Pr Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Pr Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is one of the best public relations and analyst relations practitioners in the industry.
John's knowledge of the public relations industry is exceptional.
John is the best of the best when it comes to public relations professionals.
John knows everyone and everything there is to know about publicity.
He really knows what he is doing when it comes to PR.
He is well respected in the industry and often quoted in leading industry publications.
In short, he's given me some hope for the future of public relations as an industry.
He has much experience in the industry, and that allows him to be easily relatable.
He was so relatable and professionally, he knows the industry inside and out.
We now have the most respected and valuable publication in our industry.
He can help us relate to any industry and give appropriate examples.
John has an incredible strength in the publicity industry.
John really knows his industry and the law relating to it.
John has a great grasp on the public relations industry.
If you have an industry related question he's your guy.
He is, so to speak, one of the best advertisements I know about the public relations industry.
John was my supervisor when I was still starting out in the public relations industry.
John is often mentioned as being one of the best professionals in the PR industry.
John was my leader for one of my very first positions in the PR industry.
His knowledge of public relations and the IT industry are tremendous.
John helped me throughout the process of going into the PR industry.
John is the go to person for PR if you are in the pet industry.
John brings with him fantastic know how of the PR industry.
John is one of the finest PR practitioners in the industry.
John is the go to PR people in the timeshare industry.
You're not going to do better than John for PR in the games industry.
John has many contacts in the PR industry and really knows how to make PR work for him.
If you're interested in public relations and all its related fields, you should certainly consider him for the work.
Energetic and focused, he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to public relations.
John is perhaps one of the best public relations professionals in the country.
John knows everything there is to know about computers and anything related.
He has an inclination towards human relations and public relations in general.
He knows what we're going through, he relates to it, he's been there himself.
John is an example of how every public relations professional should work.
Many of them are successfully practicing in public relations-related fields.
Talk with him to see what he can do to help you with your publicity needs.
John has been my greatest mentor for music publicity and public relations.
Most of these stories were against him, to which all of us related.
When it comes to public relations of any kind, he is our go to person.
John is the best in whatever he thinks and does related to his job.
He will definitely help you with publicity and getting noticed.
He always went above and beyond in relating to those around him.
John is an excellent person in public relations and public policy.
John is everything you want in a public relations professional.
John has definitely made his mark in the public relations field.
I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of publicity.
Extremely knowledgeable about the public relations business.
John is very knowledgeable in his field of public relations.
We worked together on several public relations campaigns.
John is the consummate public relations professional.
He also has done writing for several of our publications.
John is one of the great minds in public relations.
I always ask for his help even there is no work relation.
John is an outstanding public relations practitioner.
John is an outstanding public relations professional.
John is the consummate public relations professional.
John is an exceptional public relations professional.
Effective public relations can be difficult by nature.
John is an accomplished public relations professional.
John has an excellent approach to public relations.
He also was an industry expert and wrote numerous articles in several industry trade publications.
John is different in that he understood the power industry and could relate.
Not only is he an industry expert, but he knows how to relate to his audience.
He is a happy, hardworking individual who will certainly go far in the public relations industry.
He embodies the values that the industry needs to publically rebuild.
From industry news, to who's doing what, he's got his finger on the pulse of the industry.
He showed us how the world of healthcare-related public relations is much different than other industries and why it is so rewarding and innovative.
Within the industry and by customers he is recognized as experts in the industry.
John also has had considerable industry exposure through his many presentations and publications.
He is always passionate about his work, publication, and industry.
His eagerness to achieve is evident in the relations that he has across the industry.
He understood and related to our company and industry immediately.
He is always able to answer questions related to our industry.
His determination and passion for the public relations industry are admirable and his experience is second to none.
Dungarwal, during his very early days in the public relations industry was luck shining on him.
His understanding of law and other industry related issues made him a valuable player in the industry.
His technology industry public relations experience is extensive.
His extensive knowledge is also evident through his contributions to industry publications and through his participation on industry discussion panels and & at other industry related events.
There's nothing he doesn't know about his industry and how to relate it simply to creatives.
