Pleasant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pleasant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is pleasant and gets along well with others and is very well liked by his peers.
He is always very pleasant to be around and willing to help others when needed.
Cooperation with him was always not only constructive, but also very pleasant.
John is always very pleasant and was well liked by everyone at our school.
He is always pleasant and goes out of his way to make things happen.
He is pleasant to everyone and made the our company environment pleasant.
He is always willing to help, and is just so pleasant to be around.
John is pleasant and would always say to hello whenever he saw you.
Working with him has always been both rewarding and pleasant.
Finally, it is someone with whom it is very pleasant to our company.
Working with him was pleasant and useful for the same our company.
He always follows through on what he says he is going to do, and is always pleasant and personable in all our dealings.
Communication is pleasant and painless and when he says he'll do something, he makes sure it gets done.
He is pleasant to our company with and always look forward to see what is he going to come up with next.
If this is what his business does for others, no wonder he always seems so sunny and pleasant.
He's very pleasant to get along with, and seems to never have bad things to say about others.
Furthermore, he is very pleasant to our company with, he is always willing to help out and explain.
One of the best things about working with him is that he is so pleasant and so much fun.
John is always pleasant and willing to do whatever it took to get the job accomplished.
John is pleasant to deal with and makes sure everything gets done very well and on our company.
He's very pleasant and always willing to listen to what others have to say about things.
He is always very pleasant to our company with and got along well with all of our colleagues.
He is always very pleasant and unflappable and makes the whole thing seem effortless.
He's always available, always pleasant and most importantly, he really knows his stuff.
He is not only someone you could count on, but someone who is pleasant to be around.
He's also pleasant to our company with-the value of which should not be underestimated.
He is always pleasant and willing to go above and beyond what was asked of him.
He is always looking for the best solution and working with him is very pleasant.
John got along with everyone very well and always carried a pleasant presence
John is one of the most pleasant individuals that you can have on your team.
He is pleasant to our company for and made you want to do your best at our company.
John went out of his way to make the our company together pleasant and worthwhile.
John is always the most pleasant to our company with regardless of the situation.
John is very pleasant and looks out for the best interests of his clients.
John is pleasant, but tenacious when it comes to following up with customers.
John is an overall pleasant being in our company with and just to know in general.
He gets along with the other staff and his personality is so pleasant.
John has this pleasant personality who is always looking to help people.
It was really pleasant to our company with him and there was never any confusion.
He is pleasant and always willing to help out with those difficult calls.
He is an overall pleasant person to know, inside and outside the office.
He is pleasant, professional and followed through with his commitments.
He was; - focused on the right things, - got things done - was pleasant.
He not only enjoyed what he did, but he made it pleasant to come to our company.
He does this all the while being easy to do business with and pleasant.
His pleasant professionalism is second to none and so is his efficiency.
Not only is he very pleasant, but also very knowledgeable in his field.
He is also very pleasant to be around, which makes any project easier.
Customers liked him because he was thorough and pleasant to our company with.
Best of all, he does so in a way that is both pleasant and energizing.
He is always pleasant, but never gives up seeking the best engagements.
John has gone above and beyond and has been pleasant to deal with.
Working with him for these few years have been pleasant and fruitful.
He is one of those who will make any situation pleasant and cheerful.
In our company, but not least, discussions have been always pleasant and fruitful.
John never seems rattled and is always pleasant with his customers.
His generosity towards others made our interactions always pleasant.
He is certainly one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet.
By doing this, his style is very pleasant and never confrontational.
Furthermore, as an interlocutor, he is always pleasant and willing.