help me study for several financial courses.
John is one of the very few advisors that understands the value of meaningful and beneficial personal relationships.
John is very personable and easy to talk to, which is important when organising your financial wealth.
John has been my personal bookkeeper for several years and makes my financial life much easier.
His financial acumen, personal adaptability, and determination were all key to his success.
John is a very enthusiastic person who empowers anyone to achieve their financial goals.
I value his personable approach and his clear expertise in financial planning.
John is a valuable person to have on any team, be it financial or otherwise.