Piping Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Piping Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not just an average designer, he is a designer that is capable of setting trends that other designers will one day follow.
John often pushed us to question our design choices and challenged us to come up with better designs.
He takes to time to understand designs and makes sure everything he's done is what the designer wants.
He is an excellent designer and he is very careful to make sure that his designs are intuitive.
He defies all the designer stereotypes, and brings so much more to the table than just design.
John also is someone to bounce designs off of, and comes up with solid fun designs himself.
John is very strong on conceptual design with the ability to realise what he designs.
His design abilities are truly impressive and he is strong in every aspect of design.
He does not just follow the design standard; he also explores new design elements.
He isn't afraid to say and do what it takes to make good design into great design.
His design eye is second to none and the sites he designs are absolutely stunning.
This helps him be a design expert and explain the rationale behind his designs.
They created and designed his website as well as designing banners and leaflets.
John didn't just design his website he designed his website specifically for him.
If you need something well designed and professionally designed, he's your guy.
His designs are elegant, designed with the user in mind and always beautiful.
John's designs have the extra touch of polish that many other designers lack.
John not only loves design he truly cares about what makes design great.
After the core design was in place, he didn't stop with design problems.
John is such a great designer, he makes other great designers look bad.
Our designers love him too, because he has such a great eye for design.
John's approach to design had him rethink his entire design philosophy.
You'll become a better designer (or at least design thinker) if you do.
He keeps abreast of design trends and contemporary design issues.
His design approach to design is sharp, polished, and attractive.
Him design sense and discipline compliment him as a designer.
However, what he has done here was way beyond his designated responsibilities.
John is passionate about what he does, and this comes through in his designs.
And he was like this for everyone around him, designers or otherwise.
You can see some of his designs just by looking around him website.
Branding and design are not just what he does, they are who he is.
He will get you whatever you need and even help design it for you.
He always goes above and beyond to make the best designs possible.
He's one of those designers who just knows how to get things done.
Everyone that has seen it has complemented him on the design.
His designs are always well thought out and designed with particular attention to usability issues.
John also has an aptitude for design and has proven this by contributing in many design meetings.
He also acts as an excellent mentor for both design and non-design colleagues.
He discovered a design weakness in our umbilical designs and made new standards to which they are designed and tested.
He's one of those rare designers that have a keen eye for good design and would design with logic and empathy in mind.
As a designer, he is passionate about design and truly brings design thinking to his everyday activities.
His design work is clean, modern, and genuine; he understands that design should serve a purpose and opposes design for the sake of design.
Unlike many designers, he never disappears up his own posterior and definitely doesn't suffer from pretentiousness or of over-egging the design.
He knows exactly what you want when designing and then provides you with even more than you expected; to him that's a sign of a great designer.
John never opts for the easy way out, but looks for designs with an edge, always more than the inital design briefing.
He always finds a way, and he's directly responsible for some of the more popular design features in his own designs.
He will stand behind his designers design rationales and make things happen if obstacles are getting in the way.
He gave him excellent feedback which made his designs better because he truly understood the design perspective.
He puts in the effort to fully understand what he's designing, and in particular, who he's designing it for.
His designs done at our company were remarkable and is used as a benchmark even today when it comes to designing.
He really knows how to take ordinary designs and add that extra polish that makes them extraordinary designs.
His passion for design has really shown him that he is par or even above the greatest designers of the world.
He always knew how the design could be uplifted to an even better design, by adding or leaving out elements.
He can design an amazing garden that will be ecologically sensitive without compromising the overall design.
During his internship, he provided a design that was unique, an objective and became the winning design.
He's not just a good designer; he also loves to do what he does, and that makes him a great designer.
John seeks to thoroughly understand the design brief and ensure his designs are well thought out.
He frequently reached out to him and other design colleagues brainstorm or critique his designs.
Its designers like him who re-inspire veteran designers to stay fresh and think outside the box.
He doesn't get caught up in too much design for design's sake, but stays true to the assignment.
He has an impressive eye for design and everything he creates exemplifies design excellence.
John design several sketches of artwork for his book which included the design of the cover.
His design sense, ethic and vision is all top notch, and often make him excited about design.
He always came up with great outside-of-the-box designs when faced with a design challenge.
He often gave him an angle to approach design from, and gave him much freedom in the design.
He is a very articulate designer and when describing his designs he is incredibly thorough
He has designed not just for the sake of design, but with performance and results in mind.
He would understand the designer's intention and logic behind a design immediately.
John always brings fresh design to often overstate or mundane design issues.
Great eye for design, he effortlessly turns design ideas into reality.
Then he has his designers created a new design for a "one-sheet".
He is a really nice design manger who had a good design vision
There were several instances where designs were changed for the better, either in the design phase, or based on tests that he designed and oversaw.
John designed several custom fonts that you cannot find anywhere, as well as designs that are not seen anywhere else.
