Pharmaceutical Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pharmaceutical Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows the pharmaceutical industry inside out and has strong relationships throughout the international industry.
John is also very well liked in the industry, he has great rapport with lots of industry influencers.
John has been in the industry for years and is a leader in this industry.
John's one of those people who just seems to know everyone, and know even more about the industry.
John doesn't just learn his industry, he's capable of teaching his industry.
John knows how to make the best of how things are changing in our industry.
John experience with him was so positive, especially being able to talk to someone who didn't just know about the industry but is from the industry.
I have been very impressed with his involvement in the many industries he has been in, and his willingness to learn more about other industries.
John is always pushing to learn as much as he can in his industry and any other industry that touches his realm.
He conveys an extraordinary insight and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.
His passion lies in the pharmaceutical industry because of its innovation, and competitiveness.
Within the industry and by customers he is recognized as experts in the industry.
I wish to see him revered within the industry and subsequently guiding the industry into the next level of growth.
He is well read in the industry and knows what's going on outside as well as inside the company.
John knows his industry, and his people, and he knows how to make them both better.
He knows this industry inside and out and knows all the people in it that matter.
He's also one of the most well known and respected people in the industry.
He knows everything about the industry as well as the people within it.
John is very dedicated and passionate about his work in the pharmaceutical industry.
John tells it like it is at industry conferences, much to the benefit of the industry as a whole.
He is one of those rare people that can jump from industry to industry and become and expert in no time.
John's dedication and commitment set him apart from others in the industry.
He is always, always forward thinking and well respected in the industry.
Sure, he is the best leader the pharmaceutical industry could ever have hoped for.
John is a subject matter expert when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry.
Having him as your boss is the best thing anyone can ask for, especially those who are new in the industry and learning.
He was also very thorough and provided his perspective on things from his past experience in the industry.
This may have something to do with his many years of experience in the industry.
In an industry like this, it is hard to make these opportunities, but somehow he still does, and will continue.
Also, as an author there are few out there that are on his level within this industry.
It's been an inspiration to see him getting the best talent across the industry.
I have to say that he is one of the most talented individuals in this industry.
John is recognized as one of the best implements within the industry.
His experience in the pharmaceutical industry was both enlightening and extremely helpful.
Beyond that, he is smart, strategic, and can go just about anywhere he wants to go in this industry.
He has integrity; and according to them, he has the best guarantee in the industry.
John's passion for the industry and forward thinking attitude continue to push our industry.
John was about as outside of the box as one can get in the creative industry.
He has kept pace with the changing industry scenario and always ensured that he was at the cutting edge of the new changes in the industry.
John keeps up to date on industry news and competitors and is always well versed in the industries he is involved in.
He is extremely passionate about the industry and especially the future leaders of the industry having been on himself.
He's all about helping you get where you need to go, and he definitely knows some of the best people in pretty much every industry.
John will probably also be one of the most energetic and kind people you may come across in this industry.
He's one of the few people in the industry who can actually deliver what they say they are going to do.
He goes above and beyond that of anyone else in an industry that doesn't always attract honest people.
He gives his all and have the respect of people both inside the company as well as in the industry.
He is well out ahead of most people in our industry in terms of seeing what's just on the horizon.
John is one of those few people in this industry - he's everything you could actually hope for.
I would definitely recommend him to any organization looking for the best people in the industry.
He is very straight forward and probably knows more people in the industry than anyone else.
He gets along well with so many people in the industry and we have some common friends.
He was one of the people that actually inspired me to strive for more in the industry.
John is one of the individuals who make this industry, and the people in it far better.
He has been very consistent in his connection with the people in our industry.
John's is known in our industry for his dedication and getting the job done.
John is ethical, trustworthy and well liked by people within the industry.
His aspirations to get this industry a real industry status are commendable.
He knows everyone there is to know in the industry and would be more than an asset to any company he joins.
I believe he would be an asset in any purchasing/planning environment regardless of the industry.
John is well known and respected throughout the industry for his expertise in telecommunications.
John is one of the top entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry
He researched our industry and spoke to us as if in our industry.
John's a vis the pharmaceutical industry, he also really knows his stuff.
Regardless of the industry, he is well rounded, thorough and professional; he would be an asset to anyone in our industry.
He will serve as an asset to any organization he is affiliated with, whether in our outside the pharmaceutical industry.
John and his firm have rapidly become a powerhouse in the pharmaceutical industry.
Guiding him through his first steps into understanding the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory affairs.
John prepared him well for the pharmaceutical industry and debriefed each interview with him.