Planning Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Planning Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has done more than 100 plans and several end to end plans.
His meeting planning skills are exceptional, but are merely one of the many skills he possesses.
He has excellent planning skills and follows it up with sound delivery skills.
He has strong planning skills and can execute successfully on those plans.
His planning, presenting and plan execution skills are awesome.
He also follows up to make sure that everything went according to plan.
John's leadership skills, communication skills and strategic planning are his most obvious skills.
His project planning skills are very noteworthy as well as his technical skills.
His strong planning skills allow him to get things done proficiently.
John also was excellent in his organizational and planning skills.
Him planning skills are evident as he is always well prepared.
We followed the plan and got results that would not have been achieved without the plan.
It is not only him planning that stands out above others, but the execution of the plan.
Amazing techniques, definitely knows how to plan ahead and stick with the plan.
John plans very well and executes effectively against his plan.
John made plans how doing it and executed the plans flawlessly.
Highly skilled, focussed on results and with an excellent strategic and planning skills.
Specifically, his planning skills have been an asset in the project.
I found him very skilled in test planning as well as execution.
His planning skills and business analysis skills are exemplary.
He has excellent planning and organizational skills and was able to plan several events.
His skills in putting a plan together and executing the plan are outstanding.
He is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to make sure everything goes according to plan.
Even when something hasn't gone to plan, you want to get it right and not let him down.
John is someone that every organization should consider in their plans.
He is thorough yet pragmatic and gets things done according to plan.
He is thorough yet pragmatic and gets things done according to plan.
Wish you every success with anything you plan to do and now you will.
Everything went to plan and we could never have done it on our own.
I wish all the best and success in whatever he does or plans to do.
John is very good in many things he does, especially in planning.
Everybody had the same objective, now we all have the same plan.
He wants to make sure he comes up with plans that are realistic.
I wish him the very best in all things he plans to do in life.
There were no surprises - everything went exactly as planned.
When he does something, he will do it 100%, even when things are not always going the way he had planned.
He plans events very well & has always been very good in planning & executing plans successfully.
His analytical skills extend second to none and his skills into the operationization of project plans.
John is so good and what he does because he has outstanding listening and planning skills.
This event would not have been the same without him creative insight and planning skills.
He gifted with many skills such as planning, performing and he always keeps his promises.
John was superb in the planning, his documentation skills were exactly what was required.
I was especially impressed with his strategic planning and implementation skills.
He was very diligent in his work and his planning skills are second to none.
I found his organisational skills and planning to be of the highest calibre.
His events are always beautifully successful because of him planning skills.
This wouldn't have happened without great organization and planning skills.
His strategic thinking and planning skills have always been off the charts.
He is self motivated and has excellent planning and organizational skills.
His planning and organizational skills have been invaluable to the company.
John achieved many milestones through his planning and execution skills.
He is comprehensive in his planning & has excellent interpersonal skills.
I was also positively surprised of his organizational and planning skills.
John has exceptional organizational, planning, and negotiation skills.
John has great organizational and planning skills and follows through.
John's leadership skills are not only based on planning and execution.
Him planning, organisational and leadership skills are all outstanding.
His outstanding planning skills always helped to get the best results.
He is well organized and has excellent planning and leadership skills.
John is an accomplished researcher and has excellent planning skills.
His organizational skills and ability to think ahead to what needs to be done, or planned for, beyond the current moment is invaluable skills.
John's success comes from his possessing excellent skills in planning, as well as his superb organizational skills.
What most impressed him most, was his planning and organisation skills, very well in advance.
In addition, his skills in organization and planning are quite outstanding.
Not to mention meticulous in his planning skills and very diplomatic.
He is known by his great leadership, planning, and managerial skills.
This is mainly due to his leadership skills and meticulous planning.
Rupesh has good managerial skills as he plans well before acting.
He is well aware of the concepts and has good planning skills.
We definitely plan to leverage his skills again for key hires.
His follow up and presentation skills are always well planned and timely.
John is very organised and demonstrated great planning skills.
He not only has robust & sound planning skills, but also is a good executioner of the plan.
He has back-up plans for him back-up plans, but because he is well prepared, rarely needs them.
John is punctual, polite, plans well and delivers on his plan.
Process excellence is incorporated in all he does and he has all of the skills to make plans efficient and effective.
John threw himself into the assignment and his planning and organization skills were highlighted.
He is always making sure that everything is taken care of and he has excellent planning skills.
