Personal Growth Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Growth Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John helped in not only my professional growth, but also my personal growth.
John believes in our personal growth as much as our professional growth.
I wish him all the best for him professional as well as personal growth.
This contributed directly to my personal growth.
I recommend it for your personal growth.
John provided personalized support to every person in the workshop and was instrumental in my growth.
He is personable and his personal touch has not waned with the growth of his organization.
He is a very nice person and guided me in my career and personal growth.
He is committed to his own personal growth as well as the growth of the people within his organization.
John not only assisted me in my professional growth, but in my personal growth as well.
I especially appreciate his appetite for growth, both personally and professionally.
I am very much looking forward to further exciting growth and personal development.
He is dedicated to personal growth, and is always available to help when needed.
John has been instrumental in my growth both professionally and personally.
He is an inspiration for those looking for personal and professional growth.
I truly appreciate the growth and personal development you have provided.
He has helped me with growth, both personally and professionally.
He was instrumental to my growth, both personal and professional.
He has been instrumental to my personal and professional growth.
I value him a commitment to his personal and professional growth.
He is very supportive of my personal and professional growth.
He is dedicated to training/development and personal growth.
He is very enthusiastic for professional and personal growth.
You should not pass up this opportunity for personal growth.
John has been key to my personal and organizational growth.
He will be one of the personal growth greats of our time.
It is wonderful to see his optimism for personal growth.
He's supported my growth personally and professionally.
His emphasis is on the personal growth of his clients.
He is dedicated to his career and to personal growth.
He also inspired personal and professional growth.
He believes in learning and personal growth.
John has a passion for personal growth.
Persistently positive and optimistic, he sees every person and situation as an opportunity for growth: business growth, personal growth, relationship growth.
I know him personally too and have grown to admire his passion for personal as well as professional growth.
He has personally taken the time to help mentor me, as well as monitor my growth personally and professionally.
John has been my personal trainer in the areas of personal and business development and growth.
He cares about my career development, my personal growth, and about me as a person.
He is a role model of personal discipline and personal growth.
I've personally witnessed John's drive and approach to personal growth.
John is dedicated to his work and personal growth.
I look forward to seeing his progress and his growth.
Not only his own, but the growth of those around him.
I wish him all the very best for his future growth.
I wish him all the very best for his career growth.
He truly cares about your well being and growth.
I am sure my growth would have been sensational.
I wish him all the best for his future growth.
He also provided me opportunities for growth.
John is one of the reasons for the growth.
Wish him all the best for his career growth.
If you're looking for growth and leadership.
I look forward to being part of his growth.
He believes in self growth and team growth.
Wish him all the best in his career growth.
I wish him the best for his future growth.
By the way this is the key to all growth.
I wish him the best in his career growth.
This has directly helped me in my growth.
Wishing you all the best with the growth.
Him strong personal ethic and drive for personal growth will take him far.
He's a bright, personable, trustworthy person with a warm and charming character and personality.
All these abilities make him exceptional personality and very few such persons we get to see in our life with such eminence.
A genuinely good person who is committed to excellence in his craft and on-going personal growth.
His best personal attributes is to listen well getting to know the person that he's talking with.
He have a personal connect with all his colleagues & help them in their personal life.
John's personality is infectious, making him an excellent person to be around.
At the same time he is also very personable and an inspiring person to be around.
He is such a wonderful person that he can make any person smile in no time.
As a person he has a commendable personality with down to earth attitude.
His personality completes the picture, he is nice, easy going person.
He is very committed with the results, personally a pleasant person.
He's a well-rounded person with plenty of personality and character.
As a person, he is gracious with his time, personable and loyal.
John is someone who could help with decisions for his own personal growth within and out of his company.
His leadership style allows not only for personal growth, but the growth of the group.
If you want to get things done, he is the person to go to for results.
His personality allows you to be yourself around him at all times.
The first thing about him is that he is an always on time person.
John personally has also been very helpful in his growth here in our company.
If you are looking for a person to drive, perfection and excellence, he is the person.
His leadership style and personal direction created much personal growth for him in his role.
Meeting in person solidified his enthusiastic personality and drive for success.
His personality, passions and personal values are what drives him.
