Personal Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I really appreciate his way to use his personality in interaction with other persons.

He is very personable and can get along with any type of personality.

He is so personable and actually gets to know you as a person.

His advice is not only personable, but personal.

He is personal, personable and perceptive.

John is a very personable person who always seemed to keep my personal interests in the forefront.

He's personable and skilled at building personal relationships.

He is always willing to help others and is very personable.

He is second to none when it comes to his personality.

The best thing is he is an even better person.

Lastly, he is very well liked and personable.

I really can't say enough about the person.

John has always been are go to person.

Works well with different personalities.

Not only is he an all-around personality who can with well with any personality, but really strives for results.

A person who would be readily available to anyone for any help, both professionally and personally.

He is very personable and has the type of personality that you cannot help but to like.

John's personality also makes him one of the most welcome person in all kinds of events.

John from the get go impressed me with his personable and dedicated personality.

John is personable and easy to get along with as he has an inviting personality.

Sharing his personal experiences really made him more personable and relatable.

John is also very personable and can handle just about any personality type.

He is personable, respectful and somewhat infectious in his personality.

John is one of the best people to deal professionally and personally.

Apart from that, he is also a very approachable and personable person.

John has been so personable and concerned about my personal needs.

He personally inspires me and many with his multifaceted personality.

He is your go to person for any issue regarding personal appearance.

He is very personable and has an outgoing yet engaging personality.

Not only that, but he is extremely personable, an amazing person.

You cannot ask for a more personable person to have on your staff.

All in all, one person with multiple qualities and personalities.

Most important for me personally, he never gives up on a person.

John is an energetic, dedicated and very personable person.

A person with professionals as well as personal dimensions.

John is personable, straightforward and passionate person.

John is an honest person and has an outstanding personality.

He is also highly personable with an engaging personality.

John is an extremely personable and approachable person.

He was personable, sympathetic and an amenable person.

John is an awesome person with lovely personalities.

John is a very personable and enthusiastic person.

He is a wonder person and very personable as well.

John is a person with very sweet personality.

John is person that bright persons should know.

He truly puts the "personal" in personal history.

As a person, he is very personable and friendly.

He is an adorable person on the personal front.

John is an amazing person and personal trainer.

John is a personable and down to earth person.

On the personal side, he is an excellent person.

Fantastic person with a charming personality.

As a person, he has an excellent personality.

A genuine person, down to earth personality.

Very reliable person with personality plus.

John is the best person I have personally met.

John is person with good personal skills, plus he has very good learning skills.

John is a person with multiple skills, technical as well as personal skills.

I found him to be, not only personable, but also knowledgeable and skilled.

His skills with employees will get the best out of each person.