Phone Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Phone Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you ask him for something he'll have it done, maybe even before you hang up the phone.
John made himself available in the evening to help him out over the phone.
It was always reassuring to know he was at the other end of the phone.
John is always polite and comes across very well on the phone.
John represented our company very well both on the phone and in person.
He followed up with him via phone after each one of his interviews.
He knows how to make the phone ring and has a high close rate for everyone that he has represented.
He's always there at the end of the phone if we need any advice and is very approachable.
The fact that he has done it entirely over the phone makes it even more astounding.
He would get on the phones, just as we did, and would join in on our prospecting.
The one thing that really stands out for him is he almost always answers his phone.
If you have ever spoken to him on the phone, you would say exactly the same thing.
From the second we got on the phone together, he kept our conversations on task.
Listening to him on the phone to clients/candidates were always really inspiring
He has made himself available at all hours and he always answers his phone.
But it wasn't all theory - he then got on the phone with us and did it.
You can pick up the phone and ask him for help, and he will be there.
John is amazing, and anytime we need him, he is available by phone.
He even answered the phone to help him out while he was on vacation.
He always answers his phone and will help you any way that he can.
John is more than just someone who answered phones and filed.
He is always at the end of the phone to ensure we got it right.
Get on the phone with him to find out how he can help you grow.
He went out of the way to follow up with him via phone and email.
Communication was simple and he was available by phone or email.
If ever he had an idea for him, he was on the phone that minute.
To know he is at the other end of a phone, is very reassuring.
Since then it has helped him become more assertive on the phone.
If necessary, he'd get on the phone or visit with the prospect.
When talking with him on the phone, you can tell he's smiling.
He knew the company he was representing like the back of his hand.
John's power is in his story and his voice for those who he so tirelessly represents.