Completing any task on time was possible with his astonishing planning skill and foresight.
And when things didn't go to plan, he stayed calm and kept smiling, an invaluable skill.
His leadership skills helped him to follow through on his plans with immediate success.
His analyzing skill is tremendous and this is the reason for his perfect planning.
He liked to plan ahead and him amazing organization skills truly inspired him.
He's also very systematic & meticulous, and has a very good planning skill.
His positive attitude was infectious and his planning skills without flaw.
Him organizational, planning, and problem solving skills are exceptional.
Needless to say his planning skills and eye for detail are first class.
He combines those skills with the right strategic plan to get results.
Him strategic planning skills would make him an asset to any company.
His commitment and forward planning skills are a great asset.
John's organizational skills, structured planning, and communication skills are nothing less than outstanding.
John's planning and organizing skills are just as sharp and resourceful.
He as amazing skills in contracting, as well as transformation planning.
He has significant planning skills and knows how to bring people along with him.
He also has an uncanny skill in understanding customer needs and uses his imagination and planning skills to meet their needs and expectations.
John always had efficient plans for the releases planned well ahead of time.
During the deployment plan he had planned miles ahead for contingencies.
His planning skills were in tune with the company's growth strategies.
In terms of merchandise planning skills, he has it all in abundance.
Him planning and presentation skills, demonstrate his thoughtfulness and expertise.
That is, he can devise the go-forward plan, and then he can go forward and actually get it done.
John excelled in the organization, even when things were not going according to the plan.
He also made sure he was thoroughly prepared to participate at all plannings.
He'd know the right things to do, and then set about creating the right plan.
Professionally, he is always on top of things, well planned and well prepared.
He is always prepared and makes sure he always have a back up plan.
We are planning on using him again and would recommend his company.
Then, he will help you use that book to make your plans come true.
Most importantly, he's organized and gets things done as planned.
If you want to get planning done, he's the man to have in the room.
He always keeps all his teams/projects well organized and planned.
His planning and preparation for every little thing is amazing.
He is methodical in his planning and thorough in his analysis.
Once the plan is in place, he follows it through to completion.
John's strength is that he understands the value of planning.
He definitely took planning and organizing to the next level.
His initial plan was sporadic and his new plan is more consistent with better results.
His commendable planning and organizing skills never go wrong and comes very handy when something comes up randomly.
Combined with his positive can-do attitude, they make the perfect set of skills for even the most challenging plan.
In his experience, he has great planning and organisational skills, which allowed him to be ahead of mobilisations.
Him planning and organising skills are phenomenal with any task given to him completed with up most efficiency.
Him organisational and planning skills mean that when he puts his mind to something, he can make it happen.
Him organizational and planning skills kept things moving while being open to new ideas and opportunities.
His grasp of what is needed to deliver results is second to none and his planning skills are exemplary.
John's enthusiasm and tenacity are infectious and his organisation and planning skills are exemplary.
John's commitment, determination to deliver excellence and planning skills are second to none.
John provides superior leadership skills and is always planning multiple steps into the future
Plus he understands that skills and strategic plans alone do not get buy in and commitment.
John's precise planning skills and commitment to succeed is only eclipsed by his vision.
His ability to follow through with tasks and closing plans are some of his great skills.
He possesses impressive planning skills and is capable of adapting to any environment
John's skill to listen and help create an action plan is nothing short of amazing.
He is exceptionally skilled and articulate at strategic and vision planning.
He has excellent skills in problem solving, decision analysis and planning.
In addition, his strategic planning and leadership skills are well-honed.
Excellent Mngmnt and planning skills, a true asset to his organization.
John showed good planning and well considered decision making skills.
He is skilled in strategic planning and turning ideas into reality.
Our company characteristics of John's that are exceptional are his planning, organizational and interpersonal skills.
Our company planning and facilitating skills ensure that John can deliver even when under pressure.
His planning skills were very useful and required for fast paced environment at our company.
His organizational and planning skills have set new standards from which we have all benefited.
Project planning and excellent communication skills are his assets.
He has phenomenal communication skills and planning abilities.
He demonstrated excellent planning skills for achieving these goals.
He always had backup plans that we had to use more often than we might like to admit.
John is precise when it comes to formulating and following through with plans.
John went over the top to make sure the wedding went as planned.
Additionally, he is skilled in resolving the critical challenges with better outcomes than originally planned.
His drive to get the right plans in place is his unique skill that every company needs and wants.