Polite Performance Review Phrases Examples

Polite Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is polite and understood the politics of getting things done at the company.
John is always polite and willing to help out wherever he was needed.
He never allows "politics" to get in the way of doing the right thing.
John is always focused on getting things done and less on politics.
He said politely that he would let him know if anything came his way.
He worked well with others to get things done, without the politics.
He is polite and always willing to help you through any situation.
One of the things he did was to ask us politely for our names.
He knows what he wants and will get it at all means without every losing his politeness
He is helpful and he did what was more right rather than what could be politically correct.
He is not intimidated by anyone and can get things done despite organizational politics.
He definitely had the political relationships to get things done well and quickly.
He is polite and will go above and beyond to make sure his customer is satisfied.
John is always polite and his passion for what we was doing always came through.
John is always very polite and considerate in everything that he did.
He is always polite to everyone meantime gets his point across the table.
His ego never gets in the way, and neither does any political nonsense.
In his interactions with him, he was always very polite and professional.
He jumps in where he can add value without considering the politics.
To be brief he knows what is is talking about in the political world.
John never talks down to anyone he is always polite and approachable.
He always seemed on top of things, both technically and politically.
He is always very professional and polite during our conversations.
He is willing to support most of the colleagues and always polite.
John is not only very professional but very polite and engaging.
He is very polite, approachable and nothing was too much trouble.
John is polite, professional, and perhaps most of all, personable.
He has always been helpful and proactive, as well as very polite.
One very striking thing about him is he is very polite but firm.
He is always polite, encouraging and he followed up regularly.
Always very polite, quiet and not under pressure doing his job.
He is polite, responsive and follows through on his promises.
He is very polite, but insist to do the right thing at first.
Thankfully, his politics didn't rub off on him in the same way.
He said what needed to be said, calmly, and without politics.
John is very knowledgeable, polite, and always on our company.
He is easy for our company with and get along with no politics.