John designed this course, and probably many like it, to really get you involved so that you can get the most out of it.
He can take any idea and not only make it compliant, he makes it look how it was designed.
He handled everything that had to do with the design and we were better off because of that.
As such, he is capable of doing things that few other designers would even dare attempt.
You only have to tell him once what you're looking for in a design and that's what you get.
John gets the value of collaboration with designers like him, and everyone else, too.
He'll go out of his way to make sure something is designed great and the right way.
Organizational hierarchy and design don't get in his way of doing what is right.
John introduced us to one of his designers and the things took off from there.
He encourages collaboration and always can get the best out of any designer.
He definitely has an eye for design and knows what things should look like.
He also believes in what he does and can help with all your design needs.
The only thing he may have done wrong is not charging enough for his designs.
John knows no bounds and is always looking towards the next great design.
We are referring him to anyone we know who may be looking for a designer.
He did everything from design it, to fear him towards the right audience.
We will definitely be using him again in the future for our design needs.
His designs are still being used and others are still commenting on them.
People come to him when they are stuck or just to discuss their designs.
He has designed his website and he went above and beyond his expectations.
John listened exactly to what him needs were in designing his closet.
It's how he does it that makes him unique-and he designs effectively
We couldn't have gotten many of the designs -wins, we did without him.
If ever there was, he would design a way over, around or through it.
His interest is diverse, and one can appreciate that in his designs.
John's design perspectives are often novel and always interesting.
Gameplay has been always at the forefront of any of his design decisions.
He comes up with beautiful and appropriate designs on the first try.
He pushes you to bring out the best in yourself and in your designs.
His designs take you to places where no other has taken you before.
He looks beyond the obvious to find the most value in his designs.
And then there is why we're here to begin with: his design acumen.
He even came up with his new logo design, which everyone has loved.
It sits directly above the one for his boss, and that's by design.
He certainly encouraged him to think about his designs differently.
The designers that he provided to us always met our expectations
His vehicle designs were unlike anything we had ever seen before.
We are going to miss having his expertise, influence our designs.
You can always count on him to come up with new, fresh designs.
In the end, we still chose his design as it was the best of all.
And over the years he has become one of his favorite designers.
It's no wonder why he has won so many awards for his designs.
He can design exactly what you want just by talking with you.
But the best plus of all - he is passionate about good design.
He will challenge them to and beyond their design boundaries.
He made what is a very well designed course that much better.
His designs and recommendations are far above the competitors.
His designs are way above the cut and are always on the mark.
He is also fearless when it comes to trying new design ideas.
You know he either has the answer and will design the answer.
One of the best designers, we've had at our company and we were very sorry to see him go.
His designs went above and beyond what we were looking for, and the design handoff was fast and professional.
John is a designer's designer who doesn't need to second guess what works or doesn't, he already knows it.
He is a go-to for design work because he went beyond the design to understand the need and purpose.
His specialty is systems design, but he will pretty much own most designers in any other category.
He taught the students how to tackle the design like solving puzzles with design plans and design strategies.
Really, you don't even have to know the guy, just take a look at his stuff and you'll think "dang, whoever designed that is freaking' awesome at design".
He always comes up with a few designs to solving the given problem and decides on which design is the best one for the purpose of the problem.
While his design capabilities are self evident, his ability to deliver within your design needs is where he sets himself aside from others.
His designs have always thought through and full of neat ideas you'd not seen before, and he's always open to input even from non-designers.
These non-designer tasks were accomplished it seemed with diligence and without hindrance to what he was tasked with as a designer.
His approach and aesthetic to design is remarkable as he truly wants to climb inside the design before even one pixel is drawn.
His design approach meshes well with his own, looking for the simplest and most "fun" answer to any and all design problems.
It is tempting to attribute him thoughtfulness to his background in design since he clearly has the designer's sixth sense.
Not only would he make sure that his designs were top-notch, but would push the boundaries of current designing trends.
Of course, he can also push pixels with the best of them, designing beautiful, immersive designs which evoke emotion.
As a result, his designs are always regarded with the highest enthusiasm from the users for whom they were designed.
John has the ability to think outside the box when it comes to design, and he possesses a remarkable design sense.
They were open-minded to most of his design ideas and usually found a compromise between both of our design visions.
Not only did he help him understand the basics and fundamentals of design, but he also helped him grow as a designer.
His design sense is very strong, so be sure when he brings up an issue with the design that you pay attention.
John is a highly passionate designer and he always makes sure the design is perfect before handling it out.
He made a designer's life easier by providing us with all the requirements as well as defending our designs.
John's one of those great designers with a sense of design that's kicked up to the next level at will.
John went on to be the backbone of our tech design effort, and a Rockstar all-around design contributor.
Asides from this he is a great designer with a solid understanding of designing for different audiences.