Positive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Positive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always positive and will do whatever he can to help others grow in their position.
John for this position or any position for which he qualifies.
He always follows thru, follows up and always keeps it positive.
Not only does he do well at his own position, but wants others to do well also and will do his best to help them in their pursuits.
He has always been positive and willing to help in any way possible, both relatively and spiritually.
He is in the position not for what he can get out of it, but for what he can do to help others.
If it isn't, he is looking for another position for you so you do not have to be on the bench.
He goes far beyond the standards when it comes to position, candidates in the right position.
He is always available to help and has always gone far beyond what his position requires.
He goes out of his way to get to know anyone in the company regardless of the position.
He is always very positive, willing to get things done and to do them with quality.
John went above and beyond what is ever expected from anyone in his position.
He always has something positive to say and that positive attitude is infectious.
In both positions he was always willing to help anyone with anything at an your company.
John has always been very upbeat, positive and positive in everything he does.
He is one of those people you like to be around because he is always positive.
He can also tell you everything they've done to get into that leadership position.
Importantly, he follows up to see how well one is doing in the new job position.
John is very knowledgeable at his position and even his superiors' positions.
Reminds him how necessary this position is while it is often taken for granted.
He is always available to help with any need and was positive and supportive.
He took his position very seriously and always willing to make improvements.
John has the ability to make everyone around him better and be more positive.
In each position, he has given nothing more everything he has for his job.
He always tries to help others and he is very knowledgeable in his position.
He is always positive and he spreads that positivity to those around him.
Everyone was sorry to see him go - but such is the nature of the position.
Although being in the position he is in, he has always been approachable.
He knows how to relate any two things and make them look really positive.
He has everything to be there where he is and truly deserve his position.
Always passionate about what he does, he is never anything but positive.
Anybody you ask about him will have nothing but positive things to say.
He knows what to do and how to go about doing it with positive results.
John always comes across as being positive, even when things get tough.
He is capable of so much more than what he was doing in his position.
John is always positive and will look to help in whatever way he can.
He never gives up and always looks for the positive in any situation.
He listens to everything everyone has to say and he is very positive.
He is always positive, and always seemed to have made his home our company.
He is always positive and someone you definitely want on your team.
We will miss working with him, but wish him well in his new position.
He will find you the best position or candidate for your position.
He took on each position as though they were the only one he had.
He has always gone over and beyond within the position he holds.
He always took it positively if there was any need of improvement.
There could not be a better example of this than his our company position.
John is someone that does what it take to get the position filled.
Definitely would go back to him as he found him his ideal position.
He always keeps things in the positive, and never, ever gives up.
He is always very positive and looking forward to something big.
He has all the qualities anyone would ask for from this position.
He is thorough, and always positive even when it was difficult.
John always appealed to him as someone with too many positives.
He is what anyone wants and needs when looking for a position.
John has placed him in positions over the course of two decades.
He found him and tried to recruit him for an available position.
We wish him all the best and recommend him for other positions.
John is always there in the position where he can help you best.
John is always positive and wants only the best for him reps.
Without his help we would never be in the position we are now.