Personal Injury Attorney Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Injury Attorney Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an experienced, dedicated and successful attorney and really nice person.
John is an ethical attorney, loyal colleague, and all-around good person.
John is an outstanding person and a highly respected attorney.
I would trust him with my all my family and friends when it comes to a personal injury attorney.
John is an excellent and experienced attorney in the areas of personal injury cases.
He has already established himself go to attorney for personal injury and civil litigation.
John is an outstanding personal injury attorney and had gained the respect of lawyers and judges throughout the state.
John is an extremely knowledgeable, very personable attorney.
John is an outstanding attorney because in addition to being very capable, he is personable and highly ethical.
He is, in short, a brilliant attorney and a wonderful person.
In short, he's the type of person you want as your personal counselor.
John has been my personal and business attorney for several years.
John is one of the best attorneys, generous and respected as a person.
I think his personal service is what sets him apart from other attorneys.
He is multi-talented and a very personable and outgoing person.
His personalized approach to his clients is unmatched by any attorney in the area.
John is an innovator in his field and an outstanding attorney and person.
As an attorney, he was always the go-to person that put a rational approach to contemplate ventures.
I've known the attorney as a colleague, and can recommend him as a capable and trustworthy person.
He is a great person in addition to being a great nonprofit attorney.
He is not only an innovative attorney, but also an inspiring person to work with.
John is an extremely detailed orientated person takes his responsible person.
He is a follow-through kind of person both personally and professionally.
He is not only a personable person to work with, he is an invaluable asset.
I have personally found him to be very appreciate of the tasks done by other people.
John is exactly the kind of attorney, you want advising you on these issues.
John is the attorney to make your transaction simple and unintimidating.
He is a trustworthy and dedicated attorney and is very personable and understanding in any stressful situation.
I found him to be very competent as an attorney, and he has a great personal style that blends well with others.
John is the best person to be in touch with when it comes to staffing.
As a person he is open, approachable, friendly and a people person.
He asks the right questions and put the problem into the right perspective (which is an aspect that most other personal injury attorneys miss).
He will be my attorney for all of my future business and personal endeavors.
He's also very professional, personable, and has a fantastic attitude and personality.
He is also an amazing person with incredible integrity, which is one of the things that makes him such an excellent attorney.
Fortunately, he has the talent and personality to back up his ambition.
John is a great attorney, a good person and seeks to help people.
John is currently studying to become an attorney and will make an excellent one.
John is the type of attorney one needs by their side at all times.
John is one of the most dedicated and personable people to be around.
I have and will continue to use him as my attorney in both personal and business issues.
He is a great and professional attorney with a very pleasing personality.
As an attorney, he doesn't only handle my 'lawsuits', but also looks for results outside the courtroom.
John is an outstanding attorney, very dedicated and someone you want to have on your side in court.
I have always known him as a forthright, dedicated attorney to his clientele.
John is an excellent attorney and has the highest ethical standards.
Not only does he know staffing in and out, he is also super personable and down to earth.
He is personable, detail oriented and always willing to take on more responsibility.
John is kind of person that everyone wants to learn from him.
John is an excellent prospect for any job involving person to person relations.