Popular Performance Review Phrases Examples

Popular Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Ultimately, he does what's right, even though it's not always popular.
He will always do what is right, even if it may not be popular.
He's just going to keep on doing his job really well and being popular.
He is popular and well liked among his colleagues as well as those who know him outside of his profession.
John always tried his best to do what was right for his company even if was not popular at his company.
John has always been willing to do the right thing and speak the truth, even when it is not popular.
John always does what's best for the business, even if it's not always the most popular approach.
John has been one of the most popular speakers we have had in our our company three academies.
His recommendations for them - try them, before they get too popular or too expensive.
Clients liked doing business with him and he was very popular with his colleagues.
John is one of those popular colleagues who are always there if you need them.
As such, it is no wonder that he is popular among his friends and is well liked.
John is also very easy to get along with and was very popular in the business.
Because of his enthusiasm, he is very well liked and popular among his peers.
He is very much liked and his cheerful disposition made him very popular.
John is very popular and approachable and is always willing to help others.
His analysis may not always be the most popular, but it's usually right on.
He is popular and was well liked by both the faculty and his classmates.
He is very popular with his peers/subordinates and everyone around him.
John is very popular both with his colleagues and with his customers.
When we worked together, he was always very popular among his employees.
His presentations were very popular, and they were very well received.
He is one of our most popular speakers, and is always oversubscribed.
John is one of our most popular columnists right from the beginning.
He taught one of the classes, which, by the way, was the most popular.
Comes up with some witty things which makes him very popular in team.
He knows his audiences very well, and is always a very popular speaker
He is so popular that even other colleges were asking about him.
He taught him how to do things correctly, regardless of popularity.
He is clearly one of the most popular people during the congress.
He is popular with the team for always being there whenever needed.
He is popular among the employees as he is quite approachable.
He's not someone who ever sells out to what's popular, or in fad.
He is very popular because of him efficiency and effectiveness.
He always delivered and was popular amongst all his colleagues.
As such he is clearly very popular with all who he works with.
He is someone who is so popular, professional and passionate.
John is popular for our company for, and gets things done effectively.
His popularity would make him stand apart in any environment.
He gets along well with people and is popular in his company.
He is very intelligent and very popular among the other students