Personality Performance Review Phrases Examples

Personality Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His personality and charisma is truly magnetic.
Hats off to his personality, charisma and accomplishments.
One of the best things about John is his personality and temperament.
John as a person is very soft and emotional.
John did not get hung up on the emotion nor did he take the issues personally.
And of course, who can say no to his "charisma".
John is well tempered and got along well with everyone.
Lots of personality, but even-tempered and well-respected across the organization.
I thought it had to do primarily with charisma and personality.
He was easy to get along with and had the right temperament and personality for the position.
He is personable, intelligent, patient and even-tempered.
When it comes to personality and charisma, he is my "wonder twin".
Drive, charisma, and perseverance all rolled into one person.
He has a wonderful personality and charisma.
His personality is exuberance tempered with reason.
His humor and personal charisma come through in every endeavor.
John shines wherever he goes through his charisma and vibrant personality.
He has exceptional personality, integrity, and charisma.
John is a very level headed person with a temperate personality.
I also know him as a person of good temperament and cheerful personality, and as a person who is responsive and keeps his promises.
He's personally committed to both personal and organizational improvement.
This person has outstanding charisma and knowledge.
He has one of the best temperaments and is a thorough professional.
The best thing about John is his temperament.
John's charisma goes far beyond professionalism.
It is impressive to see his intelligence, charisma and great personality.
John is a person of charisma and influence.
On the other hand, his personality and charisma is very strong assets.
The students fell in love with his personality and his charisma.
He is a very soft spoken person and never lose his temper.
John's charisma and personality make each session dynamic and memorable.
John is the kind of person with the charisma to move mountains.
He has strong personal charisma and is an outstanding leader.
Again, charisma is his main feature, from my personal perspective.
John exudes passion, his personality and charisma are second to none.
I have not seen a sales person with such a temperament.
John has the right temperament to deal with a variety of personalities.
I was very impressed by John's professionalism and personal charisma.
He is one person with great presence, great charisma.
Great personality too, and temperament in management.
His charisma and personality makes him a very likable person to work with.
John is an intelligent and caring person.
He accomplished this because his charisma and personality project integrity.
He is clearly a people person with great charisma.
John truly is one of the most personable individuals you'll ever meet.
I found him to be an intelligent, caring person.
Very talented person with honesty and integrity.
He is a feeling person, who's not afraid to show his emotions.
I can personally attest to his intellect and profound emotional intelligence.
Making you visualise and feel the emotions he experienced during the event, as if you were there in person.
He is personable, knowledgeable and very reliable.
He has a charisma which makes you feel that anything is possible if he is on board.
Analytically minded, knowledgeable person.
John is very personable, very knowledgeable, and very reliable.
John has always impressed me with his professionalism and charisma.
He has an even temperament and is easy-going.
John has the charisma that enables him to get along with everyone.
His attitude and temperament are inspiring.
John is a very intelligent, communicative person.
John has always been even-tempered and not afraid to try things no one has done before.