Personal Fitness Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Fitness Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows exactly what type of person could have the best fit in any case.
He understands the need for results, but helps each of us to tailor our goals to fit our personalities and personal journeys.
John is an excellent presenter, trainer and all around great person.
He is the complete package when it comes to personal trainers.
He is also an incredibly wonderful person so he will fit well into any organization.
His effervescent personality makes him an easy fit into any organization.
John not only fits that person, but both lives and thrives as such.
In no-time he sent me the person which fitted the position perfectly.
John is a fantastic person to know personally and as a business person.
John has a unique ability to find exactly the right person both technical/commercially and more importantly a personal fit.
He made sure all the pieces fit together and the personalities worked.
He is an awesome group fitness instructor and personal trainer.
I commend him on opening his own gym and really think he is one of the best personal trainers around.
He also combines being an expert trainer with his people, which makes every session enjoyable.
John is a terrific personal trainer, who will help you get you the results you are wanting.
He makes me want to be a better trainer, speaker, and most importantly a better person.
He was a personal trainer when we met and had been very successful for several years.
John brings to the table what one would normally expect from a personal trainer.
John can take you to the next level of your personal capabilities as a trainer.
He was my personal trainer for close to two years and he helped me immensely.
His personable style and reinforcement of ideas makes him an excellent trainer.
His evaluations for the newest trainers were very helpful for personal growth.
He is a very amiable and personable trainer who puts everyone at their ease.
I also personally know his wife and he is a dynamic trainer in his own right.
John was extremely helpful and personable and a very experienced trainer.
John's personality is warm and welcoming; making him an ideal trainer.
I would recommend him as a great profession, trainer and person.
I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a complete fitness plan and personal trainer.
John is passionate and enthusiastic about fitting people into jobs that fit their personality profile.
John is my personal health and fitness trainer for more than a year now.
He knows my needs may not be the same as the next person and therefore needs to ask the right questions so he gives the right solutions that fit my style.
John has one of those great personalities that fits so well with the people around him.
He really looks at the person and the job to determine the best fit for both.
His personality is one that can fit into any team environment.
Plus, he's just a warm, funny person who would fit in, personally and professionally, almost anywhere.
His one on one and personalized approach has been the difference that has maintained great fit for me.
John would fit into any environment as his personality and ability to adapt are immeasurable.
He will adapt and fit into your culture extremely well and has an easy going personality.
He's intuitive, concise, and great at fitting the right person in the right position.
He placed me with a company that was the perfect fit for my situation and personality.
John's personal approach and understanding of cultural fit are what makes him so good.
On top of that, he has a very easygoing personality that will fit in almost anywhere.
He helps you find just the right tweaks and ideas that fit you and your personality.
He is personable and fun and makes recommendations for cosmetics that fit my needs.
He also knows when to change things up to match your personal fitness challenges.
I would also mention that his personality has been a great fit for the company.
And his winning personality will enable him to fit into any company culture.
I see him as a mature person, who can fit-in & excel in any situation.
He is also a very personable man and fits in nicely anywhere he goes.
But in person, he hardly fits the pedantic grammar geek stereotype.
John is such a wonderful person and anyone would be lucky to have him as an employee or trainer.
And - like a personal trainer - he's going to motivate and transform you.
As a trainer, he is highly motivated, and extremely personable.
A very personable trainer with a thorough knowledge of his profession.
John is an amazing person and an excellent and knowledgeable trainer.
He is personable and well-liked by his peers, and would be a welcome fit to any organization.
John is nothing short of outstanding as a personal trainer, fitness motivator and leader.
John is one of my models in life as trainer, entrepreneur and a person.
John, speaker, trainer, dynamic presenter and personal friend.
He's been the go-to person when one is in need for any technical and personal endeavours.