Photographer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Photographer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an amazing photographer that never makes you feel as if you are being photographed.
John doesn't just take great photographs, he is truly an outstanding photographer.
We would certainly use him again for any of your photographic needs.
If there is no inspiration, then he won't take the photograph.
With some photographers, it's all about them and they're our company.
Compare these to your our company shoot with another photographer.
John has been our photographer for the our company two years.
The only way it could've been better would have been to have him as the photographer in the first place.
John has taken photographs for our chamber website and he was also the photographer at his wedding.
John is our videographer and photographer and did far too much for far too little pay.
John is very organised and always clear about the brief he provides his photographers.
John photographed our wedding and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer.
If you don't want to be shown as the real you, then he is not your photographer.
They also said that he made them feel special when they were being photographed.
John is an amazing photographer, you can see that just by looking at his website.
John is an outstanding photographer, probably one of the best in the industry.
He has the innate ability to get the very best from someone when photographing.
He is the photographer you want, especially for your most important occasions.
We have always been very happy with the photographs that he has done for us.
John is the guy most other photographers would say really knows his stuff.
John has stood out from many other photographers, we have used in the past.
John has been an amazing photographer for us in several different arenas.
He will deliver an experience you won't get from any other photographer.
Many of his pictures were better than our professional photographer's.
John has always given him images superlative to any other photographer.
John is one of the first photographers to volunteer for the project.
His photographic direction and resultant photographs were exceptional.
His photographs have been always better than the assignment he was given.
John recently took his photograph for his professional portfolio.
What sets him apart is that he is also an incredible photographer.
His photographs can be found all over town, and all over the web.
And if you happen to be getting married, he's your photographer.
As well, he is an extraordinary photographer and entrepreneur.
His photographs of his three and children and him were beautiful.
When being photographed by him, he will make you feel at ease.
John is not only his cousin, but also an excellent photographer.
John is an excellent and thoroughly professional photographer.
John got many of the shots our other photographer did not get.
As have the photographs he has taken for the business as well.
He is his personal brand photographer and family photographer.
We would recommend him to anybody looking for a photographer.