Planning Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Planning Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is observed to make plans for his engineers to ensure the individual's best well-being.

He plans really well and speaks to as many stakeholders as possible to make a good plan.

He is thoughtful with regards to his course of action and planning.

It is not only him planning that stands out above others, but the execution of the plan.

John plans very well and executes effectively against his plan.

John made plans how doing it and executed the plans flawlessly.

He is methodical in him planning and thorough in his analysis.

He actually listens to engineering and their concerns, then incorporates reasonable ideas that they have into the overall plan.

He has a great firm and would recommend them for your engineering and planning needs.

Don't let him get away if you are planning to speak with him.

John loves a good plan, or even better, being the engineer of that plan and then putting that plan into action - no matter how complex the situation, he will find a way to make it happen.

John has a great mind which allows him to be innovative and engineer new plans and ideas.

Initiative - he is always looking and planning ahead, never waiting until problems appear on the doorstep.

He is a perfectionist and makes sure that everything he does is well-thought through and planned.

He's that kind of guy - gets you in to do things you hadn't planned on but know you will enjoy.

He is always open to new ideas, even when they are opposite to what he had planned for.

John is an example of perseverance and planning that reflects in everything he does.

John's participation throughout the months of planning was invaluable.

I wish him all the very best in planning his future with due diligence.

John planned ahead well and was very responsive when problems arose.

He was absolutely impeccable in his planning and troubleshooting.

He is dedicated to what he wants to achieve and plan accordingly.

He gives you his honest assessment, then his plan to go forward.

He is really great at always having a plan and executing the plan.

He provided plans for each search, updated those plans regularly, was prompt to highlight any plan changes (especially any delays) and provided very good candidates.

His feedback and challenges have been welcome curation of our plans.

His engineering background, then comes into play as he helps put an action plan together.