Personal Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personal Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an amazing person and personal trainer.
He did this because of the type person he is - there really is very little in it for him personally.
Now all these were personal, and about his work, there are many things to say about this person.
I really appreciate his way to use his personality in interaction with other persons.
He is the kind of person that if you need something done, he is the go-to person.
He is very personable and can get along with any type of personality.
That being said, the best thing about him is he is very personable.
A person you will always like the most, professional and personal.
He is so personable and actually gets to know you as a person.
John was the best personal trainer & person to work with ever.
There are many trainers, but there are very few good trainers.
I have personally found him to be personable and professional.
John is one of the best people and very dedicated person.
He is always willing to help others and is very personable.
John had been my personal trainer for the last six years.
John is the person you need when you need something done.
He is second to none when it comes to his personality.
He was always the first person in and the last person out.
Great personality, whether on the phone or in person.
John is who you want if you are looking for a trainer.
If you want something done right - he is the person.
Fantastic trainer, he will get the best out of anyone.
Not only is he an all-around personality who can with well with any personality, but really strives for results.
John is very personable and willing to sacrifice his personal needs to help do what's best for the company.
Further, he is the person to go to, when you need things done the best possible way and “yesterday”.
He was the go-to person on many occasions for me personally, and for many others throughout the company.
He is the kind of person who makes everyone around him better, not just professionally but personally.
John is always trying to make himself and those around him better, both personally and professionally.
His personality is one that allows him to both be serious and focused, but also outgoing and personable.
His personality allows him to get along well with people with different backgrounds and personalities.
He is the kind of person you want to have around and be around, whether personally or professionally.
The person that everyone else looks up to, and who they look towards, and someone they want to follow.
I see him as the person you can go to whenever you are looking for something that is unattainable.
If he could not he would be the first to tell you - and then find the person or persons who can.
John is very personable and will tell it like it is - instead of just being a "yes" person.
If you think you need someone who can get your job done, then you have found the right person.
If you want someone to get things done, and done well, this is the person you're looking for.
He was one of those people that wouldn't ask you to do nothing that he would not do himself.
John is very personable and followed through with everything he said he was going to do.
If he can't help you personally, he definitely knows someone who can and he makes the call.
He makes sure every person he is dealing with is treated as if they are the only person.
He is beyond personable and is always available to help you in any way that you may need.
He took the time to get to personally know each person, and was always available to help.
He's been the go-to person when one is in need for any technical and personal endeavours.
Leading by example, he is always there to help others both personally and professionally.
He's the go-to person when you want to get something done or know who you should know.
He is very personable and has the type of personality that you cannot help but to like.
John's personality also makes him one of the most welcome person in all kinds of events.
I know of no one that gives more to better each person with whom they come in contact.
If you're looking for someone who can do these two things he is the person to utilize.
John is one such person and has been an inspiration both professionally and personally.
He is also very personable and very well liked both inside and outside the company.
He is always there to help and knows exactly the person to go to in any situation.
John from the get go impressed me with his personable and dedicated personality.
He is also very personable and always willing to do everything he can for others.
Professionally and personally, you could not have a better person in your corner.
John was one of the best people have worked, both personally and professionally.
He gets along well with those around him because of his easy-going personality.
Sharing his personal experiences really made him more personable and relatable.
If anyone ever needs anything, he's the first person you would want to come to.
Not only did he provide all of the above, he made him a better trainer and person overall.
John can take you to the next level of your personal capabilities as a trainer.
He proves over and over to be an effective trainer, in-person and via webinars.
In addition to being a truly impressive trainer, he is an even better person.
John is a brilliant trainer - very enthusiastic and personable.
John is not only a wonderful person, he is an outstanding trainer.
He's also a fantastic personal trainer if you need one of those.
You can trust him as an excellent trainer and authentic person.
John's approach to personal training is very different to personal trainers you will find in the gym.
Contrary to other personal trainers, he pushes his clients beyond all personal limits and gets them into amazing shape.
His approach is different to many other personal trainers out there, but it works.
He is an excellent in-person facilitator and virtual training
As a personal trainer, his focus is on pushing you to do your personal best, and to continue improving on that.
He is an effective trainer in both online and in-person settings.
Overall, he is a great trainer and personality who genuinely cares about the growth and improvement of each and every person.
He is his personal trainer for close to two years and he helped him immensely.
He also combines being an expert trainer with his people, which makes every session enjoyable.
John is a personable trainer, if needed he can be confrontational, but always with respect.
He makes him want to be a better trainer, speaker, and most importantly a better person.
John brings to the table what one would normally expect from a personal trainer.
