Personal Stylist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Stylist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He treats every person he comes across as if they are the most important person in the world.
Our company your style with one of John's premier personal stylists.
His personality is very business, yet he has the ability to come across personally
Our company personal level, John is a very helpful, cooperating and polite person without any personality drawbacks whatsoever.
John would be an asset to any organization with his personal attributes, vision and a congenial personality
Embodies the complete person in his professional and personal life.
Not only is he organized and thorough, but his personality makes him truly an asset.
Not only is he a great stylist, but he's an awesome person too.
If you need someone to be your backbone in crisis, he is that person.
We have gone out of some crisis thanks his personal involvement.
If he cannot help you he can direct you to the correct person.
He is the type of person who makes you want to be a better leader, and a better person.
John as a person is very dedicated to his assignments and is solution oriented person.
First and most important, he is an incredible person and puts you as a person first.
John always makes you think that you are the most important person on his radar.
For him, more important than everything is the personality of his colleague.
And the most important, he can deal with different personalities.
However, the most important thing, he is an honest and serious person
He is the type of person that is personable and will give any support he can.
Perhaps one of his greatest personal strengths is his pleasant personality and enjoyable style of collaboration.
His personal style allowed him to transcend boundaries - geographic, personality or organizational.
Not only is he personable and easy to get along with, he's also organized and reliable.
His personality and passion is what makes him an asset to any organization.
What really sets him apart though is his fantastic personal style.
He is somebody that can be trusted to handle personal assets.
He knows how to get to the right person and present the value of his solutions.
He is the kind of person who will get things done and see to anything from business needs as well as on a personal level.
Additionally, he has positive personality which makes him an enjoyable person to do business with.
He knows his business, is extremely personable and is a person who does what he says.
His personality and personal touch in business matters are unequaled.
Him genuine personality shows in all business and personal dealings.
John is a fabulous coach for him and the other personal stylists.
He is an inspiring person to be around and he is always the first person to know about upcoming innovations in the digital world.
He is the type of person that engenders immediate trust by his "truthiness" and personal engagement in all that he endeavors.
Besides that he has wonderful easy going personality, even under stress.
So he is the only person that you really need to know in the games biz.
He takes direction well and does not take correction personally.
Ajith has been an all round personality during his school days.
He is so personable and always three steps ahead of the game.
He is a person who can be a good leader as he knows how to get things done from a person.
His encouraging personality makes him a great leader and person to be around.
John is not only an excellent leader, but he is an even better person.
It is no wonder that he is such an extraordinary leader and a person
He is a trustworthy person and ready to help any individual in whatever way he can within the system and personally.
John comes across as a person who stands for truth and an example of value system driven person.
He always remains calm and is a solution person rather a problem person.
John always available and very personable and made you feel like your needs were important to him.
He found it genuinely important to know everyone's name and get to know everyone personally.
The second thing that is important to know is that he is an extremely capable person.
He always was very personable and went out of his way to find solutions to problems.
To him, nothing is more important than what kind of person someone is, or is not.
One important thing about his personality that he is very quick and responsive.
John is always the first person to come up with a new solution to any problem.
John made sure he got to know him as a person which made him feel important.
A positive person himself, you will always see him solution oriented.
Another important characteristic of his personality is the couching.
He's always so personable and entertaining, but gets the job done.
John is a person for whom the given objectives are important.
He focused on the problems & solutions & not on personalities.
This makes him a very important person during such situations.
That to him is more important to a person than what they know.
He values loyalty, which is very important to him personally.
The person who is instrumental for him to step into our company.
Our company the personal side, John is an incredibly welcoming and supportive person.
He truly wants to unlock the strengths of each person he encounters so that that person can call forth his/his contribution to the world.
It was even more of an honor to get to know him as a person, and a wonderful family-oriented person.
As for him personally, he has a good personality and is a strong family man.
John also has been personally very supportive of them when they are in need.
To support each other, as each person allows himself or himself.
Not only does he have the perfect voice, but he made the time to get to know our organization and us personally.
He is one person who never thought twice to take on more challenges and he would be an asset to any organization.
He is great and if in the future we look for another home, he'll be the first person we'll call.
He does this in his personal and entertaining way that makes it all a pleasurable experience.
A person with his caliber would be an in-disposable asset to any organization.
He knows it's not just personal belongings that are being moved, it's family.
John is an intelligent person who knows what he want to achieve in his life.
John also is very understanding when it comes to personal time with family.
It was personal, he cares and he knows the culture of his organization.
His intelligence coupled with his personality will take him far in life.
It was also one that he has a personal connection to him and his family.
John would surely be an asset and trusted person in any organization.
He is a person who can be trusted to improve all that he is given.
If you need an award entry completed, he is the person to contact.
He will be the first person we call when we decide to sell or move.
His personal style is an asset and we have seen excellent results.
His great strength to him is that he is a person who you can trust.
His influence and words of wisdom will make you a better person.
His "style" and personality make you both trust and admire him.
He is also personally well-rounded and devoted to his family.
He helped him and his family personally on many of occasions.
A great personality to have in the organization and he is definitely an asset to our company.
If you want to know someone who knows where technology is going, he is the person for you.
John is a very forward looking person when it comes to technology.