Our company to any person of value is their personality, commitment and drive, John has all in spades.
Each person took something different away from his presentation.
John has been instrumental to both his personal growth as an entrepreneur and to the growth of his company.
He did everything possible to help encourage his personal growth and learning.
He also keeps you challenged, which is so important for personal growth.
A wonderful person and down to earth is his personal qualities.
His personal excellence is evident in the quality of his person.
He's someone to reach out to because he's guaranteed to know who or how to solve a problem, and if he doesn't personally - then he often knows the next-best person.
A person who not only acts to incorporate changes for the better, but also a person who still listens-to him that is golden.
He really takes his time to get to know you and your personal style; he is personable, authentic and very insightful.
His friendly attitude and personable approach is something that makes him unique and just an all around great person.
He also had time for everyone there on an individual basis and was the same personable & a genuine person with each.
Aside, he has always taken the time to add the "personal touch" with him infectiously positive personality.
And, he didn't wait for the best person to send in their resume, he reached out to find the right person.
John is always the smartest person in the room, but he is a modest person who would never tell you that.
Him highly personable character with an honest intention to bring the best out of his own personality.
He is proactive, result oriented and responsible person in his profession as well as in person.
Also, personally, he is a wonderful person that you may deal with him with no problems at all.
In addition to personally having great results, he is personable, approachable and an expert.
His personable approach to problem solving has been refreshing and inspiring to him personally.
He impresses him as a person who solves problems and doesn't pass them on to the next person.
As a person he is very nice and always takes the time to ask after your personal situation.
He also has a good personality that helps him to solve personal problems inside the group.
This, coupled with his personable personality results in happy and successful recipients.
John is a kind of person who know the responsibility for profession and personal life.
John is an approachable person, friendly, warm and always makes time for a person.
He is just an outstanding person with great personality and a very positive attitude.
His personality was always helpful and at the same time a fun person to be around.
At the same time, though, he is a very affable person, with a lovely personality.
As far as his personality, he is a friendly person and has a pleasant attitude.
At a personal level, he is fun to be with and "go to person" in times of need.
He begins by listening and takes a personal interest in the other person.
In person, he is honest, a man of words, humble and down to earth person.
He's sincere, upbeat, personable and a categorically positive person.
He has a very pleasant personality; he is a guest oriented person.
Our company a personal level, John is the kind of person who doesn't come along often in life.
Not only will he push you to get the most out of yourself, but he will do it with sincere interest in your personal growth.
John encouraged, personal growth and ensured the opportunities were available for that growth to occur.
John followed up during his own personal time to see how things were going and keep him up to date.
A person you always can ask for help and you know he will do everything to give you the best result.
He is very personable and you can ask for help any time and be sure he'll do his best for you.
Coupled with his personable character, he is well liked by his superiors/peers/subordinates.
After your first conversation with him, you'll know you've reached out to the right person.
What makes him so special is that he is genuinely interested in the other person's growth.
He seems to be one of this persons who you just know are going be very successful in life.
This allows him to know what's needed for the sake of personal and organizational growth.
If you are looking for someone who could guide newcomers/juniors, he is the right person.
John's personality and character will not allow him to be anything but the best he can be.
John is the person you have to know if you want to be successful once in your life.
Not only that, but he was so personable in his reply as well as thorough and timely.
When there is an issue or you just need help he is the person that can get results.
Since hiring the person, he has followed up to make sure it was the right decision.
John is an excellent person and he knows how and when to do things at the right time
You can always count on him to make the right decisions and he's very personable.
John never fails to add value to his personal growth and growth as an entrepreneur.
He does what is right regardless of whether the decision affects him personally.
He's very often the first person in the room that others look to for leadership.
During that time he became his go-to person to get things done, and done quickly.
He gets results for himself, but also for others, often without personal gain.
He follows up and follows through, personally, on any commitment he makes.
He always has time for you regardless of it being in his personal interest.
He is very personable and always makes time for anyone who needs his help.
He's your go-to person all the time, even it's beyond his responsibilities.
To top it all off, he went out of his way to have personal conversations.
John doesn't limit himself by results, but is driven by personal growth.
Kaushal has a personality that you certainly know when he is in the room.