He also provided him with several industries related referrals that have proved invaluable.
He relates well with people and is highly regarded within his industry.
Which is saying something, considering he's a veteran of the marketing and public relations industry.
He knows his industry very well and he always wants the very best for his clients.
He connects well with clients and moves seamlessly from industry to industry.
His industry related experience is exceptional and he has great vision for where our industry is headed.
His expertise in public relations is well known throughout the region.
These classes have confidently prepared him for the public relations industry, and his first job out of college.
His ability to penetrate the industry trade publications was impressive.
He has the ability to take such a complex industry and relate it to those who are not as in the know as he is on this subject.
His far-reaching contacts in related industries also allow him to bring value to the table.
John's experience and deep understanding of industrial relations is amazing.
John is a true industry leader in our industry, he gets things done.
John's long experience in public relations is evident in his many close relationships in the industry.
John will help you in many different areas of the trucking industry.
It should also be noted that he drives comes from his passion in public relations.
It is little wonder why he has so much to do with public relations and marketing.
The ads in his publications bring results, and him publication is first class.
He knows the industry inside and out and thinks outside the box.
He understands the publications industry and how to evaluate and select the most appropriate suppliers and vendors.
He transformed the publication bringing it to the level of the top industry magazines.
John truly shines in the world of public relations with his contagious smile and his knowledge of the industry.
John is an industry veteran and understands all aspects of public relations and marketing.
He's been involved in the industry for a long time and despite that, he is always looking for news in his industry.
John and his company are so talented and there is not much they don't know about within their industry.
Not only does he know the industry inside and out, he knows what each client needs to understand.
John is always looking for the best way to help him clients and better the industry he is in.
He always makes himself available and knows every aspect of the freight industry.
We have also referred him to our clients because he is the best in the industry.
It's been an inspiration to see him getting the best talent across the industry.
This amongst many other talents set him apart from others in the industry.
Him relationships in and out of our industry make him successful.
John made it his mission to know our clients and their industry.
John knows his customer, industry and what will be successful.
He is a talented public speaker and is well connected in several industries.
He knows how to identify key talents for the hospitality industry, but as well for the luxury industry.
John tells it like it is at industry conferences, much to the benefit of the industry as a whole.
Its people like him, which make this industry still function.
The culmination of his effort will be several research and industry publications.
He is very well versed in the issues related to the environmental industry.
His integrity and follow up is by far the best in the industry.
His experience in the industry sets him apart from his peers.
He sets the bar for the entire industry for partner relations.
He is a true expert in our industry and one of the most engaging public speakers.
Additionally, he contributes to the public relations industry by writing articles, which are regularly published in our company.
He's always been available to us to ask related questions throughout the year.
One of his strengths is the way that he relates to his clients/customers.
Having been one himself, he can completely relate to what our needs are.
He made it easy to relate to him, while being very inspirational.
He could easily transition into any public relations institution and be an immediate contributor.
John brings two perspectives to public relations, each powerful in its own right.
John's passion for public affairs and government relations is remarkable.
John would be a valuable public relations asset for any effort.
One can clearly reckon: his pitch is just not for sustainability or for harmonious industrial relations, but for transformation.
Is thorough with his subject and relates easily with real time industry experiences.
He also created briefs and composed industry related articles and commentaries.
He provides thoughtful input based on related and updated industry expertise.
John has the ability to relate to a wide range of industry participants.
He brought with him extensive experience related to the our company regulated industries.
John's success thus far indicates that he is on his way to becoming one of our industry leaders.
He was, he is and will always be considered as one of the best leaders in the industry.
John will help you be the leader of your tribe regardless of your industry.
What can you say other then he is one of our industry's top leaders.
He is also well known in the industry and is an exceptional leader.
John is certainly on his way to being a leader in our industry.
He thoroughly understands the industry and where it's headed.
He taught him so much about communication and public relations.
He has an understanding of the industry and client relations that come from years of experience.
His solid reputation with industry-related clients are well deserved
John will be a leader in his industry or any industry he chooses in years to come.
He gives you the tools you need to better yourself as public speakers.