His personable style and reinforcement of ideas makes him an excellent trainer.
His evaluations for the newest trainers were very helpful for personal growth.
His positive outlook and personable nature make him the perfect trainer.
John's personality is warm and welcoming; making him an ideal trainer.
It never occurred to him that a word personal trainer would do the same.
He truly is a phenomenal person, colleague, trainer & friend.
He is a highly personable, interesting, and effective trainer.
John cares about all his trainers and clients and makes it personal.
John is an inspirational person and trainer: he has a natural flow, is personable and inspires people to think and take action.
And - like a personal trainer - he's going to motivate and transform you.
A very personable trainer with a thorough knowledge of his profession.
John is a lively, entertaining trainer - personable and engaging.
John is an incredible person who thrives as a trainer and mentor.
John, speaker, trainer, dynamic presenter and personal friend.
As a trainer, he is highly motivated, and extremely personable.
John is an excellent trainer because he knows his subject and because of his personable style of teaching.
John is an excellent trainer and he often presents to our members in person and via webinars.
Highly personable and good insights make him one of the best trainers in his field.
They also found him to be an extremely personable and approachable trainer who was more than able to answer their questions.
John is just an exceptional person and trainer with an impeccable credibility that is essential to those that he serves.
John's personality and dedication have made him a good trainer whose classes are always enjoyable.
John, like most great trainers has a welcoming personality, but what sets him apart is his honesty.
His larger than life personality does not dominate it encourages, something few trainers achieve.
His personality was perfect as a trainer and you could tell he genuinely loved what he was doing.
His personality and abilities as a sales maker and trainer make him an asset to any organization.
John is an excellent trainer as well as a great guy; he's personable and empathetic.
He excels as a good trainer, and more than that, he is a much disciplined person.
John is hired as his personal trainer and became a good friend along the way.
John's fun and enthusiastic personality is perfect for his role as a trainer.
John helped him with the creation of a logo for his personal trainer company.
He is a personable and hugely popular trainer and he gets excellent results.
To simply state that he is a great personal trainer is an understatement.
John since he brings a unique formula of an effective person and trainer.
John is not only a great personal trainer, but a great businessman.
A kind hearted person and easy to approach trainer was his strength
John is great as a trainer and he is a wonderful person to know.
During that time he has provided services as a personal trainer.
John isn't just a great and precise trainer, but also an inspiring person.
John is not only a trainer, but also that he was a talented person to motivate people.
He became more than a trainer for him personally-he became an advocate of mine for opportunities in our company as well as a personal mentor and friend.
Also, he is an amazing personal trainer that will adapt to each of his clients wants and needs.
He actually helped inspire him to become a personal trainer as well.
A nice, humble person in nature, a good trainer who knows the need of the persons interacting with and also mix up with them as they know him for long.
He is also an excellent people person, and has been particularly successful as a lecturer and trainer.
Helpful, our company trainer, our company person to work with together.
As a trainer, he taught him about personal branding and how to find his value to be different from others.
His style, content and personality made him a much requested trainer.
His knowledge and personality combine to make him an excellent personal trainer and fun to work with.
It was like having his own personal trainer, while having the support of a group at the same time.
John is an extremely hard-working, thorough, personable and reliable trainer.
He makes a lasting impression and is a very inspirational trainer in personal effectiveness.
John is an excellent counsellor and trainer, he is a very understanding and caring person.
Apart from being a top notch trainer, he is also a very witty and friendly person.
He's a brilliant trainer and a big personality with a can-do attitude.
The best trainer is a person who can make folks enjoy his training.
He is a fantastic and personable trainer who delights clients every time.
John finally, is a person you can trust, both personal and business.
His outgoing personality was certainly an asset to the hotel.
John is a not only a fantastic trainer himself, he expertly runs a first class team of personal trainers.
This is an invaluable asset to a trainer because it allows his people to look at him as a person who has been in the trenches.
John is a brilliant personal trainer, motivator and all-round enthusiast who has incredible get-up-and-go.
Him cheerful and energetic personality is quite contagious, and can be useful to him career as a trainer.
John is highly recommended as a personal trainer - he will keep you focussed, motivated and on track.
Since then he has become a personal mentor, helping him on his journey of becoming a trainer himself.
As a trainer, he is charismatic and personable and is able to engage and stimulate participants.
This made him an effective trainer and the knowledge transfer point person for the company.
He has a great personality and makes him classes fun and is a very hands-on trainer.
He comes across as being a person who is full of integrity and is a great trainer.
John is an exceptional personal trainer with a tremendous amount of knowledge.
John worked for our company on numerous occasions and he is a really personable trainer.