Personal Goals Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Goals Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

In fact, he personalizes everything so much to reach your personal goal.

He took the time to get to know me personally, as well as my personal priorities and goals.

He makes your objectives his objectives.

He will help set business goals and personal goals.

I found him to be a very objective and target oriented person.

I am very grateful for his help in both my personal goals and business goals.

John is an incredible and a very special person.

John is an awesome, very special person.

What makes him truly special is his great personality.

John is very personable and his message was on target.

John is such an incredibly special person.

Being very goal-oriented he is also very personable.

Fortunately, he has the talent and personality to back up his ambition.

John's personality is one of the things that makes him special.

John is open minded, objective and personal.

I like his ambition, his personality and his way of doing business.

John is very thorough and goal oriented person.

He keeps the team, goals and objectives on target and on schedule.

John is a very responsible person and goal oriented person.

John is a motivated, personable, and goal oriented person.

He is your go-to person for achieving any professional and/or personal goal.

John is a very special person, not only in business, but also as a person.

I think that every person who knows John would agree that he is truly a special person.

He is an amazing person who has reached many of his goals professionally and personally and he is more than equipped to help you to become the person you want to be.

He has his own goals set, and goes right to the target.

John accomplishes his objectives and goals.

He is very dedicated to his goals and ambitions.

John is very goal oriented and objective.

Furthermore, he always met his targets and goals.

He has encouraged me to keep on target with my goals.

John is very objective and goal oriented.

He makes sure he is on-target with the client's objectives.

He kept everyone focused on the goals and objectives.

I now have some personal goals and direction.

He is the type of person who encourages everyone to over achieve on goals and targets.

He is very positive and know what he wants personally and professionally to achieve his goals and targets.

He is a goal oriented person and gives him best to achieve his targets.

John is a very dedicated person and pursue his objectives and his goals.

I doesn't only respect him for his professional goals he has reached, but more so him personal goals.

His expertise and personality made him very special.

I have never seen him not to believe in his targets.

I think it's maybe because he really willing to help others to get their target.

What really makes John special, however, is his amicable personality.

A special person who inspires wherever he comes.

John is truly a special person.

John is a relaxed and special person.

He is goal-oriented and very friendly person.

I wish John the best in his career, and his personal goals.

He is the kind of person who is always there to help you achieve your goals.

John is patient, personable, reliable and objective.

I truly believe John is a special person.

Completely confidential person, but open to the other staff.

John is that special person who would be an asset to any organization.

Yes, he is my friend and he can be yours if personal success is your goal.

John is very professional and target oriented person.

He also taught me not to take things personally and to always remain objective.

John knows more about achieving goals than just about any person on the planet.

He is an honest, dependable special person.

Each person is clear over his goals for the future.

John is a special person in so many ways.