Practical Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Practical Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has given me some very practical and helpful skills.
Has the skills to help you put things into practice.
He will get it done come what may adhere to the associated best practices.
Pragmatic, always willing to help and share best practices.
He is very practical and always willing to try new things.
John has vision while at the same being very practical.
John made himself available to confer on best practices.
His practical requests were based on best practices.
He's very practical about how he goes about things.
Overall the course was very practical and relevant.
John is not only brilliant, but also very practical.
His approach towards everything is very practical.
John when he was looking to expand his practice.
John is someone that practices what he preaches.
Insightful and practical will make him go places.
I'm already putting some of these into practice.
John provides the very best service practices.
Additionally, he practices what he preaches.
His material is new and very, very practical.
I look forward to putting them into practice.
Knowledgeable and practical at the same time.
I'll be back after some purposeful practice.
He is not only creative, but is practical.
Commercial, practical, gets things done.
He is both practical and inspirational.
While others look to best practice, John sets next practice.
Our practice won't be where it is without John.
I have found him to be highly knowledgeable, skillful and practical.
He is really good at his skills and provides strategic practices.
His skills go beyond knowledge of best practices in marketing.
He has both the academic and practical skills to do so.
I honed many practical skills through this internship.
And of course, his Excel skills are practically legendary.
Not only does he make sure that everyone is using best practices, he defines the parameters of those practices with efficiency.
I really appreciate what he has been taught to us which is very practical and useful without vapidity.
John not only provides solutions, but provides you with practical help in how to get there.
John knows his stuff, but is ever practical with applying theory in practice.
He can always be counted on to be one of the first to implement new best practices.
I came away with several new ideas and have already put two of them into practice.
I will be ever thankful to him for the impact he has made on me and my practice.
This is not just something he actively teaches, but also something he practices.
I know we need to practice it first before we can expect others to do the same.
He is practical and creative while seeing things from different perspectives.
He knows the practical nuances that need to be taken into consideration.
He also had us do things repeatedly to get it ingrained though practice.
Not only that, but he knows of what he speaks and practices it himself.
I have always found him to be practical and no nonsense in his approach.
He is very practical and knows what is going on in difficult situations.
He was always available and provided very practical and expert guidance.
John uses best practices inside his firm as well as with his clients.
He knows what he's talking about and he practices what he preaches.
Similarly, in his practice, his clients' needs are always his priority.
He is someone who believes that anything can be learned with practice.
I found the course very interesting with many practical applications.
He leads by example and goes out of his way to share best practices.
He is pragmatic, practical, and can also think way outside the box.
I have already been able to implement some of these best practices.
I always found him to be practical and insightful in what he did.
John is an all-around player, doing practically everything needed.
Not only is he creative, he is also very practical and focused.
Furthermore, he is very skillful at connecting theory and practice.
His skills and practices are used to be useful and opportune.
John listened to his wants and needs and understood how, considering his skills and practice, those might be accomplished.
He would let him practice many of the skills during interactions with him.
His practical application of these lessons is immediate and skillful.
John is very skilled in the practical application of our company.
Crawshaw himself and provided us with a wealth of skills and techniques that we have been most useful in our practice.
John not only has these skill sets, but also has the ability to put them to practice.
John has exceptional skills and capabilities, especially around innovation practices.
Not only does he have the practical skill-set, but he has the right attitude to.
He also ensures you walk out of each session with new skills to practice.
John brings both practical and analytical skills to any given situation.
He focuses on his skills as an improviser and practices them regularly.
John is an ambitious colleague with deep and practical skills.
His problem solving skills were both practical and effective.
His ambition and skill helped to consolidate outdated practices and leverage the skills of others where it was needed.
He is an excellent coder with very refined skills and practices.
He also has the skills to be a practical, hands-on innovator.
John has a passion for up-Skilling others in agile practices.
He is always willing to learn new things and is adept at putting new skills into practice.
