Pm Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pm Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His management style worked well for those he managed as well as his peers and managers.
John has managed several projects for me and has proven again and again that he is a fantastic project manager with many great skills.
John also has good project-management skills and manages successful the number of different simultaneous projects.
John has excellent project management skills in managing multimedia projects for our communications function.
His skills to manage people and projects are worth learning for anyone who wants to be a better project manager.
John is an accomplished project manager with excellent skill in managing complex projects to completion.
John has great project management skills and keeps projects focused and manages scope changes carefully.
He will use his general project management skills to the benefit of whatever programmes that he manages.
His project management skills are well developed after managing several large scale projects on campus.
Not only people management, but he is good at technical skills which he manages the projects.
John is known for his astute professional project management and people management skills.
He managed the many product initiatives very well with strong project management skills.
He not only managed his team, but taught us methodologies and project management skills.
He is very organized and has excellent project management and people management skills.
He is an excellent project manager with an instinctive skill in stakeholder management.
John is professional manager who has excellent people and project management skills.
These skills, play well in both relationship management and project management roles.
He has strong skills in management, project management, and building relationships.
John was an extremely dedicated manager with exceptional project management skills.
Him time management, project management and communication skills are exceptional.
He demonstrated the skill sets of both account management and project management.
He has excellent project management, communication and people management skills.
I would especially recommend his skills as a project manager or content manager.
John is an outstanding project manager with strong portfolio management skills.
John is an excellent manager with great project management and agile skills.
His management skills are far and above other's which are managing others.
His project management and change management skills came to the fore then.
He has innovative ideas and good management and project management skills.
John is a really smart project manager and with great managing skills.
His project time management and team management skills are appreciable.
He is very good at project management with nice team management skills.
He has good managing and relationship management skills.
Very nice manager with very good management skills.
John good project manager is well worth their skills in gold and John is certainly one of those project managers.
In both these projects John demonstrated his exemplary project management and stakeholder management skills.
John was the project manager and he has been very skilled in managing a deployment project.
His knowledge of project management and client management skills is excellent.
John is a well seasoned project manager with excellent management skills and he was instrumental in managing multiple "cultivars" at this project.
John demonstrated strong project management, program management, and vendor management skills, drive this project to completion.
His skills in time management, people management, meeting deadlines and overall project management are exceptional.
He possesses great technical as well as project management, people management, and vendor management skills.
John is an excellent manager who has exceptional customer management and team management skills.
His management skills are impeccable, including priority management and account management.
John came in and took over the project management of the project and keeping the project on budget and on time.
He manages these projects very effectively and always keeps us informed as to what is going on in each project.
He was my go to for questions about project management, but most of all for his organization of projects.
Even though he managed many projects of his own, he always made himself available for his team.
John has managed several projects for us and has always done the best possible job.
John not only managed projects, but also took an active role in each and every project.
John performed very well as project manager for several of the projects in my region.
He was excellent at managing projects as well as the participants of those projects.
Impressively, he managed to keep it that way time after time, project after project.
John is always available to help project managers and he is very organized.
He took care in assigning the right project managers to all of our projects.
He is self-motivated and follows-through on all projects that he manages.
Focus on the project objectives, as well as excellent manager of projects.
John was brought in a little way into the project as project manager.
He has provided project management resources to multiple projects.
He knows how to manage projects, and how to make them successful.
He is very well organized and is thorough in project management.
His project management skills are excellent and we worked well together to ensure the project and supplier relationships were successful.
His project management and communication skills are excellent and he certainly had the full respect of all working on the project.
His deep knowledge and strong project management skills, achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients and projects.
His skills in the management of both people and projects were of the highest quality.
Strong management skills and strict discipline induced him to promote quite a young project manager for a high managing position.
We have collaborated on numerous projects together, and his organizational and people skills are what made the projects successful for everyone involved.
Over the course of the project, he had demonstrated his strong organizational skill which kept the complicated project progressed smoothly.
During one of our relocation projects, his leadership and planning skills were crucial to the success of this project.
He demonstrated these skills on a project recently, as he picked up the pieces and drove the project to success.
His these skills helped a lot on our later stage of the project in warping up things and finishing the project.
John did what few managers truly do: he used his management skills to make it possible for his team to succeed.
His interpersonal skills are way above average and he knows how to manage teams as well as him managers.
With really strong management skills, he is ideally managing his team.
His technical skills are trumped only by his skills in sales and project management.
He is very competent in what he does and has had success in every project that he has managed.
Customers have been delighted by his competencies in project management.
He is an expert in many areas, especially project management.
His efforts and skills go beyond test management to include those of project management and scrum master in the later part of the project.
His analytical skills and project management skills have proven benefits to the organisations many a times.
