Political Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Political Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

One of the things he did was to ask us politely for our names.

He was always very polite when asking for this service.

I have always found him polite and professional.

John is thoroughly polite and professional.

John is always very polite and efficient.

Besides, he is always polite and friendly.

John very professional and rather polite.

I found him always very polite and humble.

John is always professional and polite.

His politeness should also be commended.

He knew what to do and had the political skills to get them accomplished.

John is politically astute without being political and is an effective communicator.

He communicates directly and clearly if not always politically correctly.

He is focused on getting things done rather than politics or positioning.

John is polite and understanding of the needs of those around him.

Through it all, he was always polite and never lost his temper.

Has time for everyone and is always very positive and polite.

He is very polite, but insist to do the right thing at first.

Courteous and polite, but also knew how to get things done.

He is very polite and always willing to go the extra mile.

John has one of the best political minds in the business.

He is down to earth and very polite with this colleague.

John got along with everyone, avoiding office politics.

He is very polite, even while pointing out our mistakes.

And, he approaches others politely and professionally.

Always smiling, very polite and best of all, talented.

And politics or ego shouldn't come in the way of them.

He has always had the ability to rise above politics.

Conscientious, polite and correct are his trademarks.

John was always prompt, well-dressed and polite.

Moreover, he is very polite and never hurts anybody.

He is very collaborative and doesn't 'play politics'.

He's polished and charming, but without the politics.

Although he will be too polite to admit it if asked.

There were never any pettiness or politics involved.

Pleasant character and always polite in behaviour.

He is very much polite and professionally ethical.

His approach is straightforward and non-political.

I have found him patient, polite and professional.

He is very knowledgeable of the political process.

John is professional, polite and very efficient.

John is very politically-savvy and knowledgeable.

He was always polite, responsive and focused.

Questions are always handled fully and politely.

He is polite and friendly and very professional.

John was polite, professional, and courteous.

Always polite and helpful to others around him.

He was very polite, educated, and professional.

He was always helpful, polite and professional.

John is very polite, professional and helpful.

The challenge was both technical and political.

John is always polite, friendly and accessible.

John is always polite with customers on calls.

He was politely persistent and very effective.

Always well dressed, polite and professional.

He is very patient, polite, and professional.

He always evaluates the political landscape.

He understood, but did not play the politics.

He is very polite and extremely articulate.

He doesn't care about self-serving politics.