Phone Operator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Phone Operator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I have found that when you want something done, he is the man to have at the end of the phone.
John has been always at the end of the phone and willing to help when you need his expertise.
Nothing is too much trouble for him and he is always at the end of the phone.
He knew at the time to be one of the company's best operators.
John is always polite and comes across very well on the phone.
John was always available, whether it be by email or phone and always looks out for you and your interest.
I cannot recommend him enough - and if you want me to tell you all of this and more by phone or email.
He has always been very helpful, even though we first only knew ourselves by phone.
He would get on the phones, just as we did, and would join in on our prospecting.
He never gives up on anything and is always at the other end of a phone to help.
Five minutes on the phone with him and you want to be his best friend.
You can pick up the phone and ask him for help, and he will be there.
He followed up with me via phone after each one of my interviews.
He answers his phone, and he does what he says he is going to do.
Get on the phone with him to find out how he can help you grow.
John was always available and responsive via email and phone.
He is also very available and he always answers his cell phone.
If ever he had an idea for me, he was on the phone that minute.
To know he is at the other end of a phone, is very reassuring.
When talking with him on the phone, you can tell he's smiling.
From the second we got on the phone together, he kept our conversations on task.
His positive attitude can definitely be seen both on and off the phones.
John's phone manner is exactly what you would want if you were the person on the other end of the phone.
Always at the end of the phone, he makes you feel like you're his only focus.
He was always available to everyone by phone, even on his days off.