His analytical skills extend second to none and his skills into the operationization of project plans.
John has exemplary analytic skills and big picture project skills at the same time.
John's technical expertise and project management skills are second to none.
John is a detailed project manager who was always helpful to other project managers when he could lend a hand.
John is an excellent project manager on a very difficult project - required great attention to detail and follow through which he provided throughout the project.
However, he was his part time project manager updating his projects on the regular basis and keeping him updated with the project status.
John's was instrumental in his work on this project, and demonstrated his expertise in project management skills from beginning to end.
He demonstrated leadership and exceptional project management skills with the execution and delivery of the project.
He is a very skilled project manager and this is consistently reflected in his high quality delivery of projects.
His projects management skills and competence had resulted in the successful delivery of all projects he worked on.
His project management skills and personable approach helped to make him a valuable member of our project.
His skills in leadership, project management, relationship management & recruiting are impeccable.
In addition to materials management skills, he is great at project management in general.
His project management background was evident in the way he approached the tasks for this important project.
John acted as project manager for the project, and also interviewed employees whose responses were filmed.
He knows how to match a project with the budget and can economically manage projects with responsibility.
He did an excellent job and would be an excellent candidate for project managing any similar projects.
He is our end-to-end project manager on global cyber projects, in which he did fantastic jobs on.
He did a fantastic job managing him existing projects and taking on his project at the same time.
John taught him to reach outside of project management parameters to obtain the project's goal.
As a project manager, he was instrumental in timely completion of complex projects.
He excels in managing projects, contractors, vendors, and project budgets.
During his employment at our company, he managed several complicated projects successfully and volunteered to help with some other projects.
He became a big motivation and example for him, not only for his project management skills, but also his ability to really hear.
He also has provided many insightful skills and knowledge regarding project management, leadership, and excellence.
John project manager that works with him should value this skill greatly, as well as his autonomy and dependability.
John is a very good friend, he is skillful in plastic mold and know how the project management, he quite know china.
Not only does he have great people skills, he also possesses the assets necessary for great project management.
When we worked together, he was responsible for some very complex projects which he managed with great skill.
He combines this ability with the interpersonal and management skills to drive any project toward success.
Apart from him being super woman in his organization, he has amazing project and people management skills.
John has thorough knowledge of project management skills & hunger for excellence in whatever he does.
Always looking for the project success, he has management skills to take agile actions and solve issues.
He has exceptional multitasking skills, manages many different projects, and meets critical deadlines.
His management skills and leadership were essential in driving these projects to successful completion.
His project management skills also allow him to enhance features with agility and dynamic penetration.
He would be a terrific addition to any organization looking for project and change management skills.
Moreover, he possesses excellent presentation skill which is a great plus point for any project manager.
Clients have always had a high opinion of his project management skills and conflict resolution methods.
John shows excellent project management skills by effectively translating needs across departments.
John uses his knowledge, experience and management skills to enable him to excel at all projects.
All of our ventures were successful ones, mostly in part to his drive and project management skills.
John demonstrates commendable skills in understanding & managing end to end project life cycles.
John approached project management with a can do attitude and has very good presentation skills.
He has good project management expertise and is skilled in presentation, both orally and written.
John's leadership, management and organizational skills were integral to the project's success.
From vision to evaluation, his leadership and project / people management skills are excellent.
His project management skills and his brilliance are amazing, working very well under pressure.
He provided leadership and guidance, demonstrating a mastery of the project management skills.
His perseverance and project management skills were integral to the success of these ventures.
He possesses wonderful project management skill and knows how to work across an organization.
His management of people skills, projects and overall mindset are huge assets to any company.
During the engagement, he showed his great project management, leadership and teamwork skills.
Because of his management skills and the knowledge, we were able to deliver projects on time.
His skills in crisis and project management helped him make sense of some chaotic situations.
John possesses a variety of skills, including project managing and mentoring the candidates.
He has the soft skills that are critical to being a successful project and people manager.
With his skills, he managed to step up the game for every project that was assigned to him.
He demonstrated project management and leadership skills in a number of different settings.
Him people management and critical thinking skills can take the project to the next level.
As part of project management, he continuously demonstrated that he had excellent skills.
He has always demonstrated great project management, planning, and collaboration skills.
During our classes he demonstrated superior performance in project management skills, .
His ability to manage people's skill has brought success to the project several times.
John can manage a dizzying number of competing priorities and projects with skill.
This requires a balance between project management and people skills and he has both.
He has excellent organizational and people skills to manage large, complex projects.
He showed good stakeholder management skills with negotiating the project constraints
His efficiency and time management skills make working on projects with him flawless.
It was a pleasure to work with someone so skilled in his craft of project management.
He also prepares effective project updates for management and is a skilled presenter.