Planning Performance Review Phrases Examples

Planning Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was great to work with, always establishing milestones and keeping the development team on track to meet them.
Makes planning a communications strategy well covered.
He manages to put everything together within a short time frame.
He is easy to work with as he adopts a highly proactive approach.
He has an impressive work capability, keeps track of all details, but never loses sight of the big picture.
Always on time and prepared.
His ability to maintain precise attention to detail while, at the same time, never losing sight of the big picture, is exceptional.
He is organized and always on time.
He keeps his projects organized, on time and is well versed in anything he does.
John can organize work to make it comfortable.
He plans every event down to the details so that events go off without a hitch.
John is methodical and organized in his approach to his work.
He is very organized and is able to manage multiple work threads simultaneously.
John is a big-picture thinker who can easily alternate between conceptual thinking and detail orientation.
He's able to optimize and organize projects efficiently and quickly.
John is very methodical and plans perfectly considering all possible scenarios and executes them as per plan.
I can even schedule them ahead of time and it's all automated.
I know that he saved me hours and hours of precious time.
We're so lucky to have you with us in these days.
I have only known him a short time, but his presence is amazing.
The documentation was just what I requested and was delivered on time.
Rarely have I ever been given so much value in such a short amount of time.
I saw him in action various times and each time I was amazed.
He always on time and strict with the schedule.
We applied many of his sales and negotiation techniques that same day.
I do not think he missed his targets any time.
He makes himself available, regardless of his schedule.
He was punctual and considerate in him planning and scheduling.
He gets things done right the first time and ahead of schedule.
Everything went very smoothly and on schedule.
He was never late and keeps up on the schedule.
John was always very accommodating to our schedule.
Additionally, he was able to be up and running ahead of schedule.
He was always on schedule and on budget.
He always made himself available around our timelines and schedules.
He went above and beyond and delivered ahead of schedule.
We have and he comes through, perfectly and always ahead of schedule.
Don't be surprised if you can't get on his schedule.
It was always ready on or ahead of schedule.
John was always willing to help out when asked even when it interrupted his schedule.
John has been an inspiration to my marketing plan.
John is punctual and will plan ahead to be more affected.
Preparedness and planning ahead is his second nature as he is always forward looking and ever ready.
In real life, nothing ever goes as planned.
John has always provided me with professional marketing plans.
John's schedules are with impeccable planning and in coherence with the team.
He also helped me with marketing plans.
He is an expert in product delivery, scheduling and planning.
John, sometimes when we schedule appointments, we know exactly what we have scheduled and there are no surprises.
We were terribly unorganized and behind schedule.
He was very accommodating even with my hectic schedule.
He is always on schedule and pushing to make things happen.
John always kept his team focused and made sure they kept to the schedule.
He did this on an incredibly tight schedule.
The schedules he keeps are always accurate and on time.
John is well-organized and stays on schedule.
Always ahead of schedule, and always better than I could have ever done myself.
Time schedules are very important and John was very conscientious and kept on schedule.
However, he did it with ease was able to keep everyone on schedule.
This enabled him to really help those under him and not just drive schedule.