Him practical and down to earth problem solving skills have been very useful on many occasions.
He has excellent written and interpersonal skills, and is passionate about best practice.
He showed very stellar leadership skills and understanding in regards to best practices.
In addition to all of those skills, he has a very grounded, practical nature.
He can practice what he preached with his own unique flare, skill and insight.
His infosec acumen is immense and he has the skills to put it into practice.
Him intuitive skills bring an added value to his practice of acupuncture
His skill set is as vast as his experience, and it shows in practice.
John brings a realistic and practical approach of leadership skills.
His skills as a collaborative practice lawyer are outstanding.
His leadership skills are really impressive as well as his practical and direct approach.
John applies to mature our company skills and best practices to each engagement.
He's also extremely practical which is an essential skill in events.
Dedicated to his craft, he was able to teach others around him best practices to hone their skills.
During the following sessions, he taught him many practical skills for interview preparation.
He is able to teach the skills and best practices that he had already put into place.
Evgenii is open for new practices, he's constantly learning and improving his skills.
John not only teaches leadership skills, but puts into practice what he preaches.
Consequently, he is skilled at proffering practical solutions to thorny issues.
Not only does he have excellent legal skills, but he is practical and quick.
He displayed practical application of such skills; with tangible results.
His skills have inspired him to practice at home after learning from him.
His recommendations for reading and skills practice have been spot on.
Moreover, he is an extremely practical, diligent and skilled attorney.
John encouraged the students to be aware of and practice their presentation skills.
If you have the chance to hire him, take it because you will be exposed to excellence, best practices, and skills you may have never known existed.
He combines an intuitive sense for the knowing the right thing to do and the practical skills to get things done.
He practices, leadership by example and mentorship that helps others become stronger in their skills and outlook.
His skills are up to date, he is thorough, practical and his insights and suggestions are extremely valuable.
John has great experience and the most precious of skills; he knows how to apply theory in practice.
John's guidance was invaluable to him as was his depth of practical skills which he easily shared.
He created many tutorials that were easy-to-follow and showed practical uses for the new skills.
His foresight is bolstered by the extensive practical sense and skills that can make things happen.
John took his website and rewrote it so that it reflects his current practice and skill set.
John uses solid examples to illustrate practical skills instead of relying on gimmicks.
He has a brilliant and practical set of skills that are beneficial to any organization.
He imbibes in his true managerial skills and tries to apply concepts practically.
He combines an intuitive warmth and kindness with strong practical skills.
His skills combine foresight with practical approaches to solving problems.
He makes it look easy- and that's what innate talent & practiced skill is all about.
His advice was thorough and practical, and his communication skills excellent.
John has strong communication skills, which he uses daily in his practice.
His communication skills practiced would serve him well in the future.
He put his new skills to practice right away, and is a fantastic mentor to others in the newsroom.
His competence is matched only by his skilled and practiced presence and his boundless compassion.
John demonstrates many leadership skills and readily shares his best practices with teammates.
John is very skilled at presenting these concepts in practical and easy to understand terms.
He gives practical skills to facilitate change and ways to overcome challenges.
His skills of transferring theoretical and practical knowledge are high.
He brings together an extraordinary blend of complex conceptual understanding and effective practical skills - particularly his skills with people.
Him practical skills and compassion for others also make him a natural leader.
John's skills in health economics are broad, deep and practical.
Everyone on his courses goes away with valuable skills and insights that have practical applications every day.
His insights and the tools he provided during this session allowed him to practice and create new skills.
His style is very real, practical and directly applicable to transferring skills into the workplace.
He teaches it, he practices it and he lives the skills and techniques in his daily life.
He brings skill, focus, diligence and a practicality to any role.
His our company skills are admirable and he is practical in his approach which makes learning fun.
He inspired and helped others to practice and skill up in this area as well.
We found his presentation, both motivational as well as practical.
He then engages and challenges them to change their perspective, self discover and practice new skills.