Persuasion Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Persuasion Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has outstanding organizational skills and persuasive presentation skills.
He'll tell it the way it is and is very persuasive.
His communication skills and negotiation skills in particular are his skill highlights.
John has it, along with the tenacity and persuasive skills to be successful.
I have been very impressed by his leadership and persuasion skills.
John's negotiation and persuasion skills are second to none.
He is someone with exceptional persuasive skills and conviction.
I always admire his persuasion skills which is truly fantastic.
He is very persuasive and has excellent follow-up skills.
His negotiation and persuasive skills are extraordinary.
He has great negotiation skills and is very persuasive.
His communication skills in particular his persuasion and negotiation skills were outstanding.
John is known for his persuasive skills and very articulate communication skills as well.
He is consistent and skillful with his communication skills.
He is very professional and can be very persuasive.
He then followed that with a skilled persuasiveness in recruiting.
He is enthusiastic and him oratory skills are persuasive as well as inspirational.
I also discovered that he has great listening skills and he is quite persuasive.
I have always respected him for his persuasive skills and brilliant communication.
In particular, his personality, patience and persuasion skills were outstanding.
John is visible with his persuasion, negotiation and presentation skills.
John's impressive skills of persuasion and negotiation became evident.
He is articulate and has very good presentation and persuasive skills.
John has exceptional journalist skills and persuasive techniques.
Teamwork and communication are definitely some of his best skills.
His persuasion and engagement skills are of the highest standards.
Highly organized, persuasive and exceptional interpersonal skills.
What makes him different from others, is his communication skill.
John has good networking skills and he is persuasive too.
He is quite persuasive and has excellent communication skills.
His presentation and persuasive skills are equally interesting.
John is a thorough professional with great persuasive skills.
His presentation skills are persuasive and thought provoking.
John gas outstanding presentation skills and is persuasive.
He is very good at mentoring and has good persuasive skills.
He is ethical, skilled, likable, intelligent and persuasive.
John is a vibrant personality with persuasive skills.
Apart from all these he has skillful communications.
Good communicator and very skilled at what he does.
John has been an amazing individual, with strong interpersonal skills, persuasive skills and empathy.
John does not only has excellent technical skills, but also communication skills.
He has excellent communication skills and even better interpersonal skills.
He has excellent communication skills and is very skilled at what he does.
His communication skills are very good, especially his presentation skills.
I am very impressed by his presentation skills and communication skills.
He has excellent follow up skills and even better communication skills.
John is technically skilled, and also has great communication skills.
His programing skills are only surpassed by his communication skills.
His communication skills and motivational skills are second to none.
His communication skills and presentation skills are beyond superb.
John has excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.
Besides of technical skills he has excellent communication skills.
He is having excellent analytical skills and communication skills.
His communication skill and networking skills are second to none.
He has got very good communication skills and leadership skills.
John has excellent communication skills and collaborative skill.
John has very good analytical skills and communication skills.
His analytical skills and communication skills are commendable.
He has excellent communication skills and presentation skills.
Good communication skills are another key skill that he posses.
John's persuasive skills would be an asset to any organization.
Communication, resilience and persuasion capacity are some of his strongest skills.
This in itself is a testimony to his persuasive skills at their very best.
His interaction and persuasive skills with various stakeholders is commendable.
He's got the skills of persuasion and persistence required of the job.
Persistence and persuasiveness is what he does with expertise.
An innovator, who was able to see better ways of doing things and used his persuasive skills to make this reality.
He keeps his cool even in a very difficult situation and uses his persuasive skills to get things done.
John has excellent persuasive skills that help contribute to the task given.
His communication skills are extraordinary with strong persuasive power.
John knows how to advise his clients and has incredible persuasive skills.
He's persuasive when he needs to be but never fails to be himself.
John is also extremely persuasive, without becoming aggressive.
John is persistent, persuasive and definitely not pessimistic.
He is persuasive and authoritative without being pushy.
He is among the best persuasive speakers taking his classes.