Phone Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Phone Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Very useful to have at the end of the phone.
He was always available, even by phone.
Having someone on the end of the phone when you need them is tremendous.
John is always makes himself available by phone and email.
Always available the other end of the phone for advice.
He seemed to just get me during our first phone call.
Get him on the phone and see how he can help you.
Get on the phone with him and see if you connect.
Selling on the phone has never been so much fun.
And this was after only one or two phone calls.
But in all reality, it goes way beyond phones.
If you ever need to do this on the phone, then you do need John.
He is skilled at what he does and made it easy doing it all by phone and email.
John is excellent in computer and phone skills.
You will be blessed to have him on your team, or on the other end of the phone.
You can pick up the phone and ask him for help, and he will be there.
He was always available to everyone by phone, even on his days off.
He answers his phone, and he does what he says he is going to do.
Get on the phone with him to find out how he can help you grow.
He's seen success in the field and most recently over the phone.
He makes you feel at ease and is always at the end of the phone.
He is also very available and he always answers his cell phone.
If ever he had an idea for me, he was on the phone that minute.
He was always available and very responsive via phone or email.
To know he is at the other end of a phone, is very reassuring.
Pick up the phone and call him - you won't be disappointed.
It is no wonder everyone picks up the phone when he calls.
He is much more than a voice at the other end of the phone.
John is very professional and actually answers his phone.
I will be always thankful to him for that one phone call.
He was always on the end of the phone when we needed him.
John is one of those phone calls you always want to take.
Per our last phone conversation, please keep in touch.
John recently gave me some coaching over the phone.
We were able to do this over the phone and internet.
He is available for on-site or phone consultations.
It allows you to do speed networking over the phone.
He always answered the phone when help was needed.
He has a smile that you can see through the phone.
John has been always at the end of a phone or email.
He answered the phone and really made the effort.
My first initial contact with him was by phone.
He is always calm at meetings or on the phone.
All this was done over phone calls and emails.
Talk about having brass chains on the phone.
He picks up his phone and gets things done.
John answers the phone on the first ring.
Because of this him phone rings constantly.
He is the phone call you want to return.
He is very responsive by phone or email.
He also is great at answering his phone.
Everything was always straightforward and John was always at the other end of the phone.
He can do more with one phone call than most others.
Looking forward to your next phone call John.
I was lucky when it was John on the phone.
With John you phone him, he makes it simple.
John should be your next phone call.
He has excellent phone skills and always had the right answers for our clients.
He has great people skills and is always on the phone and email looking to make deals.
Another skill he has is that he has no fear of the phone and no call reluctance.
He's never off the phone and his organisation skills are second to none.
His skill on the phone is quite outstanding to say the least too.
His phone skills were among the top and he is very organized.
This started with an initial phone call getting to know him and his skills.
His phone skills are exemplary and he would be an asset to any company.
His phone manner and persuasive skills were indeed impressive.
John is good on the phone and has excellent negotiation skills.
John, and his vision for helping companies with their phone skills, is truly impressive.
He's great on the phone, and highly skilled at selling from the platform.
He picked up the phone skills taught easily and effortlessly.
He has fantastic phone and presentation skills that he uses to achieve success.
He believed in his skills and trusted his abilities ever since the first phone interview.
His resume screening and phone interviewing skills are excellent.
He has a professional phone skills with the after phone support.
He would be on the phone most days with various opportunities.
His interpersonal skills are outstanding, via face-to-face or remotely on the phone.
John taught him great phone closing skills and characteristics of leadership.
His communications skills and phone manner is also excellent.
He has superior skills on the phone and in meetings and he is an articulate spokesperson for his company.